Levihan week 6
Title: The perfect moment
Prompt: Proposal
My first fic so pls forgive me if it’s shitty

“Just a little more, I need more time to find the perfect moment.”

After a year of successfully reclaiming wall maria and eliminating the titans, humanity is still a little bit overwhelmed when they claimed their victory from their tormenters. The next step for them was still unclear, much opposed to the view far beyond the walls that the remaining survey corps have reached. The small group finally reached of what it seems to be the edge of their world called “paradis”. Astonished, the group was left staring at the view of the beach. Orange skies bleeding, the bright sun showing off its undying glow, it was mesmerizing, Levi thought. “Short stack! Come over here already. Look at these!” The enthralled Hanji held out big shells, showing it to Levi. He wasn’t much of the explorer like Hanji and he didn’t trust the water just by looking at the waves greeting the legs of the other 7 people with him. Hanji let out a laugh and continued exploring the shore, while the others played around. Levi was still caught by the scenery. It was far the most beautiful place he had witnessed. He still remembered the days when he lived in the underground. Indeed it was worth it to get out there. That simple choice took a huge turn for his life and he was glad. If it wasn’t for that choice, he wouldn’t be here now enjoying this world offered in front of his eyes, he wouldn’t see the reason for his heart to finally beat for a beautiful reason, frolicking in the water and picking up every unusual thing she could find. Finally, he felt like he could really rest. He decided it was time. The womanly figure he had been observing was slowly running towards him as his heart was racing again because of her. “Nothing like inside the walls, right?”. She nudged him a bit at his arm. Levi let out a small “tch” and smiled a little bit. “Yeah.” He answered the brunette beside him. Her captivating brown eyes beamed when she saw this rare event everyone deemed impossible. Especially when you don’t know who the humanity’s strongest soldier was and haven’t talked to him. Hanji stared into the horizon and savored the moment. “You know, there’s a type of bird that I learned from one of the biology books that I read a long time ago. This animal is called a penguin, from what I remember. The bird cannot take flight, since it’s wings are not formed for a normal bird’s supposed purpose. It mainly lives in these lands of ice and occasionally beaches too.” She told him in a curious yet amazed tone. “And that’s interesting because?” Levi questioned. “Hold on, here’s the most baffling fact about them, the male penguin searches the entire beach just to find the perfect stone for their mate. Isn’t it adorable?” Hanji exclaimed as she admired at the fact. Levi paused for a bit and stared his feet in the sand. Now he felt that his waiting is done. “Well, I guess you could say that I’m like this certain bird you are blabbering to me. I’ve got a ‘perfect stone’ that I’m going to give to my partner in life.” He stated in an unfamiliar yet calming tone.“Levi what are you-” She was cut off when Levi knelt in front of her, revealing a beautiful ring in a little box. “Will you be my wife? Four-eyes?” Levi asked sincerely as his steely gray eyes met Hanji’s vibrant brown ones. She gave out the most heartwarming smile Levi has ever seen from her, it was better than the view they are supposedly seeing, Levi thought. “Of course short stack! Yes!” Hanji shouted, which caused the attention of the remaining survey corps with them and hugged her soon to be husband. The two exchanged a sincere kiss and stood up to join the group who were cheering for them. Armin slapped Jean’s arm as a sign of winning a bet they made and Jean’s face was still in shock as he slowly admit defeat. The group left the shore and headed back to the walls. This day was indeed perfect, the moment, but most especially his reason why the colors from the sky still gave out hope in him, the reason why he still keeps fighting, the reason why he’s still here, it’s all because of her, Hanji Zoe.