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Hi! I wanted to ask if maybe you could write the main four in the soul mate au where you see color for the first time when you see your soul mate? Thanks for your time!



He was so used to black & white. It was the color of his lab, of the caves, of his home, of his clothes–even of the Surface. But then he met you, & the colors just came crashing in. Blue, the color of his jacket. Red, the color of his brother’s scarf. Purple & yellow & pink & green & orange–it was all so new to him, so amazing. & then there was you. You shone with every color of the rainbow, & he decided then & there that his favorite color was every single one of them.


He’d never had a problem with seeing things in monochrome. Everybody did until they found their SOULmate eventually, right? He just had to be patient until he found his. & when he did–when he found you, he knew he’d made the right choice. He could see it in the bright blue of the sky, feel it under the soft green grass beneath his feel, & feel it shining out of your smile. He’d never had a problem with black & white, but he knew that with you around, he’d never miss it.


She was honestly a bit annoyed with being stuck in a bland grey world. She wanted to see what everyone else seemed to see. She wanted to actually be able to know what this world had to offer–& dangit, she was tired of waiting! So when she found you, when you finally helped her find what she’d spent so long looking for, she was more than relieved. Still, it didn’t stop her first words from being, “What took you so long?!”


She always thought the world would be nothing but black & white for her. She just didn’t have a SOULmate, obviously. It’d been so long, & even when she’d thought for sure that she’d found someone who she really liked–it didn’t work out how either of them had hoped. So when they hit the Surface, & when she met you, & her world suddenly burst into color–she almost couldn’t see them all for the tears in her eyes. Being able to see color was great, but she was much happier being able to see you.

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Rose Water & Orange Blossoms by Maureen Abood

“Taking a seasonal, ingredient-focused approach, Maureen presents irresistible dishes that will delight readers who yearn for evocative flavors and healthful components. Recipes include Pistachio Crusted White Fish, Stone Fruit Salad with Flower Waters and Shaved Coconut, and Spiced Sweet Bread with Rose Water Milk Glaze.”

The Italian Baker by Melissa Forti

“This book is a collection of tarts, cakes, loaves, biscuits, and coffee-time treats born out of Melissa’s signature style of baking.”

Cook’s Science by Cook’s Illustrated

“Each chapter explains the science behind one of the 50 ingredients in a short, informative essay–topics ranging from pork shoulder to apples to quinoa to dark chocolate–before moving onto an original (and sometimes quirky) experiment, performed in our test kitchen and designed to show how the science works.”

The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen by Amelia Saltsman

“Here, at last, is a fresh, new way to think about Jewish food. In The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen, Amelia Saltsman takes us far beyond deli meats and chicken soup to explore a universally appealing world of flavors ideal for modern meals.”

Art of the Pie by Kate McDermott

“Art of the Pie is more than a cookbook. Kate’s rules extend well beyond pie baking: keep everything chilled, respect the boundaries, and remember to vent. This is a book to keep close at hand.”

Big American Cookbook by Mario Batali

“With over 250 simple recipes celebrating the treasures of the state fairs and the dishes of the local rotary clubs and ethnic groups. Batali has interpreted these regional gems with the same excitement and passion that he has approached traditional Italian food.”

Taste of Persia by Naomi Duguid

“Nearly 125 recipes, framed with stories and photographs of people and places, introduce us to a culinary paradise where ancient legends and ruins rub shoulders with new beginnings where a wealth of history and culinary traditions makes it a compelling place to read about for cooks and travelers and for anyone hankering to experience the food of a wider world.”

Polska by Zuza Zak

“Zuza presents her contemporary take on Polish cuisine, with lavishly photographed recipes for snacks, party foods, soups, preserves, breads, fish, meat and poultry, salads, and desserts. She places Polish food within the context of the country’s history and geography, and tracks how it has developed and adapted to Poland’s ever-changing political and economic situation. Polska is a breath of fresh air.”

Union Cavalry Guarding The Orange & Alexandria Railroad- The Orange and Alexandria Railroad likely built a truss bridge across Bull Run

The Orange and Alexandria Railroad was a railroad in Virginia, it extended from Alexandria to Gordonsville, with another section from Charlottesville to Lynchburg. The railroad was a frequent target during the Civil War, the United States Military Railroad Construction Corp was kept occupied repairing the railroad, adding sidings, and replacing bridges that were destroyed by Confederate troops and spring floods.

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You have a type, I just realized. Now, this is based off what I've seen of the DA and OW fandom -the only two we share that I've seen so far- and you seem to like any combination of fair hair, dark hair, fair skin, dark skin; bitter asshole who is angry at the world and sunshine angel who believes in the good in everybody. And I think I share those tastes and you do nothing but enable it...

Haha you realize only now ? I’ve always been an “opposites-attract” type of shipper. 
Whether it’s purely aesthetic (red&blue, black&white, orange&green, height/size differences) or in personalities (the grumpy&the funny, the innocent&the sinnamon, the shy&the outgoing), the more diffent the better. Some differences can be more subtle and not always “in full opposition” but yeah it’s definetely a trend I like ; and also why I’m utterly bored with ships where both look like siblings (see zelink or mercy76).

And needless to say that if the smol one is the grumpy one and the big one is the innocent cinnamon I’m in heavens. 

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