Original Tron


Alright so this was my last big project of the school year, coming off after making my last piece(also featuring a Spaceman), I decided to merge that concept with @pan-pizza‘s @lokiirl IRL webcomic and make this my IRL(basically if your OC was a JoJo stand). I took a lot of inspiration from ‘Tron Uprising’ in later designs, along with Mega Man for the armcannon thing. Certain aspects like Glow effects, sketch lines, and words never got completed and I’m going to try and finish them this Summer, though without Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop it’ll be hard finding a substitute. 

Conceptually the idea behind this was that the artist that made Spiff(that’s the Suit’s name) would draw the suit around themselves and fight in that suit while they communicated like KITT and Michael Knight or Ironman and Jarvis. The way I thought of them becoming one would parody Magical Girl animes where the armor sort of glows on to them, but here it would drawn on with one of these trippy ink pens. 

The artist themselves is still in design phase, but right now he’s a sort of Sugar Skull, but rather than just a skeleton made of of sugar he is a lollipop-skeleton where the head is a lollipop with cartoony skull (features based off of the skeleton named Red from Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment) and the bones are segmented pieces of the stick. I won’t give off too much of his design right now as I’m gonna try to get something of him posted before the end of June.

The First 5 images are made in Adobe Photoshop, the 6th is made with just Pencil, and the last two were made in Adobe Illustrator.

I have some more stuff in the pipeline like some original ideas I had before settling on this, and a photo of a thing that got put up in my school’s gallery so expect that soon.

TL;DR I made a Loki IRL OC (and I want @pan-pizza to retweet me)


Star Trek: Legacy by Patrick Collins

A 22 minute Recut of ‘Star Trek-The Motion Picture’ set to Daft Punk’s modern original score for 'Tron: Legacy’. I always thought the two film’s scores were very reminiscent of one another and I wanted to use that to give this recut a more updated feel while still maintaining some aspect of the pacing and staging of the original (very long) film and it’s big special effect scenes.

This is very good.

I drew this little shit during the stream :3c I might do more sketches like this? They’re really fun! 


Wendy Carlos born November 14, 1939
AKA the mother of modern electronic music

This amazing woman composed and recorded the entire Clockwork Orange soundtrack, yeah, that shit, that amazing stuff, this gal, right here.  Also, The Shining, yep.  That scary masterpiece, this gal made the music that made you piss.
She also did the original TRON soundtrack, so bow down, please.

Her biggest break through album was Switched On Bach(1968) which, yes, is amazing synth-y classical jams.

She began transitioning with the use of hormones in 1968 and has also won like 4 friggin’ awards for being awesome!(actually, mostly for having amazing music which directly equals being friggin’ awesome)

So, if anyone asks you who the biggest bad ass in electronic-acoustic, or just electronic music in general, you tell them Wendy-God-Damn-Carlos

Just watching the original Tron movie with commentary by the producers and writers and stuff and MAN- this movie is still so amazing for me. People dis this movie for it's old CGI effects but there’s actually alot in this movie that I prefer over Tron Legacy (like how Kevin Flynn gets de-rezzed opposed to how Sam gets de-rezzed), but hearing the comentary of just HOW much effort they put in due to the lack of technology available. Pretty much the whole film had hand painting, special filters that had to be manufactured by hand, design choices to compensate for the lack of computer power in the days (like the bikes were meant to be much cooler, but they had to simplify the design due to the lack of power computers had back then). Heck, even the costumes were effected 

External image

Tron was suppose to have spikey hair that totally looked 80s rocker XD This changed cause it was too difficult to do the special effects on his hair (I so want to do fan art off original Tron sans helmet now). The outfits were all so skin tight too that they had to wear cloth over their outfits for modesty XD

External image

Also how the disks were not only frisbees, but they were taught how to throw them by professional frisbee throwers so it looked authentic (I’m a HUGE frisbee fan- I’m so keen on this). I also really love the Recogniser’s original design. I donno- call me an 8 bit fangirl, but they just looked COOL as polygons. 

External image

I LOVE how they desided that the world was going to be based on purely light sources, and their design choices for pretty much EVERYTHING omgilovethismoviesomuch. And holy crap- look how young and adorable these two are!

External image

Apparently they wanted to cast a more wirey person for Kevin Flynn, and a burlier stronger looking person for Tron. I can see why, cause Bruce and  Jeff had similar shapes, but I really like how Bruce made an adorable, geeky Tron character, and Jeff was all the peppy and cool user character <3 I love how bro these two are so much ^^ 

There’s so many beautiful design things I love about this movie that I can’t even name them all. I’m SO glad I got the HD version of this movie too- it looks so beautiful without the VHS distortion. I can only imagine how awesome it was in theater  and how ground breaking this movie was for it’s time. It’s 30 years premature for it’s audience. I totally love that fact. 

So yeah- I’m on a big Tron high right now- don’t mind me ;) I’ve been like this for a while. Watching the commentary just refreshed it XD YAY!