“My favourite photo out of all my BC pics. An R-Pod mother with her young (I’d estimate around 2 years old) calf. These two were travelling with the W1-Pod and stayed near our boat for about half an hour. I love the clarity and detail on the calf’s face, and the open blowholes”

source: http://tsitika.deviantart.com/art/Mother-Child-Harmony-40356657


Alright guys here is some good word for you all from the depths of deep net. Holy Page is dropping two new super hot tapes for ya’ll! So here ya go! They should be available on the REP distro soon, however for now they are just exclusively available through bandcamp! Both these releases are limited to 25 copies so get your paws on um in time for the holidays! 

Creepy Marbles

Orca Life

Orca Life // Modern Living [Pre-order]

You wouldn’t believe us if we told you how long this release has been gestating. Orca Life is the recording project of Virginia native Chris Roberts, and he has been nothing but patient with the many roadblocks that have been put in the way of this release.

Modern Living marks a change of pace for Orca Life and is sure to stimulate welcoming ears. If you’re not aware, Chris also runs the cassette label Otherworldly Mystics so we are not only thrilled to be releasing this album on Chill Mega Chill, but we’re also excited to get a little bit of cross-pollination going on between our two labels.

As of now you can get Modern Living from digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and then the cassettes will follow suit next Friday (10/11). Each smokey-tinged cassette will come with an 8x11 poster hand-numbered by Chris himself, so act fast! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Side A:

1. Voices 04:12
2. Aquatic 04:27
3. Vacation 03:41
4. Bells 02:10

Side B:

5. Time 04:34
6. Connecting 02:55
7. Spells 03:32
8. Swim 04:04

Orca Life Mix for Suburban Tours
External image

Proud to present another exclusive mix curated by another one of my favorite artists, Orca Life. What I like about this mix is it’s eclectic nature and how much ground is covered in a short time. Rather than letting one song lead into another, Orca Life chops tracks and mixes them creating new and innovative sounds from a plethora of talented musicians. A very inspiring take on what a “mix” is and can be. Download/stream for free below and check the track-list after the jump…

Orca Life Mix for Suburban Tours MP3

Also be on the lookout for more Orca Life news on Suburban Tours soon!

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Orca Life - Modern Living

The former noiseniks and ambient-gazers are getting more and more crafty and tech-savvy, going with the flow of time and the requirements of accelerationism and start in the race to create better soundtracks for consumption and production, which is in result prosumption. Chris Roberts, who is Orca Life, becomes a prosumer, creating music for other prosumers in the endless process of prosumption, making music relaxing enough not to make lot of fuss and too abstract to be merely called vaporwave. It’s more like a deranged, savage synth pop where the circuitry has been fried and the computer went amok. Musique concrete for the Information Superhighway era.


Orca Life - “Fall In” from Among Waves

Experimental music video I directed for Chris Roberts’ latest Orca Life album.

The video experiments I made and used for the Among Waves album art are the same ones that I then used to create this video, this time overlaying my experimental footage over footage that Chris had taken himself.

Because Photoshop and After Effects have the same options for layer modes, I treated this video the same way as the album artwork, in the hopes that I could create as true of a visual companion to that artwork as possible.


Orca Life - “Fall In” (Visuals by Jared D. Weiss)

Orca Life - Shapeshifter

External image

First of all, I cannot stress enough how much I love the artworks on most releases from the Holy Page label. Their complexity and nature remind me the extensive collage work of the people behind Stunned Records, but moved into more digital, Megazord-ian areas. Second, I just fell in love with the term “drone slams” - this is how Holy Page describes the sounds of Shapeshifter by Orca Life. A collection of semi lo-fi, slightly abrasive synth vignettes reminiscent of Sky Stadium - this nice little cassette will surely fill your needs for a quick, drug-free zone-out.

Orca Life - Shapeshifter


I drew/inked a new identity for Chris Roberts’ Orca Life music pseudonym. It’s currently being used on all his social media, and will also appear in any future albums of his.

Chris wanted the art to be of his cat, Jesse, sampled here in a track of his own name on the Otherworldly Mystics - Book One compilation (which I also illustrated).

Both Jesse and the lettering we drawn in pencil and then inked with a brush pen, and scanned/edited in Photoshop.


Orca Life - Among Waves, available now on limited edition cassette from Otherworldly Mystics

Here is the artwork and final packaging I designed for Chris Roberts’ latest Orca Life album.

The artwork is the product of video experiments I was making (more on that later…), combined with photographs of Chris’. It also features the “Jesse” logo I illustrated a few months ago.

Also our first time at Otherworldly Mystics using a 4-panel J-Card for the tape as opposed to the traditional 3-panel, hence the wide format of the art here.