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Aliens reacting to someone with braces? Thanks!

The human problem was growing bigger at an alarming pace. Back when they first started travelling through space, most had viewed their efforts as cute. Some had even cheered them on from afar. Of course, that was before they realised what kind of creatures humans really are and what kind of planet they originate on. Before they knew what humans did for fun.

The humans as a whole hadn’t attacked yet, but it was only a matter of time before they gathered their forces. The Ktynarian species had to be prepared.

As a result, they had commandeered a human craft, and with eight Ktynarians to every human, they’d managed to gain control of the vessel and the horrible creatures within.

Unfortunately it was common knowledge that getting a fully grown human to talk was a near impossible feat. Fortunately, there were several younglings on the ship. The majority were younglings actually, which was a surprise. Upon further investigation it was revealed the ship was operated by a training facility of the category ‘school’.

After separating the humans into smaller groups to minimise the risks of organised resistance, Commander Yldrik picked one of the medium sized younglings to interrogate – having heard that the bigger posed a threat in size, but that the smallest were often quick and nimble

Yes, the medium sized one were surely the easiest to make a first attempt on. And if that failed, they still had a plethora of other humans to interrogate. One of them would surely give them some useful information.

Some of the humans were secreting some sort of fluid from their optical organs, some making noises the Ktynarians couldn’t identify, but instructing them to be quiet seemed to just make them more intent on making the noises. Deciding it would be best to leave xir soldiers to deal with it, Commander Yldrik turned xir focus to the youngling xe had selected.

“What is your objective,” xe asked. Getting straight to the point had seemed like the best method, but the human didn’t seem to comprehend.


“What is your objective? What are you here to accomplish?” xe repeated, seemingly surprising the human. Perhaps they hadn’t expected to be confronted, or for the Ktynarians to be suspicious of them. Clearly the humans had underestimated them.

“Well, I mean, a B would be great, but I’d settle for a C too,” the human responded, something in their mouth gleaming slightly. Under different circumstances Yldrik would have paid it more attention, but xe was preoccupied deciphering what the human had said.

A bee was a creature from the humans’ home planet, and apparently vital to their ecosystem. A sea however, was a large body of a particular kind of water, and their planet seemed to be largely consisting of it. Why would they possibly want more of it?


“It’s not my best subject,” they said, elevating an upper part of their anatomy. Yldrik knew xe had been informed of the meaning behind the movement, but xe had finally noticed something different about the human’s teeth. Something worrying.

“Bare your teeth.” The human seemed surprised by the order, but complied after a brief hesitation.

The sight that met xem was terrifying, even for someone with as much experience as Yldrik.

“W-what are those?”

The human looked perplexed at first, but seemed to understand what xe was referring to fairly quickly.

“You mean my braces?” the human asked before baring their teeth further. A grin. At least that was what xe thought the action was named by the humans. “It’s just metal. You see, my mouth had too many teeth in it, so they got a bit out of order. Crooked and all, you know? So when I was about thirteen my parents took me to a dentist who basically attached metal to them to force them to stay in place. Cool, huh?”

The tone in which the human spoke did no justice to the horrors that laid in their words. They spoke as if they didn’t realise how terrifying this information was – no, come to think about it, they spoke as if they enjoyed the horrors they’d clearly been put through.

“And this was necessary for your survival?” xe asked, seeing no other reasonable explanation.

“No, no it’s just because it looks better,” the human said, repeating the elevation of an upper part of their anatomy. They did something else too, with an appendage of theirs, but Yldrik was done paying attention.

In record time, every single Ktynarian had vacated the ship, control of which had been returned to the humans. Fortunately their ship had a far higher maximum speed than the humans.

Their only chance at survival would clearly be to stay as far away from the humans as possible. If they attacked, the Ktynarians would have no other option than to flee. A species willing to do things like that to their own young – for aesthetic reasons no less – was not a species one wanted to go to war against.

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Thoughts: klance sleeping habits?? I cannot decide. Like., does lance like beauty sleep? Or is he a morning guy and take time to do his facial routine. And then keith! He seems like a gremlin that does not sleep but also cannot wakeup. But does that play into the emo stereotype.?? Does lance get more hyper if he doesn't sleep?? Or is so hyper that he's the last one to go to bed and the first one to wake up? and then keith again. can he fall asleep easily and anywhere? give me your opinions pls

Oh I got this xD

So lance does in fact need his beauty sleep, like if this boy does not get 8hrs he is grumpy af. Idk how this plays into them fighting the galra but, he will get the sleep where he can get it.

