Homemade Fertilizer

Can’t afford to buy fertilizer or just want to make your own? Here is my magic plant juice recipe (proven to yield awesome results)!

You will need:
- A clean jar
- Banana peels
- Egg shells
- Used coffee grounds OR tea bags
- Coffee filter / paper towel (for straining)

1. Chop up banana peels.
2. Clean egg shells of any remaining yolk and/or film.
3. Collect used coffee grounds (or used tea bags, if you don’t drink coffee).
4. Place all of these in your CLEAN! jar.
5. Top with water. Close jar and shake it up nice and good.
6. Leave it alone in a cool, dark place for about a week.
7. Strain the solids.
8. Keep refrigerated. Or don’t. Personally I just leave it a cool, dark corner of my studio. Just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

* Use fertilizer full-strength on plants that really need a boost. Otherwise, you can dilute it with water.
* Banana peels are full of macronutrients like potassium and magnesium, eggshells add calcium, and coffee grounds add nitrogen.

Now go forth and get your plants drunk and happy!!!


Wal-Mart Wants to Buy Organic, Hydroponic Produce Grown in Planned Arizona Vertical Farm

The farm will be powered by Sonneteck, a member of the Association for Vertical Farming.

Fear not, hungry consumers – eating both healthily and deliciously at a reasonable price is now a reality.  Arizona Urban Organic Veggie is making organic food harvesting local and affordable for the everyday consumer.  Through our partner organization, PureHarvests Foods, we’ve obtained an exclusive Arizona license to the GrwoGreen Urban Farm and their non-seasonal hydroponically grown local organic vegetable production system.

Together, we’re committed to developing innovative solutions to meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for safe, local, healthy, and sustainably-produced food.  We will grow vegetables – mainly lettuce – both locally and organically, getting them on retailers’ shelves within two days and at a very reasonable price.  Speaking of retailers, their support is already lined up.  We’ve obtained letters of interest from giants like Wal-Mart for over $8 million in sales right away – all that’s needed is the completed construction of our growing facility.

Growing will take place within the confines of our Arizona farm and available to local markets, but PureHarvests isn’t stopping there.  Arizona is just the first state; the business model is very scalable and will be replicated in other states in the near future – with more investment opportunities popping up.


homemade coffee scone


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