Dear my once upon a time,

You’re running and I’m running and our ‘x’ is complete, we made our mark. You’ll be miles away and I’m never coming back. We’ll never meet again.

But please don’t forget me?

Don’t forget that girl who caught your eye and kept you for herself. That girl who spoke to you in whispers when the whole world was screaming at you. So ordinary, yet so special. That girl who kept you up till the whole world was asleep, till the noise died down, till all was silent, only her breath in your ear. That girl who didn’t talk much but knew you like the back of her hand. Don’t forget that girl who looked at you with her eyes big and wide, and all the chaos faded and the world seemed complete. That girl who got mad at you a hundred times, but loved you a hundred and one. That girl who knit your fingers together and refused to let go. Between passing days and fleeting moments, remember that girl you trusted the most. Don’t forget that girl who kept her hand on your chest, your hand on her chest, said she loves you “from here to there” and the earth stopped in its tilt. Don’t forget that girl who hugged you from behind when you were riding that night, city lights in your eyes, skin melting into skin. That girl you didn’t want to leave behind. She was her happiest when she was sitting on your lap, head on your shoulder, your smile in her hair: that girl you couldn’t live without.

Don’t forget her, 'cause I’m never forgetting you.

Yours truly.

—  Lakshmi Nagaraj // Now I’m here and you’re there, but love will always stay, “from here to there”.
The funny thing about enlightenment is that when it is authentic, there is no one to claim it. Enlightenment is very ordinary; it is nothing special. Rather than making you more special, it is going to make you less special. It plants you right in the center of a wonderful humility and innocence. Everyone else may or may not call you enlightened, but when you are enlightened the whole notion of enlightenment and someone who is enlightened is a big joke. I use the word enlightenment all the time—not to point you toward it but to point you beyond it. Do not get stuck in enlightenment.
—  Adyashanti

I think one of my favorite things about Zexal is that fact that, as far as anyone else is concerned, Yuma is ordinary.  He’s not special to them.  He’s easy to overlook.  He’s not their main enemy, he’s barely someone of consequence as far as they can see.  Even Kaito, the rival character of the series, completely ignores him and says that only Astral is his enemy.

Before now, every other protagonist has been special in some way.  Has been specifically targeted by the enemy.  Yugi might have started out ordinary but as soon as he took on the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, he was someone that people looked at.  Enemies were drawn to him.  Judai was always attracting trouble for the fact that he was Judai; every enemy targeted him specifically in some way.  And Yusei was being watched by Godwin and Yliaster long before his main story even began, before he was even confirmed as a Signer.

Yuma was not. Yuma was just ignored.  He wasn’t seen as anyone special, anyone worth noticing.  As far as it seems to anyone else, he’s an outsider to this conflict.  Someone who just kind of happened to end up in the middle of it, but no one of any real consequence.  The only time he seemed to be noticed was in relation to other people and things; his relationship to Astral, the fact that he had a Number, etc.

But Yuma proves them all wrong.

He proves to everyone over and over that he is the person that everyone should have been watching.  He proves that he’s more than just a bystander or an outsider.

Everyone ignored him.  He wasn’t special.  At least, no one else thought he was.

But that didn’t matter to Yuma.  It didn’t matter that this was a fight that everyone thought he had no place being a part of.  It didn’t matter that he wasn’t “important.”  He had to make himself special, to make himself be noticed.  He had to work towards becoming the hero of his own story.  And dammit, whatever your impressions of Zexal are, he did.  He became the hero and he became the hero on his own terms.

And that’s just really inspiring to me.

DAY 3149

Jalsa, Mumbai       

Oberoi Grand, Kolkata        Nov 11,  2016              Fri  11:31 pm

Birthday - EF Jyoti Miglani  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

happy birthday girl .. wishing you all the best for the year and the coming years as well ..  happiness be with you always .. love Ef

I fight .. I fight my sleep to bring across to this family the intent to be together and in love .. I fight for my spirit and well being of others - here in particular for this wonderful family that has been built with an immense amount of dedication, love and affection ..

But I notice an edifice cracking under the weight of personal belief, contradiction, revolt and hurtful language. This home was not built for this, nor was it ever built with any agenda, other than that of love faith and deep concern for each other ..

It breaks my heart to find animosity and hatred breed among us .. we are not an ordinary family, we are special and strong and concerned and giving and wrapped in affection ..

DO NOT allow personal sentiment over power and encompassed individual following .. this is not the spirit of togetherness … this is not the spirit of those initials Ef ..

Blaming and naming another in the field of this incredible Blog, one that has enjoyed only freedom of expression and dedicated devotion, is never ever going to bring results .. positive results ..

