Whiteshadows  is an ongoing series from an ongoing discussion about cultural appropriation — and the much hidden discussion about taking ownership – told from my perspective. We live in a time where the topic of cultural appropriation, or variants of the term, has become more prevalent in casual conversation. Every participant of said conversation has an opinion on what it means to ‘borrow’ from another culture. Within this, I feel there is a much deeper conversation to be had about borrowing, for the sake of advancement, or borrowing, for the sake of taking ownership. Who decides what’s what? In the first series[whiteshadows I], I explored the creation of culture - the creation of Identity.


In this iteration, I explore taking ownership of one’s culture [suppressing their identity], through various forms of oppression.

Special Thanks to:

 Moyo Arewa

 Sean Ogun

 Patrick Tshibangu

 Harby Fayehun