anonymous asked:

What starters do you think toronto would have?

Since I lived in Toronto, I’ll answer this ask first. 

The starters would be: 

Grass: Chespin

Chespin is a small rodent such as a squirrel, mouse, etc. and has features of other small mammals like moles and hedgehogs. Many of these kinds of small, burrowing animals make their homes in and around Toronto because of the abundance of parks and nature reserves. Although it is hard to envision chespin in such a large city, Toronto is known for its extensive trail systems, making Chespin perfectly adapted for adventure around Toronto with its trainer!

Fire: Litten

If there is one thing that Toronto isn’t short on, it’s stray cats. Domesticated cats are actually pretty amazing animals, as they are apex predators that can annihilate an entire ecosystem. Hunting birds, rodents, and scavenging for food would not prove difficult for Litten, or any other cat. Litten would make an excellent partner for the trainers who want to stay in the city!

Water: Oshawatt 

Oshawatt is designed off of a sea otter, which have a diet of mostly bivalves and other shelled creatures and fish. This makes Oshawatt perfectly adapted for Toronto because there are plenty of sources of freshwater for Oshawatt to play and find prey in (specifically zebra mussels which are an invasive species.) Otters are extremely intelligent and playful, and need constant mental stimulation. These fun Pok.émon would make everyday a learning adventure!

madd-nerdgirl  asked:

Hmmm... I know you have a Pikachu in your icon, but I could also kinda see you with one of the original starters. Maybe a Bulbasaur? Or a Squirtle.

I tend to always start out with either a water or fire Pokemon, so yeah, Squirtle would be a nice guess. I like Squirtle, Fennikin, and Oshawatt.

I know technically I’m not supposed to say what Pokemon would be my main pal, but heck, lemme tell you. I would run into a Haunter and catch it and we’d train for months and then finally go ahead and try to beat the Elite 4, but then we’d accidentally somehow take over the world instead.

Would still fail to beat Elite 4.