Concept artwork and Character sheets of the Dream Project! 

I will be releasing a exclusive Dream Project Art Book in April! Pre-orders will be up shortly. It will have 25 pages of exclusive artwork! it will come with stickers ,signed and number and have a personal sketch of DP Characters! it a limited book run so once these are gone there gone! lastly the title of the series will be released in the book!  (it will be done by a high quality book company so it won’t be a zine but an actual book! still debating on hard covers)

This is a way of me celebrating an entire year of love and support from all of you who love this project as much as I do! For this to happen I must have 20-25 pre orders since it starts at 25 copies and books are expensive to make! 

For any questions please feel free to message me or chat me here on Tumblr or my Instagram of the same name.

thank you again!

A quick drawing of @moringmark ’s OC Elizabeth 😄 Art by me, Elizabeth belongs to @moringmark

I’m just so in love with this character and @moringmark I just want to say that I truly admire your work! Your art and comics are just simply amazing and so clever 🙏 I’m always looking forward to read your AU comic and it’s always amazing!

@moringmark if I may ask: how long does it take you to finish one page? Your comics are just so well made and I always keep staring the characters and the backrounds after reading and I just wonder how long have you done that page 😮

Btw it took me forever to realise that Elizabeth has almost same haircut than young queen Moon 😹🌙

I hope you all like this! 😻