Refrain the tongue then .. allow an image of proposed dialogue that you do know, emanates with perfumed threads of incense, which acclimatised the very system, in individual capacity and in overall .. if you break the chain, even in one singular thread, the stones that it holds together, shall destroy themselves involuntarily .. it would be the virtual nail in the coffin, for me ..

You may not see it .. but you must feel and realise that here within the precincts, of this majestic throne of succession as it were, it would be too dangerous an element to exercise within limits …but yes the strain and delivery is of great merit, and that is what has proved me to start a dialogue between the two thoughts, or if it were, an exchange of ideas to take it forward .. there is time constraint .. 

So no more extreme .. only that which can reflect love understanding and togetherness , is to be seen to be welcoming .. nothing more or less ..

The annual ritual of the KIFF, the Kolkata International film festival was inaugurated by all artistes present tonight - Shahrukh, Sanju, Parineeti, Kaajol and the two of us - the elderly - in a different discussion ..

And happiness sways us all .. in the direction I wish it to be, or Jaya wishes it to be .. but be it must ..

There is a presentation of a booklet of all my speeches at this KIFF over the years and it is of utmost pride and honour .. I never did realise that writings from thought processes over the years could ever become the beginning of another Kingdom, or a level ruled state .. that such reverence could only happen here in West Bengal .. or with due respect - BANGLA, which is what shall hopefully seek permission and release it .. for it to land up in an emergency.

I have no right to challenge this concept, but I do have the wish to say that it is immensely considerate of the Chief Minister of Bangla, to invite us each year and to look after our needs and accommodation … but really what she gains from all this, is the goodwill of the very large amount of people, who are all not just there to pretend involvement, but indeed to keep the flag flying .. Mamata di, you must have heard this before, but sincerely, you are quite an amazing lady ..

Of such generosity is KIFF made - love affection, concern and individual care .. epithets that also envelope the very heart of the film, its intricacies and its evident natured individuals ..

Its back to business tomorrow and the travel is imminent and on time .. strange and wonderful things keep occurring from time to time, and they need to be developed and involved .. then only shall those that inadvertently get affected, understand ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan


Ok, so we’re gonna start from the beginning here. Everybody knows twenty one pilots has this bars composition as a symbol, but not everybody knows what it means or even if it means something.

Tyler said in an interview that the logo means twenty one pilots. The meaning behind that, nobody knows it but him, which is a very powerful thing. He says having something only you know the meaning gives you a reason to continue fighting, it’s something worth living for, because if you die, nobody will never know what that meant. So what he’s saying with this simple logo is: create anything that crosses your mind, don’t think about it too much.

This whole idea came from Kitchen Sink, a song from their second album, Regional At Best. In one of the first verses, he says “a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me” meaning that ordinary things sometimes have a special meaning for different people, but only because they made it have mean something for them. And that’s okay, sometimes it’s what keeps them going. 

In Kitchen Sink, Tyler starts a reflection regarding this whole purpose thing, saying that frequently human beings find themselves desperate, fighting and agonizing with the “why are we here?” idea when it could be something way more simple than that. You don’t need to know the meaning, create the meaning. The only thing that matters is that it’s gonna be real to you, it will give you strenght.

So, basically, the logo it’s the physical representation of the “go create” philosophy of the band and it still envolves the human existance topic. This is Tyler’s explanation of the logo, but we came across with some other interpretations that seemed very accurate and we really enjoyed. Now, this part is NOT oficial. Tyler never mentioned the following arguments, which doesn’t mean they’re not true tho.

We know tøp’s logo has changed from Regional At Best to Blurryface. In Regional At Best, the bars were thicker and the logo was blue, red, and white:

When Blurryface was released, the thick bars were replaced to thin ones to make it possibile for the clique to use it on social networks, but most importantly, there was no blue anymore.

Tyler said the more he became familiar with the character Blurryface, the more he got convinced the color blue didn’t make any sense with him. Knowing that Blurryface is the personification of every inner aspect of ourselves that haunts us, therefore, our insecurities, our fears, our self hate, our anxiety and so on; he felt the need to use a strong color capable of transmiting this bad feelings and thoughts.

The color chosen was red, a color frequently associated with violence, passion, blood, and, mostly, negative things. The same red that was used on the second bar during Regional At Best era. This makes us thing: could the red be the representation of evil, which takes form on Blurryface? If so, then the blue bar would represent the good, and that is why it was taken away. There is no good in Blurryface.

So, during Regional At Best, the logo had another meaning. It represented the good (blue bar) trying to hold on and don’t let the evil (red bar) win, crushing everything around it.

And now I would like to say we believe every single twenty one pilots song is related, such as their albums. This means we believe Blurryface always existed and most of tøp’s song is about or involves him, in many different ways. With that said, of course the band’s brand would always have Blurryface stamp on it. This would mean the change in the logos represent Blurryface’s rise, leading to a point where he is a lot stronger and his fight with Tyler becomes way more critical, leaving pratically no good (blue) left.

