Be smart like Reim

Be loyal like Gilbert

Eat like Alice

Be sweet like Shelly

Be curious like Rufus

Lead like Sheryl

Be sassy like Vincent

Fight like Xerxes

Be odd like Leo

Smile like Ada

Be strong like Echo

Stand tall like Elliot

Care like Oscar

Never give up like Oz

Pandora Hearts birthdays

Quick reference for birthdays of Pandora Hearts characters!

  • Oz Vessalius: December 26
  • Ada Vessalius: June 2
  • Oscar Vessalius: May 22
  • Alice Baskerville/Will of the Abyss: July 20
  • Gilbert Nightray: February 5
  • Vincent Nightray: September 23
  • Xerxes Break: September 30
  • Sharon Rainsworth: April 13
  • Reim Lunettes: July 9
  • Elliot Nightray: August 8
  • Leo Baskerville: October 25
  • Noise/Echo: June 11
  • Rufus Barma: April 1
  • Sheryl Rainsworth: November 26
  • Oswald Baskerville: March 10
  • Lacie Baskerville: January 17
  • Jack Vessalius: January 19

Edit: Fixed Noise/Echo and Sheryl’s birthdays.

Dearest Translations - 24 + 1 Last Dance - Part One

Elliot’s Dearest:

An Irreplaceable Friend


The boy he wished to be his servant so much that he faced down his family’s strong opposition against it. [Leo] was an opponent he could freely quarrel with and a friend who he could feel relaxed with when they were together.

Rufus’ Dearest:

The Woman He Loved His Entire Life*

Sheryl Rainsworth

She is his first love and the only person he can’t oppose. Even after she married another man, he ardently approached her again, but was completely and utterly rejected.

Oscar’s Dearest:

The Weight of This Tiny Hand

Oz Vessalius

Oscar was reminded of the agony in his heart when he interacted with Oz. But, Oz’s existence was also the rock that kept him sane after the loss of his wife.**

Echo’s Dearest:

The Boy Who Verified Her Existence

Oz Vessalius

Every time Oz called her “Little Echo,” she was able to think ‘My existence is not disposable.’ Acknowledging her existence, stirring up her emotions…Echo received many things from Oz.

Ada’s Dearest:

To Whom She Forgave Everything

Vincent Nightray

Her first impression of Vincent was “he is a person who, in some way, seems sad.” It is specifically because he is a different kind of person from herself that she desires to understand him.

Reim’s Dearest:

The Oddball Coworker He Can’t Leave Alone***

Xerxes Break

He had known Break for some ten years, and they were close friends with some years in age between them. Reim, who was caring, would tell [Break], “Don’t use your powers so recklessly” and was always concerned about [Break’s] physical condition.

Cheshire’s Dearest:

Who I want to Protect from All that is Sorrowful

Alyss (The Will/Intention of the Abyss)

To Cheshire, White Alice is a precious, irreplaceable existence. He tried to be a “knight” that kept her far away from all that is sad and hurtful.

Jack’s Dearest:

In the Space Between Love and Hate


The woman he continued to think about to the point of madness. It was only when he loved or hated her that Jack was able to recognize his “true self.”****

Oswald’s Dearests:

The Cause of “Glen's” Sin and Retribution


His little sister who he dropped into the Abyss with his own two hands. After her death he was suffering due to being torn by his love ****** for Lacie and his duties as the “Head of the Baskervilles.”

Friendship, Betrayal, and Regret

Jack Vessalius

Although he noticed Jack’s distortion, Oswald didn’t make an attempt to stay away [from him - Jack]. He showed his weakness and loneliness only to Jack, which opened up the chance for him to be exploited.

Levi’s Dearest:

The Object of His Insatiable Curiosity

Jack Vessalius

Levi verified Alice’s birth and left future affairs to Jack. He harbored a strong interest in Jack’s actions, which he could not surmise based on common knowledge.

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Some Pandora Hearts Valentine’s Day cards bc why not? I would like to apologize to my parents and friends for the trash I have just created.

Feel free to use! Idk why you would, if you send these to your crush you’ve got no chance lovee