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Madison is a gorgeous Maine Coon cat, with an immaculate white front and a lovely brown tabby blanket on her back and tail. She is super affectionate and loves attention! She would love a family who is home a lot or at least to have a companion animal for when you are away during the day.

Madison contracted feline herpes virus (FHV) as a young kitten. FHV is a very common cause of upper respiratory infections in cats. It is not contagious to humans or dogs or any other species of animal. In Madison’s case, she had a lot of eye discharge when she first got the infection (see her kitten photos on this page). As an adult, you can expect that she may develop a slight conjunctivitus (inflammation of the tissue around the eye) when she is exposed to a stressful situation - such as a moving to her new fur-ever home. This is because FHV is a virus and viruses are prone to reactivating when an animal is under stress. The photos you see of Madison as an adult on this page exhibit the symptoms of conjunctivitus - redness and swelling of the tissue around her eye. These are fairly mild symptoms and are easily treated with eye drops. These photos were taken shortly after Madison was placed in foster care which is stressful for cats. 

She is hoping for a family who will play with her and hopefully have another cat or dog for a companion when her human family is gone during the day. Background: Madison was left with her brother (Wilson) in a box on the shelf at Petsmart. 

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