Following this good / bad theory, let’s go to another topic:

Have you ever noticed how in all twenty one pilots’ pics, Josh is always on Tyler’s left? We don’t think it’s a coincidence.

See? Not a coincidence. Now remember: |-/

It’s like Josh is the first bar and Tyler is the second one, which would represent how Josh is one of the only things keeping Tyler sane. If we were talking about Regional At Best logo, Josh would be the blue bar, therefore, the good. Tyler, as he is Blurryface, is the red bar, the evil. Thinking that way, Josh is the good part of Tyler. He is responsible for reminding Tyler who he really is: a good person. He is the one who puts Tyler’s feet on the ground and stop him from losing his mind. More than best friends, Josh is a part of Tyler, the most important and beautiful one.

While Tyler is falling, crumbling, fighting himself, doubting whether he should stay alive or not, Josh is always there holding him, not letting him fall; as the bars graphically show. Tyler and Josh’s friendship is so much more important than a friendship. It’s like they created such a strong bond they now depend on each other to stay alive and to keep on creating. I think nobody can or want to imagine where Tyler would be without Josh. This fanarts, made by incredibly talented fans, ilustrate this.

There’s also another possible explanation for the Blurryface era logo that crossed my mind while writing this. This one was not inspired in previous theories, at least I didn’t read anyone like that.

The bars could represent Tyler’s two faces, Tyler Joseph and Blurryface. Blurryface would be the second bar, struggling to bring Tyler down, but there’s still a part of him that fights Blurryface and uses every inch of his mind to remain Tyler and don’t let the evil win. Tyler would be the first bar, the white one. White is offently used as a color to represent peace and truce, which is what Tyler’s fight is all about, he wants peace for his mind. He wants rest, he wants Blurryface to give him truce, but because he wants that so much his willing to fight very hard for his identity. Blurryface, on the other hand, would be the red bar, the color of evil, the one who’s trying to make Tyler fall no matter what.

The Most Beautiful Moon

On one particular starry night,
I came upon this most beautiful moon.
It shined so brightly with a special light.

This appeared to be no ordinary moon,
It was special and precious
as I would find out soon.

It shined down on me with a radiant beam,
And called my name as if it were a dream.

Although this moon and I were many
miles apart,
I could see this moon had a beautiful heart.

This moon’s beauty was one to behold,
it traveled through space and entered
my soul.

Though time may pass and slip away,
Forever in my heart will this moon stay.

Just like the moon is in need of the sun,
I feel this moon’s soul and mine are as one.

She is the moon,
I the sun,
As friends forever
we will be one.

b.l.b March 19 2017

20 Interesting Zodiac Sign Facts About Virgo (Part 5)

1. You two are so different but still find yourself attracted to each other : Virgo and Gemini
2. Virgo emotionally wear themselves out worrying too much.
3. Virgo have the incredible power to transform the ordinary into something beautiful and special.
4. Virgo don’t fear love, they fear falling in love with the wrong person.
5. All Virgo need is the object of their affection.
6. As Virgo when in a bad mood you come across as reckless.
7. Virgo always end up not sticking to a particular decision.
8. Virgo have the worst temper, so don’t…

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prompt 694

There is a distinct difference between “suspense” and “surprise,” and yet many pictures continually confuse the two. I’ll explain what I mean.

We are now having a very innocent little chat. Let’s suppose that there is a bomb underneath this table between us. Nothing happens, and then all of a sudden, “Boom!” There is an explosion. The public is surprised, but prior to this surprise, it has seen an absolutely ordinary scene, of no special consequence. Now, let us take a suspense situation. The bomb is underneath the table and the public knows it, probably because they have seen the anarchist place it there. The public is aware the bomb is going to explode at one o'clock and there is a clock in the decor. The public can see that it is a quarter to one. In these conditions, the same innocuous conversation becomes fascinating because the public is participating in the scene. The audience is longing to warn the characters on the screen: “You shouldn’t be talking about such trivial matters. There is a bomb beneath you and it is about to explode!”

In the first case we have given the public fifteen seconds of surprise at the moment of the explosion. In the second we have provided them with fifteen minutes of suspense. The conclusion is that whenever possible the public must be informed. Except when the surprise is a twist, that is, when the unexpected ending is, in itself, the highlight of the story.

                                                                   ― Alfred Hitchcock

Something woke Mike Nesmith out of a sound sleep. A quick glance around in the wan light assured the Texan that everyone was where they should be, and he laid back down to try to fall asleep again. He closed his eyes. Then opened them again and sat up. He wasn’t at all tired. Mike swung his long frame out of bed, straightened his covers and padded downstairs to grab his guitar. He’d sit out back, watch the stars, play a few tunes. That usually helped him sleep.

