Ornamental Art



adjective | ro·co·co | rəˈkōkō

A style, primarily of interior design, that appeared in France around 1700. Rococo interiors were extensively decorated and included elegant furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, easel paintings, tapestries, reliefs, and wall painting.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.

Chinese hair ornament, thought to have been worn by the Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908).  Made from gilded copper alloy worked into phoenix-shapes, decorated with pearls, other gemstones, and kingfisher feathers.  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.


Ethiopian tribes transform trash into body ornaments

The lower valley of the Omo Valley is just one of the sets most important paleontological sites in Africa declared a World Heritage Site in 1980. The Omo Valley is home to many tribes, however, the French photographer Eric Lafforgue the author of this impressive photographic record spent more time with Bana, Dassanech and Mursi.

Unfortunately, modern civilization lurks dangerously slow, Omo Valley and the advance of Western technology is not far behind. With the completion of a hydroelectric dam downstream, many tribes lost their ancestral lands and will be forced to resettle in modern environments, the landscape will be completely overhauled and will become very difficult resignifying all.

I had electricity cut off all day in the house, so I spent this time on a walk and sitting in a coffee house. In these drawings, I usually don’t use a pencil sketch and immediately draw with a marker. It relaxes and forces you to resort to unexpected decisions. This practice very much helps later in the development of ornaments, costumes and other things.

Also I usually don’t post such things in the gallery, but… maybe someone will find this interesting.

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