Been MIA for quite some time due to family commitments. I now have a 4 year  old daughter and a 4 month old son! Hope to slowly start posting more again now that things seem to be settling down. :P

This photo was taken last year at one of my favourite places to shoot … museums! 

Singapore, Singapore, Asia, 2015.  

[‼️] Youngjae & Jongup Birthday Project 2017 - "Adopt A Wildlife"

From daehyundamchu’s instagram

[‼️] Youngjae & Jongup Birthday Project 2017 - “Adopt A Wildlife” 💚

Instead of buying expensive stuff that BAP can afford on their own, I prefer to do something good in the name of BAP to make a difference to this world, not only to humans but for animals too, especially endangered species.

Orang-utan and Borneo Elephant are both very precious endangered species that can be found in Malaysia right now, I wish to encourage babyz to join me in this good cause to help saving these animals in the name of BAP, this will be the best gift for Youngjae & Jongup.

No minimum donation is required. Every donation counts 🙏 Fund raised will go to WWF Malaysia as a symbolic adoption.

This project is open to babyz worldwide

For Malaysians who wish to donate, you may dm me for my bank details.

For non-Malaysians, you may donate via PayPal, I will only be accepting USD so please make sure you are sending in USD and please also absorb the PayPal fees from your side ❤️


Donation deadline: 5 Feb 2017, 11pm KST.

A donation/adoption certificate will be given to Youngjae & Jongup as their birthday gift.


Donation method :

Malaysian - transfer/cash deposit to Maybank.
DM daehyundamchu (ig)/ damchuismine (twitter) for bank account details.

Non-Malaysian - PayPal ONLY
PayPal account : sinnyi501@gmail.com
Please select “Send money to family and friends” to absorb PayPal fees.


NOTE :  No minimum donation is required. Please notify me via DM (Twitter/Instagram) the amount you have donated together with a proof of donation.

Hope many of you will join!


Tangerines, falling leaves, TV-host fake tan orange; orange as the level of alert at which is is permissible to panic a little bit but then pull oneself together; drink-more-water orange, the shaggy oranges of an orang-utan hug pile; as worn in space and in Antarctica and prisons, in tiny tins of saffron, in the burgeoning carrot patches of a billion bunny fantasies; hairy, lairy oranges hanging out in poems, ready to hold unwary rhymers to ransom; the sun going down in fire over great crates of new-picked citrus; the orange of passing monks, that of protestants, of a Rothko or two; the orange of halloween candy with horrific ingredients, propelled at great velocity from the mouth of a vomiting jack o'lantern; the orange scentwash of marigolds, of foxes and foxfires, of fish, slugs and apricots; of cinnabar pigments; of papayas and lifebelts.

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all this amazing cover by Azim Akberali for Return of the Son of Eleventh Hour: Celebrating Ten Years Of Orang Utan Comics, which will be released by Markosia at London Super Comic Convention in August of this year!


See this orang utan??? Isn’t he CUTE?!?!?!??!??!

Well, his name is Maurice, and he’s from the movie ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. In the movie, he’s an ex-circus orang utan, who got abandoned by his owners and left in a 'Primate Facility’, where the caretakers illegally abused the animals.

Unfortunately, this scenario hits quite close to home, in that things like this happen frequently every day. Orang Utans, as well as other animals, are kept in cages illegally to be used and exploited for things like pet trade (especially common for young orang utans) and to be exported for money.

The silver lining to this, however, is that by supporting organisations like Save Da Monkeys Now, we can help to halt the pet trade, and protect abused animals like Maurice.

So get up and help animals like Maurice!!! Help protect the orang utans!!!