Orange is the new black

LGBT representation in the media
  • My mother: (homophobically) Are there any shows these days that don't have gay people in it?
  • Me: Biting my tongue back because I could go into a whole rant about how underrepresented the LGBT community is in television and how when we ARE represented it's either stereotypical Gay Best Friends, or good looking, cis, gay white boys. I could tell her that all of it is usually blatant gross fan service and Hollywood throwing the dog a bone, and I could tell her that The Straights are freaking EVERYWHERE and since we've all been doomed to watch them fall into sappy repetitive overly dramatic cliched insta love over and over again in the least she could do is not be homophobic while the boyfriends in this show get their 30 seconds worth of allotted screen time (that was only given, in the first place, because Hollywood feel like they have no other choice but to be 'politically correct')
  • So I need backup here to show her.
  • Can you all PLEASE like and reblog the shit out of this post if you agree that the LGBT community on a whole is grossly mistreated and actually, contrary to what she may think, very underrepresented in the media.
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  • Edit:
  • It has been brought to my attention that I shouldn't use shipping tags on posts like these. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by that. It won't happen again! 😊
  • For an explination, though, the reason I tagged ships on this is because I figured you all would understand/relate to what I was trying to say.

Piscatella’s backstory in Orange is The New Black wasn’t included to make you sympathize with him. It was a reference to a real life event. On June 23, 2012, four correction officers locked black prisoner Darren Rainey in a shower and raised the temperature to 180 degrees. He kicked the door and begged to be let out, and they laughed and asked if it was warm enough. They left him in there for two hours. When he was pulled out, his internal body temperature was too hot to register with a thermometer. His skin was peeling off. Burns covered 90% of his body. Despite all of this, the official statement was that cause of death was “undetermined” and on March 17, 2017 it was announced that the four COs involved will not face any charges.

His name was Darren Rainey. Say his name. Remember his name.