He does his facial routine at night and sleeps with a face mask every other night. If you do those too much it can actual hurt your skin and lance does it so he can keep his face moisturized, since there’s like no moisture in space.

And granted that he does get his 8hrs of sleep, lance is pretty chipper in the mornings, greeting everyone and being the little ball of sunshine in the middle of space. Allura and coran are morning people too. So is shiro.

The people who aren’t morning people are hunk, pidge and keith. Pidge and Keith are the freaking worst. Monsters I tell you. I’m pretty sure they lived off caffeine when they were on earth and nevermind their sleep schedules, they’re shot.

But this is about klance so back to them~

So Keith has the hardest time falling asleep. Not that he doesn’t want to sleep, he does but he just cant. Like out in the deseet, you could hear the wind, the freak of the house, what little animals were out there. He could hear it. But in the castle it’s silent. And that just drives him insane. So he wanders and it’s one time when lance is just having a hard time sleeping that he finds Keith wandering and they talk it out. Lance takes sleep seriously so he drags Keith back to his room and forces the boy to sleep. Keith is out like a light and it’s like he just needed some organic noise to put him to sleep, and lance’s breatheling and sleep mumbles do the trick.

And now they have the habit of spending the night together that way they both get the rest they need.

And eventually they done just restrict it to their rooms, it happens in the living room, they collapse on the couch and lean against each other, and boom, they’re gone. (Pidge and hunk take pics for proof of them actually getting along)

Keith also is like selective mute too, so in the mornings he doesn’t talk until he’s had food. Since there’s no coffee in space (yet, hunks working on it) he just doesn’t say anything, just grunts in acknowledgement.

Coran and allura were confused at first because the fact that there are people who don’t like the mornings was foreign to them. Lance and hunk had to explain that’s why pidge and Keith are grumpy. (They still don’t quite get it bit they accept it)

I Heard You Were Looking Like the Moon

Idol: CL (Formerly 2NE1)

Prompt: Can you please do a scenario with CL where you her girlfriend are in your first fashion show and she made it seem like she wasn’t coming, but her girlfriend sees her sitting front and center?

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: Wow have I been working a lot lately, today is my first day off in forever. Also I don’t know anything about fashion shows, and the names that show up were just the first ones that popped into my head. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this short scenario that has been sitting in our inbox for ages.

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(part 2) also I wanted to ask what are the most interesting facts about jeffery dahmer? I dont know much about him so im just curious lol i just know columbine mainly

Since you don’t know much about Dahmer, this’ll be a little compilation of generic information and stuff that I personally found interesting that may not be as well known:

- At age 4, Jeff had to undergo an invasive surgery for a double hernia. He was in a great deal of pain, so much so that he thought they had removed his penis. This surgery marked a change in personality that never seemed to return to his previous liveliness. It is speculated often that this event was a huge turning point for Jeff, as he would later subject his victims to a similar invasion.

- Jeff has one sibling, a younger brother by 6 years, that Jeff named “David” when his parents gave him the choice. David would go on to change his last name once Dahmer’s crimes came to light. He lives in anonymity and is the polar opposite of his brother - interestingly, Jeff was a Gemini, and David, a Sagittarius - also opposites.

- He was never abused, sexually or otherwise, but his father was never home, as he was studying for his doctorate in chemistry and then avoiding his marital problems by working more. His mother was emotionally unstable and on a large variety of medications - taking as many as 26 pills a day, and spent much of his childhood in bed. When they were together, they fought constantly, Jeff decided from a young age that he never wanted to get married.

- Jeff never tortured or killed animals. He would collect roadkill and dissect these instead, he kept their parts preserved in small jars he kept in a shed in their yard.

- Jeff began drinking heavily at age 14, avoiding coming to terms with his homosexuality and the beginnings of his interest in lying with an unmoving partner. His attention seeking antics - faking epilepsy or cerebral palsy, knocking times off of shelves in stores, and bleating like a sheep - Doing-a-Dahmer - were usually preceded and concluded with more alcohol. He gained weight because of this, something that would subtly bother him.

