@ every orangutan supporter on my blog right now

yyou dont know anything about the world. youre going to be killed and i will not mourn your deaths

okay so if youve been following me for a while you know that i have a firm anti-orangutan stance and believe that they are all genuinely evil, and over time more and more monkeys and apes have been roped into that for me, and i think unfairly so. i just want everyone to know that ive finally refined my argument and have come a long way in terms of understanding these animals’ nature and intentions. i can now say with certainty that NOT all monkeys and apes are inherently evil, but rather they have a predisposition to BE evil, and while they most definitely have the capacity to commit atrocities, that does not mean that they all have committed such acts. however, that being said i do believe that orangutans specifically ARE inherently evil and if you meet one i can guarantee you that that abominable creature has committed one if not multiple atrocities

A young male orangutan makes the 30-metre climb up the thickest root of the strangler fig high above the canopy in Gunung Palung national park, one of the few protected orangutan strongholds in Indonesian Borneo. Laman had to do three days of climbing to position several GoPro cameras that he could trigger remotely. This shot was the one he had long visualised, looking down on the orangutan within its forest home. Photograph: Tim Laman