    The moon was nearly full, its pale light providing sufficient illumination for Mike to navigate his way to the back door. Everything was where it was supposed to be; Mr Schneider, the mismatched furniture, the dented table, the door in the middle of the room…


    He stopped. There, in the middle of the room, stood a door. A perfectly ordinary door, nothing particularly special about it, except of course where it was located. Mike stared at it for a few seconds.

    “Now how did that get in here?” he wondered aloud. It was probably Peter’s doing, although how the bassist had gotten a door into the pad without waking anyone up was a mystery. An even bigger question was just where he’d gotten the door… He heard someone approach. It was Peter, in his orange pajamas, grinning sleepily.

    “Hey Mike.” he said, getting a glass out of a cupboard and filling it at the sink.

    “Heya Pete.”

    “Hey guys!” Micky called out cheerfully, sliding down the spiral staircase. Mike made a face.

    “Micky what are you doing up?” he asked the drummer, who was NOT known for getting up early. Micky shrugged.

    “I saw you two were up and wanted to see what you were doing. Hey that’s a groovy door! Where’d you get it Pete?” Micky asked as he came to stand next to Mike. Peter frowned.

    “What makes you think I had anything to do with it?” he asked, confused. Micky and Mike exchanged a look.

    “Well who else would leave a door in the middle of the room?”

    “Hey, could you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.” Davy stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Where’d that door come from?” he added.

    “That’s an excellent question. And since Peter didn’t do it, that leaves but one answer.” Micky declared with his usual theatrics.

    “Not…!” Davy gasped.


    “Who breaks into someone’s house and leaves a door behind?” Mike wondered.

    “Well Peter might.” Davy pointed out.

    “Hey!” the bassist objected. “I would never break into someone’s house. I’d knock first.”

    “Oh Peter…” Micky sighed.

    “Well I think it’s a nice door.” Peter declared.

    “Hey! You think it might be some sort of magic portal thing?” Davy asked.

    “That’s ridiculous.” Mike scoffed. “Whoever heard of a magic portal that looks like a regular ol’ door? It would be a big huge thing covered in glowing symbols-” he waved his arms to indicate the shape, “-not something you’d pick up at the store.” As if in response, a light appeared underneath the door. Mike started.

    “D-did you see that?” he squeaked.

    “Hey I wonder what’s on the other side.” Peter said. He walked up to the door, opened it, and stepped through before anyone could stop him.

“He’s gone!” the three of them chorused.

    “We gotta go after him.” Davy heads through first, closely followed by Mike and Micky who, true to form, shove through at the same time.

None of them emerge again.

Mike’s hat falls to the floor.

Secret - Bucky x Reader

He would smile, laugh, tilt his head in puzzlement and your whole world would light up.

If he frowned you wanted to kiss him into smiling. Be the reason for his little blush.

But you were ordinary and he was special. He was practically an Avenger and you were just you. (Y/n). 


Your phone rang. A sharp noise to rip you out of your daydream. Of course it made sense that the person ringing was Natasha.

“(Y/n). Listen. I know you like Bucky.”

You froze. Horrible possibilities running through your mind.

“No?” You said, instantly knowing there was no way that was going to convince her.

She laughed. 

“Just say it, (Y/n). Say you like Bucky.”

You bit your lip, “I like him.”

“Who?” Nat faked ignorance.

“Bucky. I like Bucky.”

There was laughter. Natasha’s laughter and two male voices telling her to stop.

“Someone’s with you?” You ask, dreading the answer.

“Just Steve and his best friend who you-”

You hung up. Your heart pounding, your hands shaking, your head aching.

This couldn’t be happening.

You took deep breaths. Sliding down the wall of your apartment to rest on the floor.

You bit your lip, trying not to cry, trying to slow your heart rate, stop the pounding.

A bang on the door.

You kept quiet, not wanting to talk.

“(Y/n)?” You heard Bucky’s voice call and your heart rate instantly rocketed again.

 “I need to talk to you.” He called again, knocking on the door gently.

You slowly stood up, taking a slow breath before opening the door.

Bucky instantly grabbed you, pulling you into a hug.

“Natasha shouldn’t have done that. That was wrong.” He said into your shoulder and you nodded before pulling away, well aware that your face must be bright red.

“I’m sorry. I just- I’m so embarrassed.” You dropped your gaze to the floor but Bucky placed his hands on your shoulders.


“You’d never like me.’

“Why not?” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Because I’m normal. I don’t have super abilities or intelligence.”

He placed a finger under your chin, directing your gaze to look at him.

“(Y/n). You may not have super abilities but you’re not normal. You’re kind and funny and- I like you. I do like you and I was thrilled to know you like me too.”

He smiled shyly and the colour in your cheeks darkened.

“You’re lying.”

He pulled you towards him, placing his lips to yours.

“No. I’m not.”