A second Slip Jig, written yesterday. Thinking of calling it: “The Spring in Her Step”.

  • doubt (vocal/piano cover)
  • amy dostbunnies
  • bl

doubt (vocal/piano cover) || originally by twenty one pilots

this is not the cover i had intended on recording today, but the piano arrangement for this formed very naturally and i felt moved to do it. i let the arrangement dictate vocals and it was all very organic and raw and fast, this doubt cover. this song is gorgeous, i hope i did it justice and i hope you all enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed making this.

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(ps listen with headphones!! there’s some panning at the end)


a little ditty i wrote about mr bundy.

ted bundy: the song. (by Olivia Lesueur)

Vivid Nightmare - Original Piano Composition.

I wrote this piano song a while ago. It’s basically the emotions I was going through as my grandfather passed away. You can hear my heart in this one. Every single night for the next two weeks, after his death, I sat down on my piano bench, 3 or 4 in the morning. And I played. I played in the dark. I played what I felt. You don’t need to see what you play to get what you want to hear. Everytime I play this song, it brings me to tears. As much as it hurts, it also heals. This song gives me something to remember him as. The pain was unbearable, but the memories are unforgettable. I will be releasing this song very shortly. I hope you can take the time to listen. This piece goes through different phases, as I did when I found the news out. It’s a story, that I’m willing to share, if you’re willing to listen.

Thank you.



I wrote this jig thinking of spring. Pretty much improvising at this point.

It’s taken a year to finish this saga, but here, finally, is the last installment. The nail in the coffin. It’s a wide-ranging, half-hour compilation of most of the complex emotions I felt during my last week studying abroad in the Middle East last spring. I had become dear friends with people that I might never see again, and in the process, I had fallen in with a way of life, a new culture, that I knew I couldn’t take with me.

The inspiration for the title comes from the idea of the archivist in the postmodern world. She alone holds the keys to the knowledge and invaluable insights of thinkers throughout history, but she too is removed from experiencing the value of the collection in its true form, instead only dully categorizing it in the vast archive of the neglected, dust-gathering library caché. I am no master of the human artistic condition, but I try to contribute in what way I can. In a show of macabre humour, I thought to myself: is this song – by all measures a great achievement for me – going to collect dust, doomed just as is the rest of art throughout history?

And I realized that unless I shared it with someone else, the answer would be yes. So here you have it.


New experimental sound i’m trying out. Let me know what you think.


Original song by me [xiran avalon]: ColorBlind


It’s live