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a little ditty i wrote about mr bundy.

ted bundy: the song. (by Olivia Lesueur)


I made a song <:


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIdGirpslv0)

I made a song semi-based on @crofting-through-tombs‘ OC, Kai, and his family backstory! You should totally go and ask her stuff about him ;))))


So, I made a vlog a while back about my channel name changing to something I wanted to stick with for good… AND I HAVE! :D

Not only that, but I have fantastic channel art done by the amazing @neko-puff (thank you again!!), who did both the banner and my icon! It’s absolutely awesome and I’m super happy with it it! 

You can see it right here! ^_^

The name I went for is… *drum roll* … ALL THINGS MUSIC!

I picked this name because not only do I do a variety of music on the channel (original piano pieces, pieces for piano and orchestra, original songs, covers, remixes…), but I also plan on doing more different music related things soon! I believe there is some exciting stuff yet to come! :D

I am more excited than ever about the channel now that all this is in place. I hadn’t felt happy with the original name for ages and the channel art was just something crappy I threw together with a picture from Google and some text. Hardly original. This step was something that definitely needed doing and now it is finally official! :D

Thank you to all of you who are subscribed to my channel, you guys mean the world to me and you’re all amazing! Your support means more to me than you realise. I hope I can continue to make you happy with my videos :)

I have also made a Tumblr with the new name, which is where I will be posting Youtube related things. Follow if you wish to ^_^

Love you guys! <3

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It's not hc night, but my hc for Undertale (the song) is that the flute part was originally just more Chara piano until Frisk came...I just feel like all 3 of them need to play the song at once...

SAME TBH I just want these children to play and have fun together
Frisk finding out about their sibs’ musical tendencies and trying to fit in… but they don’t know how to play any instrument and they can’t sing….
So Toriel gives them this flute and both Chara and Asriel find an opening in their song – the one that was meant to represent the two of them – so they can let Frisk be part of it. And that made Frisk cry so much… it’s… it feels so nice… to feel like they fit in… to not be an outsider……
They had trouble getting used to it, as their musical talent wasn’t as good as Chara and Asriel’s, but they were patient. Asriel was more than happy to teach Frisk how to play the flute.

im gonna die I love music headcanons