Algae are beneficial because of their high concentration of protein and other dense nutrients. However, to get a lot of these benefits, one would have to consume a very large amount of it, which is why we don’t tend to make seaweeds a staple of our diets, choosing instead to eat other foods with higher levels of the same nutrients. Algae are in almost everything we eat, because it is the base of many food chains, especially aquatic ones. For example, fish rich in fatty acids get those nutrients because they eat fish that eat a lot of plankton.

(via Plant Talk » Algae: Under the Microscope and In Your Food | NYBG)

Much of our research here at NYBG centers on the humble algae—and it tends to turn up in some surprising places! ~LM


Organic Farming Flourishes in Cuba, But Can It Survive Entry of U.S. Agribusiness?

1-½" lignum vitae with hand cut brass prong setting with ¾" red heart cabochons hardware set with out the use of any glue or adhesives!!! This is my first hardware set pieces of jewelry I have mad and boy did I learn alot but I am stoked to be able to offer things like these. So if intrested in something like this send me a DM or email vesicapiscisadornment@gmail.com and let’s collaborate on an amazing design! My head is already swimming in ideas for future pieces!! #vesicapiscisjewelry #bodyjewelry #bodymodification #legitbodyjewelry #organic #organicbodyjewelry #vegan #veganjewelry #plugs #eyelets #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #plugsofig #nontoxic #handmade #santacruz #california #plugporn #plugsofinstagram #plugsporn #safepiercing #hardwaresetting #hardwareset #gluefree


Two roses opened up and I decided they seemed like good candidates for a small jar I had so the rose sugar experiment is on. 

Essentially you peel your roses one petal at a time, inspect for anything that shouldn’t go in the jar and then you lay the petal down on the sugar. After each layer of petals, cover them with just enough sugar to not quite bury, and then start the next layer of petals. I used organic cane sugar produced entirely in the U.S.

It’s not like I did an intentional magickal anything when I assembled this, but as someone who has a lot of raw magick energy around them at this time, I must note that peeling roses a petal at a time led to me meditating on Viggo Mortensen’s role as Lucifer in The Prophecy while filling this jar. He says terrible things, has epic daddy beard and eats a rose. Then he literally eats Christopher Walken’s heart out. 

 That sort of makes it a short list for who might get this sugar when it’s done.