Oso landslide

I aced my geology presentation!

I was surprised I did so well, since I’m not great with public speaking. The professor even told my group that we were the best of all the groups he’d seen, which was really saying something because he’s always super harsh! So if any of you want an analysis of the 2014 Oso landslide, hmu :D

REMAINS OF THE FALL  A resident walks through a debris field Monday in the wake of a massive landslide in Oso, Washington state.  At least 14 people are dead and 176 missing after a mile-wide swath of mountainside essentially turned into “quicksand” and cascaded onto the valley below.  The area has had double its normal rainfall in recent weeks; more rain is forecast for today. (Photo: Genna Martin / The Herald via AP / USA Today; caption via USAT)