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I saw the rutherbaby and I AM HERE FOR THIS. (Honestly I'm here for Hawke/Cullen in general but this is good content right here.)

they broke in again….. how does this keep happening……….


Red Wing - Work Heritage, 875 in Oro Legacy Leather.


這個型號除了歷史悠久外,更為人津津樂道的是曾為The Irish Setter Sporting Boot的一份子,即是俗稱的犬標。

一直以來,875所使用的皮革經過幾次的變動,目前Red Wing Heritage產品線於2013年9月後,全面改用代號Oro Legacy的紅棕色皮革,力求重現60~80年代Meo Metten皮革廠所製作的皮革質感,相關的資訊如果有興趣的話,可以參考以下的連結:

Red Wing Shoes Taiwan官方網站:



Weeeellllllll…. if you hate ts4 and you’re only following me in hopes that I’ll post ts3 pics again, I have some bad news for ya. I tried to play tonight and it sucked. I waited for like 45 minutes to get in game and that’s after multiple attempts to get the game to even load up in the first place and then the game was so fucking laggy. I’m just over it, I’m not uninstalling, one day I might actually clean out my CC and start over, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

tldr, Yeah I’m pretty much giving up on ts3, sorry. Also, unblock that damn ts4 tag, my ts4 sims are cute as fuck and you’re missing out.