Oskar Schlemmer

Uncredited Photographer     Oskar Schlemmer’s “Das Triadische Ballet,”     Stuttgart, Germany      1922


Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaus-Style “Triadic Ballet”

Schlemmer’s ballet, which premiered in Stuttgart in 1922 with music by Paul Hindemith, was the most widely performed avant-garde artistic dance. Informed by the Bauhaus school of thought, Schlemmer conceived of the human body as a new artistic medium and ballet as free from the historical baggage of theatre and opera. The ballet reflects Schlemmer’s belief that the modern was world driven by two main currents, the mechanised (man as machine and the body as a mechanism) and the primordial impulses (the depths of creative urges). He claimed that the choreographed geometry of dance offered a means to synthesize the Dionysian and emotional origins of dance with a strict and Apollonian final form.