- Dahmer attended college for one semester before drinking himself back out, this following the death of his first victim, Steven Hicks. When alone, he would drink until he was weepy and he would cry over the incident.

- Jeff lost his virginity in a bookstore/sex shop that ‘allowed’ anonymous sex in the back where pay-per-view pornography would usually be available. He was 25 years old.

- Although Jeff was a noted sex offender and often labeled a pedophile, his victims ages ranged from age 14-33 years old. He maintained that it was not the race, age, or sexuality of his victims that enticed him - it was their overall attractiveness, their body type, and a willing to come home with him. Despite the bulk of his 17 victims being minorities, Jeff’s “ideal” guy was young, smooth, hairless, white, and with a Chip and Dale body type.

- Jeff was required to seek psychiatric help as a result of a public indecency charge - this should’ve been a SERIOUS indicator of future offending behaviors - Jeff was determined by both clinicians in his early twenties to have a Schizotypal Personality (NOT to be confused with schizophrenia). He was evasive, prone to delusions about others - always critical of their motives, very mistrusting, defensive, flat, and lacking in emotional depth.

- His sex offender status resulted from his drugging of and sexual assault on Somsack Sinthasomphone, a thirteen year old art student. This is when his father found out Jeff was gay. He would go on, unknowingly, to drug and murder Somsack’s younger brother, Konerak, two years later - the infamous boy that the cops returned to him after his initial escape.

- Prior to murder, Dahmer would typically have bribed the guy to come home with money in exchange for sex, to take photos of them (under the guise of being a casual photographer) or just to have them watch movies with him and keep him company. Some men were completely willing partners, requiring no payment and genuinely wanted to spend the night with Jeff. Once at the apartment, some men would resist his sexual advances once there (or demand more money), some would try to leave after sex, and others simply told him they couldn’t stay as long as he wanted them to. At this point, he would place 5-7 halcion (sleeping pills) in some coffee, at times, also mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream (a light whiskey). The men would pass out after 30 minutes or so, and Jeff would then, strangle them, embrace, kiss, caress them, and continue his exploration of, and, finally, assault on them.

- In addition to being a necrophile, he also had voyeuristic tendencies, including frotteurism (sexual excitement from rubbing/pressing your groin/body against someone unconsenting, usually in a public place), as well as a sexual attraction to viscera/organs and the noises that come from the heart and gut. Dismemberment and cannibalism would eventually give him sexual excitement, as well - feeling complete ownership of his victims at this time, they could not leave him.

- His defending counsel at his trial, consisted of two young women, eventually grew friendly with Jeff over the course of their time with him. He was initially very polite, but reserved, never forthcoming. By the end of their time together, Jeff would compliment either of them regularly - noting when they “look(ed) nice (that) day” or “that’s a snappy necklace you’re wearing”. He told them later that they were the two closest friends he’d ever had in his life.

I have tons more, of course, but I’m building another post sticking to the rarer stuff, I just wanted to make sure I finished this one up for you as soon as I could.


Concept for biome transitions (3 zoom levels). The colors change too drastically but with a bit more nuance I think this can work. I’ll have to go a little further before I know for sure.

Instead of being created tile by tile, the map is made in a pretty strange way. It basically takes a big grass-shaped stamp and fairly randomly starts stamping. It stamps the dry looking grass first, and then it stamps the greener grass on top so that some of the dry stuff blends colors with the greener stuff. At any given position it decides which stamp it will use, and how densely it will stamp, based on the area’s humidity (which is generated from an organic noise pattern).

So far there are just 2 color-variants of grass and trees stamped on top of each other, but with some better color choices and more shapes I think it’ll end up making some nice natural environments without ever having to worry about tiles and their borders. I’m gonna have to come up with quite a bit of variety, as the real maps are roughly 50x the area of this one.

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All the stimming questions

Ok wowza! 

 🌈 favourite visual stim?ether perfect things being destroyed or shiny things

🎉 favourite auditory stim? slime popping noises and music

👅favourite oral stim? fluffy/creamy food

👃🏻favourite olfactory (scent) stim? my hair (I keep it long as I love it being in my face

🤗 favourite vestibular (body) stim? jumping

✋️ favourite tactile stim? my hair…or slime

👗 do you own any stimmy clothes? I own like 20 pairs of the same soft leggings I wear them every day and some nights

🔥 describe your sensory hell me in a crowd people talking sudden noises everywhere. Cloths feeling wrong as well 

😰 what are your stressed out stims? pacing,echolilia, flapping, yelling

😋 what are your happy stims? jumping, flapping, twirling 

🙊 least favourite popular stim? slushie slime like if you want a crunch have a big crunch not a small one!

