Competitive martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey has been sharply criticized by activists for a statement that she made strongly opposing the participation of “ trans-gendered ” person’s within her sport.  

 Is a female athlete obligated to imperil her health  to indulge  a social and political ideology that denies biological facts in order to accommodate self expression? 

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”— George Orwell

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Is there some connection to 1984 by George Orwell? "Big brother is watching" is connected to that book, and I seen an anagram as a quote from this account the other day that was from 1984. If there is a connection what is it to? Hmm. -F

Yes -A

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Could you recomend artists for me to listen? :)

mac demarco, tame impala, death grips, alex calder, the jesus and mary chain, cherry glazerr, ariel pink, elvis depressedly, mistki, chastity belt, the garden, wavves, diiv , twin peaks, SKATERS, together PANGEA, the orwells, FIDLAR, thee oh sees, beach fossils, bass drum of death, ty segall, temples, the drums, bad brains, deerhunter, beach house, crystal castles, sunbeam sound machine, the zombies, radiohead, the smiths, toro y moi, washed out, tacocaT, best coast, the cure, the growlers, slow hollows, my bloody valentine & american football

Era un po’ curioso pensare che il cielo era lo stesso per tutti, in Eurasia, in Estasia, e anche lì. E la gente sotto il cielo, anche, era sempre la stessa gente… dovunque, in tutto il mondo, centinaia o migliaia di milioni di individui, tutti euguali, ignari dell'esistenza di altri individui, tenuti separati da mura di odio e di bugie, eppure quasi gli stessi… (George Orwell – 1984 –)

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Se la doy al pinchi Evan-- digo, a nuestro distinguido y elegante tecladista(???


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  • 01. Full name: Evan Orwell
  • 02. Best friend: Chad Russell
  • 03. Sexuality: Heterosexual (Pfff)
  • 04. Favorite color: Negro y Azul
  • 05. Relationship status: Yololeando por la vida, libre como el viento(?) 
  • 06. Ideal mate: En realidad no es muy exigente con ello. Basta con que sea una persona que le acepte tal cual como es y que tenga una voluntad fuerte. 
  • 07. Turn-ons: Chicas con cuerpos bonitos, chicas con labial rojo, juegos sexuales, ojos bonitos, las mordidas.
  • 08. Favorite food: Todo lo que lleve picante. 
  • 09. Crushes: La chica de la florería -wtf- 
  • 10. Favorite music: La que toca(?) No tienen ninguna en especial, tiene un poco de todo. 
  • 11. Biggest fear: El fracaso. Perder a quienes más aprecia. 
  • 12. Biggest fantasy: Nunca envejecer(?) ser hermoso para siempre(?) 
  • 13. Bad habits: Meterse y coquetear con cualquier mujer, gastar el dinero a lo tonto, llegar tarde a cualquier cita o reunión (en especial en los ensayos).
  • 14. Biggest regret: Ninguno.
  • 15. Best kept secrets: Lo que pasó el día de su graduación, cuando Dean se le declaró, fue una enorme sorpresa/shock/confusión para él. Es algo de lo cual no ha hablado con nadie, ni siquiera con Chad a quien siempre le cuenta todo. 
  • 16. Last thought: “¿Por qué Dios me hizo tan perfecto?” (?)
  • 17. Worst romantic experience: Ninguna, sin embargo si hablamos de experiencias sexuales sería esa vez cuando estaba muy borracho, se metió con una chica que le dijo que quería “jugar” y probar cosas “nuevas”, la sorpresa fue que en esas cosas nuevas la chica de la nada le salió con un consolador con arnés y quería penetrarlo, en ese momento hasta la borrachera se le fue y huyó inmediatamente de ahí para ir a contarle sus desgracias a su Broh. Estuvo un mes traumado y sin tener sexo con nadie(?)
  • 18. Biggest insecurity: No poder ser capaz de proteger lo que quiere. 
  • 19. Weapon of choice: Su sonrisa, su cuerpo, sus encantos(?) su teclado.  Sus puños o cualquier cosa que tenga al alcance. 
  • 20. Role Model: Él mismo(?)
Expiration Day: YA coming of age novel about robots and the end of the human race #1yrago

