I’m Hannah and I recently created this blog even though I already have a few other blogs because why not… right?

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  • any book series tbh 
What TV has taught me:
  • Breaking Bad: It's easier to sell meth than it is to get affordable medical care.
  • Hannibal: If someone offers you free psychiatric help, it's probably best to say no.
  • Orange is the New Black: If your ex-girlfriend works for an international drug cartel, you should probably be nice to her.
  • House: Any small ailment means you are dying and lupus does not exist.
  • Game of Thrones: Everything you love will die.
  • Supernatural: Everything you love will die repeatedly.
  • Criminal Minds: Everything you love will be killed by a white male in his mid thirties.
  • Doctor Who: Everything you ever loved about this show will be destroyed by Steven Moffat.
  • Me, an intellectual: I should really stop obsessing over fictional people that don't actually exist outside the scope of my tv and book pages and I should focus on reality and getting my life together.
  • Also me: No you shouldn't
  • Me: Tru, you right