 🎨 opinion on paint mixing videos? they are ok I am neutral 

🎧 do you love or hate noise? I like organized/expected noise: music, slime noise I don’t like disorganized/unexpected noise: loud talking, sirens 

🎵 favourite song to stim to? I love so much but I find edm and kpop to be good genres to stim too

🌦 best weather sensory wise? 70 fahrenheit slightly sunny light breeze 

🍰 what’s your sensory safe food? whipped cream, ice cream, things with potato

🔮 what’s your favourite stim toy? my tangle jr


Rain-shadow generation. First image is raw, second is mixed with organic noise.

White denotes no rainfall and black denotes torrential rains. 

As the game adds plants to the island (whose land shape is made with another algo) it will reference this precipitation data to decide between more arid or more rainforesty plants (or lack of plants in the extreme dry area).

This game doesn’t have an actual mountain in it that would justify this rainshadow… so really in the end it’s just a random island that always seems to have a wet side and a dry side (which is a real thing). I like this better than random patches of disconnected biomes.

My intentions aren’t to go too much further. I just want a dry area with sand/dirt/rocks, a grass area with a few plants, and a densely forested area. So it is just 3 biomes really, and hopefully some gradual transitions between them all. Then I’m going to procedurally bulldoze some patches and drop in roads and buildings.. and that’s the whole v1 map generator.

I’ll post a foliage map after I draw some placeholder plants and get the rain-generator and land-generator to talk to each other.


I want to start an internet radio station that just streams this song 24/7. When anyone asks me about it, I’ll just reply to them with sad pump organ noises. 

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When did you start having feelings for Tom?

(I wanted to do a comic for this but I have a very specific headcanon and I couldnt accurately portray it with cartoons)

“I’ve got it!”

Marco jumped as she heard the words, and coupled with the flash of flames hovering beside her bed it was enough to make her shoot upright with enough force to smack her head on the bunk above her.

“Dude. We’ve talked about this.” She grumbled as she rubbed her forehead.

For a moment Tom seemed to flinch back, but quickly shook it off and crawled through the portal.

“Yeah, yeah,” He said, “Right, sorry, forgot.”

He was literally sitting at the foot of Marco’s bed now, making Marco pull the blanket up to her chest with a muffled gargle of indignation.

“Yes please come in I love being straddled at six in the morning in front of my roommate.”

“Your roommate?” Tom blinked and straightened to look up into the top bunk, eyes fixing on the wide-eyed girl above them. “Oh, hey Mercy.”

The girl only gasped and squeezed the rosary she clutched under her pillow a little tighter.

“She’s really weird…” He said, crawling back down to mutter the words into Marco’s ear, “We should go to my place.”

Marco growled and pushed his face away.

“I’ve got practice in three hours,” she argued.

“I thought you got kicked out of the club for breaking a dude’s leg,” he retorted.

Again Marco made a muffled groan somewhere between a sob and a grunt.

“I was told I was too advanced,” she explained for the millionth time, “So they politely suggested I find another instructor.”

“One with less breakable legs.”


Tom rubbed his chin for a moment, his left horn ‘ting’ing against the metal springs of Mercy’s bunk like a fork to a wineglass.

“Well, have you?” he finally asked.

Marco looked away. She didn’t have to answer that.

“Alright,” Tom finally said, “I can see that you’re…uh…busy.”

With a snap of his fingers the portal sparked into existence a foot from the bed.

“…But I just wanted to drop in to say that I’ve finally decided on my team for the Venus and Mars gen.”

“That’s nice To- wait Venus and Mars? Don’t you mean A and B?”

Tom smirked that smirk of his, taking Marco right back to a certain situation that came to be over a pair of movie marathon tickets.

“No, I mean Venus and Mars. Mars, to be exact. It’s got the better roster.”

Marco really should tell him to shut up and go back to bed. She really should.

“Those games aren’t even out yet.” She said instead, “They haven’t even announced the starters.”

The look of mock surprise Tom gave her made Marco want to punch him.

