There are lamp fixtures that look like animals once you turn the lights on. Inspired by childhood memories, designer Chen Bikovski wanted to create a lamp that gives the same ‘wow effect’ when you turn it on that a child gets when they open the pages of a pop-up book. Source Source 2 Source 3


DIY Geometric Paper Masks For Halloween

Marianne and Steve from Wintercroft are here to help you celebrate Halloween on a budget this year. They’ve developed a series of contemporary and inexpensive geometric mask templates, which are downloadable.

The DIY project follows the delicacy and modernity of origami art. Both artists have mastered the art of paper by helping you bring an array of animals and characters to live for one spooky night. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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DIY: How To Make An Origami Darth Vader

Artists have a knack for interpreting pop culture into something fun and fascinating. Take origami master Tadashi Mori’s cute paper figuring of one of history’s most villainous fictional characters - Darth Vader. The paper character looks less intimidating once he has been made into a small and delicate paper shape. Find out in the video featured below how to create this impressive little guy!

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Iridescent DIY Assembly Animal Origami Lamps

Taking up on the latest DIY papercraft craze, OWL paperlamps - an Etsy shop - introduces creative paper lamps crafted in the shape of animals such as birds that turn into beautiful iridescent lamps under the cover of darkness. The DIY kit comes as an assembly kit, and the vision for this innovative art item is that people will participate, and be a crucial part of the building process. 

These lamps also encourage to leave their artistic signature on the lamps, an instead of being a trendy item, these are personal art projects. Each lamp is available in a variety of pastel colors, which complement the illumination and highlights the structural integrity of the lamp. Inspired by the art of origami, the shape enhances its movement and body - and light gives it life. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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Putting my origami to good use. #Lucy #luckystars #origami #ferret

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Incredible Origami Art By American Artist Constructed From a Dollar Bill

American origami artist Won Park transforms the humble dollar bill into amazing origami series of creatures and complex shapes. Inspired by mythical and real characters, as well as other subjects, Park seeks to promote the potential in origami to reproduce art from the most meagre of bills.

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Paper Fox Army

This tutorial will show you how to make an origami paper fox. Paper folding is something I’ve always liked to do, and I thought I’d post a tutorial on how to make one of my favorite creatures. You, too, will soon be making your own paper fox army once you practice making them (p.s. they will take practice!). 

You need two sheets of square paper to complete one fox. Take note of the picture in the next step to find out what the paper should look like after folding that particular step. Most of these folds are what you would consider a “valley fold” though a few are a combination of mountain and valley, hopefully following the instructions and seeing the pictures will help give you an idea of what direction to fold.

 …and now… on with the tutorial!

For a little history, this tutorial was made in 2008 and was actually constructed so it could be photocopied. The text was typed, printed, cut and pasted next to the illustrations. 


Diffusion Choir

Large-scale kinetic installation by sosolimited is an array of mechanical origami umbrellas that together mimic swarm patterns of birds:

The sculpture celebrates the organic beauty of collaboration by visualizing the movements of an invisible flock of birds. Four hundred folding elements form a hanging volume in the sunlit atrium. Each element can independently open and close, controlled by custom software running a flocking algorithm.

The movements of the sculpture are perpetually evolving, driven by the flocking simulation. Over the course of each hour, smaller groups of birds coalesce into a single entity, soaring through the air in fluid collaboration. At each quarter hour, the birds gather and perform special choreographed gestures across the sculpture.  

The sculpture reflects the collaborative and innovative spirit of the work happening in the building. The graceful breath-like movements of the piece create an open, contemplative space for all the inhabitants of the building to enjoy.

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