SPN Horror

So I had this really weird thought that the Supernatural cast should do a horror movie, playing themselves. Like, one of them is the serial killer, and only that person knows they’re the serial killer. And they’re stuck in this abandoned mansion deep in the woods, with no way out.

So, like, the killer starts with Felicia, or maybe Osric. Everyone is blaming each other, especially J2, Jeffery, and Mark P. Half way through the movie, with most of the cast dead, J2 dies. Now Jeffery and Mark P are being blamed (mostly Mark, because he’s a trained fighter), because it seems like they’re the only two strong enough to take down J2 at the same time.

Skip to the end of the movie, and only R2, the Marks, and Misha are left. Mark S. dies, followed closely by Misha. R2 and Mark are left, sitting in the living room of this abandoned mansion, giving each other dirty looks. Rob stands up and leaves the room, motioning to Rich to follow him.

A shot rings out, causing Mark to stand up and head towards the room R2 went to. Only Rob walks out, a gun in his hand. “I’m sorry, Mark.” Rob says as he raises the gun. Then the screen goes black as another shot rings out, a body hitting the floor as credits roll up the screen.

  • The bloopers are them messing up during their death scenes
  • Rob possibly freaking out when he gets told he’s the killer
  • Rob actually getting scared while filming
  • Everyone getting surprised when they find out that Rob was the killer
  • Short, scared of everything Rob Benedict as the killer
  • Everyone suspecting Mark P. to be the killer
  • Or maybe one or both of J2 as the killer