“Oh? I had no idea. I wonder what this is then!”

With this he pulled out a small game cartridge sloppily labeled “Mars” with duct tape and a sharpie, as if it had been taken from the developer’s office itself.

“…I hate you.” Marco finally said.

“I hate you too.” Tom retorted, then stepped aside to reveal a flaming portal leading to his bedroom.

The jerk didn’t even have the decency to look over his shoulder to see if she would follow, like he did back when there had been a level of respect between them. Grumbling about demon princes who think they’re all that, Marco pulled her hoodie over her tank top and followed him.

“I see your room still looks like crap,” she commented dryly as she went to sit on his bed, pointedly far away from that metal hand-chair that might well be the most uncomfortable piece of furniture she had ever touched.

Tom didn’t seem to mind it, and heavily plopped down as heavily as if he didn’t have any bones whatsoever. Or muscle. Or nerve cells.

“So, what were you thinking?” Marco asked, crossing her legs on the bed.

“What?” Tom asked, blinking before he shook his head again, “Oh, right, the game. In B I had a team of monsters for every member of love sentence, so this time I’m gonna do one for each of my friends!”

Marco frowned at him.

“So you don’t even know which ones you’re getting. Just what you’re going to name them all.”

Tom looked at her like she was mad, “Naming is the most stressful part!” he said, “You gotta go in knowing what you’re going to do or else you might end up without a consistent naming scheme.”

“…And why does that matter?”

Tom blinked.

“Does…anything else matter?”

This was a fair point, or at least it seemed so to Tom. He could just about do all the stuff that the monsters did in videogames with his powers and had a habit for seeking specific wish fulfillment out of the strangest of places. Marco had fond if not confused memories of him playing hide and seek in an online fps map, much to the distaste of the other players.

“Fine.” Marco said, getting up from the soft covers of the bed to brave the accursed metal hand chair, “Whose gonna be who?”

“I’m not gonna ruin the surprise!” Tom said indignantly, “Besides, most of these haven’t even been announced yet, you wont know what they all are.”

Marco sighed and looked over Tom’s shoulder as he started it up, putting in his name and skipping through all the introductory dialog.

Tom’s starter, a weird clown-seal thing, he immediately named Jackie Lynn.

“It’ll make sense when he evolves,” he assured Marco when she asked about this odd decision.

And so the monster training adventure began. First thing’s first Tom captured a sort of shire horse-esque monster for Pony Head, then a weird blue version of an eight-tails for Star. Marco watched half assedly until Tom announced what he was looking for next.

“Merchap?” She asked, “I didn’t know they’d be in this lineup.”

“They’re bringing back all the fan favorites,” Tom said, “But it’s got a really low spawn rate in this area…”

It took a few tries and quite a bit of running in circles. If Marco didn’t know that progressing meant little to nothing to Tom she’d assume this was driving her friend nuts. It was certainly driving her nuts watching him.

Finally, finally one spawned, doing its little threatening punch-dance as the battle began, only for Tom to run from the encounter immediately.

“What?” Marco scoffed, “We’ve been here for five minutes what was wrong with that one?”

“It’s male.” He said, “I want a girl one.”

Marco choked.

“Dude the gender ratio for those is 20-80%.” She said, “And they’re already only 10% in this area.”

Tom rolled his eyes.

“I do this all the time. Won’t take long.”

Except that it did take long. Merchap’s barely spawned at all and when they did they were always male. After a few hours Marco stopped paying attention and began to mess about on her phone. After a while there was a whoop of triumph, Marco looked over to see a handheld game console shoved in her face.

“Hah! Got one!” he said, showing off the little red symbol on the screen next to the wild Merchap.

“Good for you,” Marco said, her mouth twitching, “You’ve achieved your incredibly dumb goal.”

Marco looked over his shoulder as he sent out Jackie, only to have her kill the monster with one hit.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

“That’s…” Tom said, then cut off.

He shook his shoulders before chirping, “Fine.”

He laughed, a bit of sweat rolling down his cheek.

“This is my favorite part of the game! I’ll find another one!”

Marco nodded slowly and went back to her phone, glancing over nervously whenever the demon prince would grunt or exhale violently through his nose.

“Um…” Marco asked after a while, “What else is on the list?”

“I can’t move on,” Tom said with a forced chuckle, “If I don’t get it at a low level it’ll be harder to level them all symmetrically.”

