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8 characters you relate to + a selfie in the middle

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Fun fact: I wear glasses but took them off for that cursed image :)


Blue by George Alexander Ishida Newman
Via Flickr:

“Before it Rains” ☁️☂️

Inspired on a real location outside Dobutsuen-mae subway station in Osaka. A place where there used to be a small kiosk called “Ahiru no Shinbun-ya san” (アヒルの新聞屋さん, literally “Mrs. Duck Newspaper Shop”) and whose owner kept a family of ducks next to it. A special place that for years was part of the neighborhood and that for unknown reasons was closed in 2015.

History aside, this was a truly challenging piece, not only for all the details, but I wanted to give it a nostalgic feeling so I tried to get the right colors of a cloudy day just when the first raindrops starts falling. I hope you like it.