Expiration Day is William Campbell Powell’s debut YA novel, and it’s an exciting start. The novel is set in a world in which human fertility has collapsed, taking the birth-rate virtually to zero, sparking riots and even a limited nuclear war as the human race realizes that it may be in its last days. Order is restored, but at the price of basic civil liberties. There’s a little bit of Orwell (a heavily surveilled and censored Internet); but mostly, it’s all about the Huxley. The major locus of control is a line of robotic children – all but indistinguishable from flesh-and-bloods, even to themselves – who are sold to desperate couples as surrogates for the children they can’t have, calming the existential panic and creating a surface veneer of normalcy.

Expiration Day takes the form of a private diary of Tania, an 11 year old vicar’s daughter in a small village outside of London. Tania’s father’s parishioners have found religion, searching for meaning in their dying world. He is counsellor and father-figure to them, though the family is still relatively poor. Tania is a young girl growing up in the midst of a new, catastrophic normal, the only normal she’s ever known, and she’s happy enough in it. But them she discovers that she, too, is a robot, and has to come to grips with the fact that her “parents” have been lying to her all her life. What’s more, the fact that she’s a robot means that she won’t live past 18: all robots are property of a private corporation, and are merely leased to their “parents,” and are recalled around their 18th birthday, turned into scrap.

This identity crisis is quite a nice twist to the usual coming-of-age story, and it adds a wonderful sense of intensity and urgency to Tania’s normal drama of making and losing friends, being bullied, discovering sex, forming a teenaged band, dealing with school and teachers. Against all this is the many mysteries of Tania’s world – how bad has the birthrate crisis become, really? What is happening behind the new iron curtain that separates Africa from Tania’s world? Who of Tania’s schoolmates is truly a human, and who is a robot?

It all builds up to a powerful and deeply moving climax, which I won’t spoil for you. Suffice it to say that if you’re not in tears by the last chapter, you’ve got a harder heart than me.

Powell’s novel isn’t perfect by any stretch. I was very uncomfortable with the free ride he implicitly gives to paternalistic authoritarianism as a necessary and unavoidable evil in times of crisis; I also felt like his future was only sketchily defined, with many niggling contradictions lurking in the background. But the fact that I fundamentally disagreed with some of this book’s message and still enjoy (and recommend) it is a mark in its favor – as one of Powell’s characters points out, an endorsement from your opponent is worth much more than one from a friend.

I’m told that Powell’s novel is also one of those rarest of books: a novel that came into Tor Books’s “slushpile” – the mountain of unsolicited, unagented manuscripts sent by the bushelload to major publishers – and ended up in print.

Expiration Day

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‘1984’ and 'The Three Musketeers’?

will look into it | added to TBR | on my TBR | couldn’t finish it | ugh | it was OK | really enjoyed it | loved it | LIFE RUINER | it killed me with wonder

1984: One of my favorites, although more in a “I’m terribly haunted by it” than in an “I enjoyed it” kind of way.  Also, Orwell in general is a huge influence on my thinking about language.

The Three Musketeers: I…really don’t want to admit how many years ago I read this? I remember enjoying it, but very little else. But my visit to Belle Ile has rekindled my interest and I may have to reread it and the other Musketeers books along with my kid, who’s reading them for the first time. 

(Mostly irrelevant, although somewhat Musketeers-related):So Kid  wanted to watch some film versions after finishing Three Musketeers.  We watched a bunch, of varying degrees of faithfulness to the original. Then the 2011 version (the one with the airships).  Kid: Mom, I really like this one, but I’m kind of mad at myself for liking it :( .  I proceeded to give him the whole “you can like what you like, and it’s ok” speech.  Hope it worked 0.0

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Favorite song: i like video games by lana, fade into you by mazzy star, and how to disappear completely by radiohead
Favorite book: so many! But i like 1984 by orwell, lolita by nabakov, the things they carried by o'brien and gone girl by flynn

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