I did it. I managed to wait until Hope Arc aired to post this. 

I will reiterate that I in no way 100% hated DR3. For one, I really loved seeing favorite characters animated. Two I appreciate the hard work that went into animating it and bring it to the fans. And three, there were some genuinely funny and heartbreaking moments, but there were a LOT of problems, and I mean a LOT so I call this

Everything I Found Wrong With DanganRonpa 3 Despair Arc: The Bullet pointed List

I tried to separate it into general problems and plot holes I found

[Warning that it’s very….. long. I’m sorry.] 

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The signs as Hiroshi Kamiya characters

Aries: Seijurou Akashi

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Taurus: Gareki

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Gemini: Choromatsu Matsuno

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Cancer: Izaya Orihara

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Leo: Yato

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Virgo: Ittetsu Takeda

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Libra: Ranpo Edogawa

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Scorpio: Levi Ackerman

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Sagittarius: Mephisto Pheles

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Capricorn: Yuzuru Otonashi

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Aquarius: Takashi Natsume

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Pisces: Hiroomi Souma

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I was tagged

I was tagged by @kizunatsudoishi to name 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people to do the same ^w^ (Most of the time I have better impression of character ships than the character themselves tho).

1.Sebastian Michealis- Black butler

2. Yusaku Fujiki - Yu-gi-oh VRAINS

3. Alucard- Hellsing

4. Reborn- Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

5. Vergil- Devil May Cry

6.James Sunderland- Silent Hill 2

7. Nekozowa- Ouran Highschool host club

8. Saya Otanashi- Blood +

9. Meryl Strife- Trigun

10.Licht Jeklyand Todoroki- Servamp

@reinumiji @gleekysiren87 @delphine-le-dauphin @yugiohvrainstrash @amiiera @servampfangirl (thats all i can think of right now so anyone else wanna do it they can )

My favorite anime girls ever

Sakura:My bby


Kagome Higurashi:



Moka Akashiya:Bother vampires



Lucy Heartfilia:

Erza Scarlet:

Juvia Loxar:







Motoko Kusanagi:

Tifa Lockhart:

Saya Otanashi:


Nel Tu:


Re-l Mayer: