Local Coverage - PUSH: The New Printmakers

Contemporary printmaking practices live in an in-between space. As a medium, it is caught between its history and its relevance as a mode of expression. Printmaking is often thought of as a dying art, sometimes involving complicated processes and machinery that are no longer being manufactured. But, the relevance of printmaking as an art form is still present, as is shown by a new printmaking exhibition being held at Studio Sixty Six in Ottawa.

PUSH: The New Printmakers brings together several artists specializing in different types of printmaking. The works are comprised of linocuts, screen printing, woodcuts and relief prints.The artists included in the show are Melissa Blackman, Delphine Sullivan, Dante Penman, Claudia Gutierrez, Tegan Alston, Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre and Kimberly Edgar, all graduates from the Ottawa School of Art. While all the works are tied together by their medium and their black and white palette, each artist’s oeuvre addresses different artistic preoccupations, ranging from issues of identity, the idea of the specimen, to the relationship between landmarks and memory. 

For those who are interested in checking out the show, it will be open until June 26th. Click here for more information.

If you are interested in seeing interviews with the artists and gallery owner, click here.

-Lea Hamilton


Sleep Apnea Pacemaker Gets FDA Approval.

Sleep apnea occurs due to a blockage of the airway. Often it is because of the collapsing of the trachea or other blockages. Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) mainly included behavioral therapy, and for more extreme cases; medication and CPAP (continuous positive air pressure), where oxygen is forced into the patient (pictured above). 

A new pacemaker has gained FDA approval to help with sleep apnea. It works in a similar way from how a heart pacemaker works, it is able to stimulate the nerve that keeps muscles in the chest and neck normal to help keep the airway open. 

Of course this is just the beginning, but significant results have been published in many journals regarding this inspire system in the past years. It’s very exciting to see how it can help everyone!

The pictures are from various sources, but all show an informative image regarding pacemakers and OSA!