Live-Action My Forged Wedding

Here are my picks for actors to play our boys if there was an American My Forged Wedding movie/television show made. Enjoy!

MC: Elizabeth Olsen

  • Pretty, cozy, sweet. She’d be the perfect MC!

Yamato Kougami: Chace Crawford

  • The hair, the eyebrows, perfection. The look on his face in the 2nd gif sold me as the perfect Yamato.

Saeki Takamasa: Jonathan Rhys Meyers 

  • Sexy, sensual, eloquent, ladies man. Saeki to a T.

Ren Shibasaki: Tom Felton

  • Look at those puppy dog eyes! Need I say more?

Takao Maruyama: Liam Hemsworth

  • Liam is best at the comforting, brotherly characters. He’d rock Takao’s gentle and sincere personality.

Yuta Kajima: Aaron Johnson 

  • He’s funny, quirky, and playful. He is Yuta in the flesh, to me. He’s perfect.

Kunihiko Aikawa: Johnny Depp

  • Mature, strong jaw, wise. All that our Kuni is.

Haruka Utsunomiya: Orlando Bloom

  • Pretty boy. Period.

Akito Kakiuchi: Dave Franco

  • The attitude, the hair, the lips. Come on. He’s wearing Akito’s vest! It’s a sign!

Kyoichi Kunishiro: Cillian Murphy

  • Nerdy personality, severe, cynical expression. He is Kyoichi.