It’s been a long ass time since I actually drew anything, but since Tilikum passed, I wanted to draw a memorial image for him.

I’ve drawn Tilikum several times through my cetacean drawing “career.” He was one of the first few orcas I drew way back when I first took an interest in them. Zar’s original design and personality was based partially on Tilikum, back when I first created him in 2007. Tilly had a heavy influence on my development as an artist, and on the general public as an icon of how tragic and degenerative captivity is for orcas. He met an unfortunate end, but at least now he can go wherever he wants to go.

Artwork © Shiverdam

In this track you can hear orcas clicking and calling from a recording made with a tag attached to one of the whales in the group using suction cups. You can also hear the sound of water flowing through the tag as the whale speeds up, giving you a real sense of being underwater with them!

Icelandic Orca Project

Made with SoundCloud

Orca Orcinus orca

(via Oliver Wright Photography)


Transient Killer Whales by Tory Kallman on Flickr
Via Flickr:
Monterey Bay Whale Watch All Day Trip 4/20/14