“You’re the main character of a very long tale called ‘life’. If in this tale we fail continuously and we still cannot find the answer, and we cannot see our destination… the only thing we can do is continue to live this life. So let’s stand in the batter’s box. Nothing will start if we don’t stand there.” 

Some moments of Yuko getting trolled by Mariko in the Shukan AKB Retake Exam episode.

Since Mariko is selected to do a retake exam, she chooses Yuko out of those who had good scores from the previous test to be her tutor. How unfortunate for Yuko, especially with the added pressure that both student and tutor will receive a punishment game for the student with the worst score in the make-up.

I just lol’d at Yuko’s “NOOOO!!” reaction in response to Mariko sadistically choosing her (just look at Mariko smiling at her while she’s panicking). 

But what’s funny is when Mariko made a last minute getaway (most likely to avoid the batsu game in case the worst should happen), Yuko is forced to sit in for Mariko at the test results announcement.

Speed Wagon: If Shinoda-san is ranked the worst, then Oshima-san will do the punishment game alone.


Foiled again by Sadistic Devil Mariko. Poor Yuko. XDDD