my cintiq is working for my mac! this is actually a really good day! my cintiq works, i fixed a pressure sensitive problem, i drew all day, my parents didn’t bug me at all, i found hair repair oil in my bathroom- this day pretty sweet <3


Hi everyone! I’m back from a lovely holiday!

This good looking dragonborn sorcerer is called Maranask. Commissioned by the cordial: Charredlore.

Ally and friend of Warlock Adaephon, he’s surly, grumpy and has simply stopped aging, thanks to a blessing from Bahamut that he never wanted any part of. 

“I saw entire cities enwreathed in dragonfire, their denizens melting as great winged shapes exulted amidst the pillars of smoke and ash. A great civilization crushed beneath unending war, drowning in a tide of blood that could not, would not let itself be stemmed. I’ve lost more than you could ever dream of having, hatchling.” ~ Charredlore

If you like, you can read more about him at Charredlore’s story page. 


Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates. College has been keeping me busy and work and other fun things I can’t speak about just yet. I wanted to post these drawings when I had more sketches but frankly I’m to busy to make more. Please be patient with me :) Love you all!