Marco supposed this was just another one of the things that Tom took enjoyment out of the game and said nothing.

About an hour later another female Merchap showed up. Marco sighed with relief.

“Just use a greatcube.” She advised.

“No.” Tom said, making Marco arch a brow.

“The rest of my team are in normal cubes,” he explained, “She won’t match.”

Marco couldn’t say a thing, only snort at the ridiculousness of it all.

Tom sent out Pony Head, carefully chipping away at the health bar with tackle. At 20% hp normal cubes still wouldn’t work, so Tom took a chance and used just one more tackle.

“Oh my god.” Marco muttered as the hit points slipped to zero.

The sound Tom made couldn’t not possibly be replicated by a human. Or any human-shaped organism. Even though similar noises came out of Tom when he was about to murder someone, Marco couldn’t help but bark out a laugh.

This distracted Tom enough to lose the white glow in his eyes.

“Its not funny.” He said flatly, then smirked, “Okay its kind of funny. Shut up. I need to concentrate.”

With this he kicked Marco over and returned to the hunt with a renewed determination. A part of Marco told her to heed his advice, but she couldn’t help it.

“Twice.” She said, unable to breathe, “What…what are the odds.”

Tom huffed out a laugh as well, “I said shut up!” he said, trying not to smile.

The next time he fainted a female Merchap Marco had to cling to his arm to stop him chucking his console across the room. The one after that Tom just lay in his bed and screamed into the mattress for at least five minutes.

“Please.” Marco begged between peels of laughter, “Please, just get a male one. I can’t breathe.”

Tom shook his head, “I’ve spent too much time on this now!” he said, breaking into another laugh, “Next time. Next time!

Marco hadn’t looked at her phone in hours, she was clinging to his shoulder unable to hold back sobbing cackling as again and again Tom either found a male Merchap or managed to faint it in one hit.

HAH!” Tom cried when he had finally widdled one down to 1 hp by some stroke of luck, only to realize he was out of normal cubes.

There wasn’t even a shout of rage this time, just a groan of “Noooo” as he deflated back against the metal talons of the chair

Marco shoved his shoulder, trying to lift him but unable to maintain her strength through the hysterics. It seemed he was also having a hard time getting up, moaning between guffaws about how he ‘wasn’t strong enough’ and how she needed to ‘go on without him’.

Marco was too busy collapsed on the floor to notice a pink ball of fluff hop up into the chair beside him and sniff his face.

Tom blinked.

“Marshmallow believes in me,” he said to no one in particular.

“Yeah buddy,” Marco said, managing to sit up.

“I’ve got one last shot.” He said, sitting up, “One last shot. This one’s for Marshmallow.”

“Oh okay,” Marco laughed, “Great. This is the ‘Marshmallow’ one.”

“I can do this!”

“You can’t do this.”

“With her belief in me I can-”

Marco managed to stop laughing long enough to hear the celebratory ‘captured’ music play before Tom leapt up and screamed with victory.

The following words were in some obscure demonic dialect Marco did not recognize, before he collapsed on the chair to save and quit the game.

“I need a nap.” He said after regaining his breath, “I need to nap for a million years.”

Marco tried and failed to get up, her legs shaking from…what was it hours, of laughing her ass off. It had been a while since she had laughed so hard at anything. With anyone. College was great yeah, full of great people and all, but there just weren’t the sort of people who you could just do something stupid with while time melted away.

She glanced sideways at the exhausted demon and opened her mouth to speak, before promptly closing it. A bead of sweat trickled down her chin, and very suddenly she felt she might throw up.

“Glargh…” she mumbled, unsure of what the original word she wanted to say had been.

Tom’s third eye opened to stare at her, shooting her with such a violent pang of nerves that she was incapacitated by giggling once again.

“What?” he groaned.

“I…” she tried to think, “What nature did you get? Wouldn’t it suck if you got a bad one?”

Tom chuckled weakly.

“There are no words in any language ever spoken that can describe just how much I so don’t care about that right now.” He said, “But you can check if you want.”

Marco sighed and flipped open the console, still amazed that the events of the day had even transpired. However, upon opening the team menu she didn’t quite make it to the summary tab. Again she glanced at her sleeping friend, wondering if he noticed the sharp intake of breath.

The female Merchap’s name was Marco.