I’ve been dead on almost all platforms of social media for over a year. 2016 was NOT my year. That short hiatus almost turned intto a perma-cation.

I’ll be uploading some of the art i’ve made and start making new content/comics to resurrect myself from the dead and i’ll start it off with some Overwatch stuf!

Bioware: hey bethesda check it out *weird facial animations*
Bethesda: pfft that’s nothing bioware, how about this? *npc swimming down staircase*
Bioware: oh it’s on now *character walking in midair*
Bethesda: don’t start a fight you can’t win *vertical inclines intensify*
Bioware: ?! *protagonist scuttles across the screen like some eldritch abomination*
Bethesda: *npc stuck inside the floor*
Bioware: *pixilates textures of major plot animations*
Bethesda: *skin texture error*
Bioware: *screaming in frustration, jumps on Bethesda and attempts to strangle*
Bethesda: *also screaming*
Me: *sighs fondly*

  • King Cailan: oh, hey you're the youngest cousland haha how's life out at highever
  • Cousland: Arl Howe just had my entire family slaughtered. I found my sister-in-law and her son murdered in their beds, my father barely alive and bleeding to death in the store room, and was forced to leave my mother to her inevitable demise within a house overrun by Howe's soldiers. I have no knowledge of my brother's whereabouts, but I've been informed that assassins may have already been sent to dispose of him. The only reason I still live is because of my enlistment to the Grey Wardens, a fate which will almost surely result in my death.
  • King Cailan: :O
  • King Cailan: anyway welcome to ostagar

Overwatch thought: Pharah and Genji partner up to give international aid to the many forgotten Bedouin peoples.

Please click on them! Pixels look much nicer when not muddy.

“She’s got the game wrapped around her little finger…”

Advisor Leliana Tarot Card.
Here’s that piece I was working on! I really enjoyed designing this <3

Text Edit: I put a LOT of symbolism into this, I’m really curious to know what you guys think some of the stuff in this picture symbolizes.

Am I the only one that really, genuinely love Dragon Age 2? Like, maybe it’s even more memorable than Origins and Inquisition. Sure, it has its problems and it could be a lot better but I just love Hawke and the Kirkwall group so so so much.


“What can one Grey Warden do?”

“Save the fucking world, if pressed.”

Duncan: ‘The Grey Wardens do not involve themselves in politics.’

Hero of Ferelden: *Chooses new King of Orzammar*

Hero of Ferelden: *Overthrows Ferelden government*

Hero of Ferelden: *Appoints Grey Warden sidekick as King*

Hero of Ferelden: *Becomes Arl of Amaranthine*

Duncan: ’…bro, what the fuck?’