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This scene breaks my heart.

I think Lolly and Crazy Eyes are the best actors in this serie, who do you guys think?

Netflix... I’m baaack!

So after a two year break, I reactivated my Netflix account and now I don’t know where to start. There’s waaaaay more Netflix Originals then before! What should I watch first? Stranger Things? Daredevil? Jessica Jones? Bloodline? OITNB? The Get Down? Z Nation?

So many choices. Decisions, decisions.

I´m sexy and I know it

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multi-female 😍

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Love this scene.

Uzo Aduba (CFA’05) was one of BU’s top sprinters long before she became famous for her Emmy-winning turn as Crazy Eyes on Netflix’s hit show Orange Is the New Black. Aduba, here in 2002, ran 55 meters in 7.07 seconds against a long-standing record of 7.03. Photo courtesy of BU Athletics

Popular TV shows, as described in the worst way possible:
  • Supernatural:Three well-meaning individuals make poor life decisions, cause apocalyptic events more than anyone reasonably should.
  • Hannibal:A man is offered free psychiatric care. It goes about as poorly as you'd expect.
  • Steven Universe:A young boy is raised by an excessive amount of colorful lesbian space moms.
  • Orange is the New Black:You are given the world's gayest and most interesting supporting cast, but must pay for it by having to suffer the world's most annoying main character.
  • Stranger Things:Young girl just wants to peacefully enjoy eggos, is prevented from doing so by the actions of supernatural creatures and generally shitty adults.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:An entertaining, enjoyable, and beloved show, revived years after just so its creators can spit on everything you loved about it.
  • The 100:Lures you in with an interesting premise and lesbian warrior queens, only to brutally kill them while their bisexual lovers watch.
  • Game of Thrones:Life is awful but at least there's dragons.
If TV shows were their own fanfictions:
  • Orange is the New Black:The writer keeps killing all your faves, but you keep reading anyway because it's entertaining, has super interesting characterization, and is the only quality femslash you can find.
  • Supernatural:A 10,000 word fic that was supposed to have ended seven chapters ago, but the author keeps writing because it's their most popular work and people keep requesting things like "domestic human Cas with baby" and "mutual unrequited pining."
  • Game of Thrones:Has every content warning you can imagine, including incest, rape/non-con, gore, and about ten thousand major character deaths, but you read it anyway because it's super popular, keeps coming up in fic rec lists, and has dragons.
  • Hannibal:A well-written fic with complex characters, good writing, and a suspenseful storyline that you realize too late has been abandoned since 2009.
  • Doctor Who:A quirky and interesting fic that everyone used to love, but dropped in quality after it got taken over by one of its co-authors who got all the characterization wrong and got rid of everything that made you love it in the first place.
  • Steven Universe:"AU where everything is gay and no one dies"