She is back! D: 

Mod: i decided to change the colors of these 2, so ya i did that.

look at the cute little chibi ponies in line to meet the princess!

From front to back!

1. @asksweepslick

2. @ask-hydeart

3. @asklittlebat

4. @moon-wolfie

5. @nemovonsilver

6. @staticthepegasus

7. @askbelgianwaffle



SO yeah, pretty sure the demons are all origonal, other than maybe the white guy who looks kinda like amon, or maybe some kinda Sirene/Amon fusion. loveing the design of the purple fuck at the end.

I assume that the bird thing on the poster comes from these guys. Oh and apparently there’s ten pages of devilman designs, so fuckin great

Blondie seems to be an origonal character as well

ten important character development questions: 
1) if someone put their hand over your character’s mouth while they were talking, would they in response: a) lick it? b) bite it? c) continue talking in a muffled manner? d) have their feelings hurt and stop talking?
2) how would they react to one of those slaughterhouse videos?
3) do they like the silly he-man song meme? 
4) if they had nothing to do with a day would they spend all day inside their room/house?
5) if someone walked in on them dancing to a song they priorly claimed to hate, how would they react?
6) how would they react to being hit on by someone they found attractive?
7) how would they react to suddenly finding a person of a gender they are not attracted to incredibly hot?
8) how stupid on a scale of 1 to 10 do they act around their closest friend?
9) favorite kind of websites and why? 
10) general reaction to spending an entire day in a library/museum/barnes and noble?