Baltimore Orioles in Pittsburgh

These taxidermy mounts of Baltimore Orioles (Icterus galbula) in Bird Hall show the differences in coloring between males and females, or sexual dimorphism. 

These birds are known for their brightly colored plumage and their sock-shaped nests that hang from branches, which are on display just below.

Baltimore Orioles’ whistling songs are one of the first heard in spring in eastern North American forests. 

They prefer dark-colored, ripe fruit. They eat by piercing fruit with their beaks, which reflexively open to allow them to easily access what is inside.  

January 12, 1983

Orioles legend and perennial Gold Glover Brooks Robinson becomes the 14th player to be elected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. The BBWAA also selects right-hander Juan Marichal, the former ace of the Giants and the all-time winningest pitcher from Latin America with 243 victories, in his third year on the ballot.

January 9, 1990
In their first year of eligibility, Jim Palmer (three-time AL Cy Young Winner) and Joe Morgan (two-time NL MVP) are elected to the Hall of Fame. The Orioles’ right-hander compiled a 268-152 (.638) record while spending his entire 19-year career in Baltimore, and Morgan, best known for his years with the Big Red Machine, finished his 22-year tenure in the big leagues with a batting average of .271 playing with five different teams.


Quite possibly the most IMPORTANT thing I’ve drawn meet some of the birbs i see/ have seen in my garden in Melaka, Malaysia :

ORIENTAL MAGPIE ROBIN - Black and white birbs. Magpies basically.

MYNAS - Very Loud and Noisy birbs. There’re three types actually. Usually have gang fights outside my window

EURASIAN TREE SPARROW - Lil brown birbs you see everywhere

YELLOW - VENTED BULBUL - These guys have nested in our house like three times, maybe more. They make really loud chattering noises and both parents are usually present to feed the chickies C: also : yellow butts

BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE - Yellow birbs that we see everywhere here but no one knows their name

ASIAN GLOSSY STARLING - Black glossy birb that has a greenish shine under the sun they haVE BIG RED EYES

ZEBRA DOVE - Common “burung merbuk”, we usually mistaken these birbs for pigeons

ASIAN KOEL - we rarely SEE these but they’re the ones that make loud high pitched “KOOOOEEEELLL” noises in the evening

OLIVE-BACKED SUNBIRD - Very Little yellow birbs with olive green backs. Usually seen around flowering plants flitting about

HOUSE CROW - Not seen near where i live but there are LOADS of these guys in town they are everywhere they rule the streets

RHINOCEROS HORNBILL - I’ve seen them around maybe twice or three times they are Very BIG and they sound like monkeys

PIED FANTAIL - I saw one of these in the neighbour’s rambutan tree THESE GUYS ARE VERY PRETTY they look like they have small white eyebrows if i was a birb i would probably be a fantail they have big fan like tails and constantly look angry