Orochi Leona

holohaki asked:

22, 11, 10

10. Hardest video game I ever played?: hmm…I feel like it was ninja gaiden (that game kicked my ass)

11.  Video game I spent the most time on?: Def Persona 3, first play through was 75 hours and 33 minutes 👍🏼 

22. Video game character you want to/have cosplayed? I literally have a big ass list of who I wanna cosplay honestly. 😅 But I already cosplay Shadow Naoto from persona 4, Team Aqua grunt, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII Kyo Kusanagi and Orochi Leona from King of Fighters.

Day 11 /// Día 11
Clothes /// Ropa
Hey hey, well day 11 and its time to draw some clothes… firstable I looove Leona’s uniform so Ive made her, then… I needed to do turnip head drying Howls stuff 😊 /// Hey hey, hoy toca dibujar ropa… En primera 😍 aaamo el uniforme de La Srita. Heidern y luego pues… Debía dibujar a turnip head secando la ropa (Necesito uno de esos BTW)
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brutal-senpai asked:

How about 19-25?

19. Do I strategy guides: I did when I was younger because I was a loser and bought them, but now every once in a while

20. How often do I use cheats: Not often unless its something goofy, I don’t like using cheats.

21. Competitive or Single player: Both 

22. Shadow Naoto (Persona 4), Tifa Lockhart (FFVII), Team Aqua grunt (Pokemon), Kyo Kusanagi and Orochi Leona (King of Fighters). I have a long ass list of the characters I wanna cosplay.

 23. Ever go to a video game convention?: No but I want to 😭

24.  Hardest Boss fight I’ve been in? OH MAN literally maybe because I suck in Birth by sleep I was fighting Vanitas for 3 fucking hours and refused to stop playing until I beat him. 😤 Cynthia from diamond & Pearl was also tough.

25. Video game I wish I can burn from my memory?: Honestly if I can’t think of one then it’s already been burned.