“I-I’m sorry?” Jack asked in confusion, leaning back. Wilford looked up at him. “I’m giving you an interview.”

There was all kinds of weird about this. “U-uh… Ok… Would you like somethin’ ta eat…?”

“Meat! I love meat, I love how the juice just explodes in my mouth!” Jack would have sweat dropped if he were in an anime. “Yer really weird…”

Wilford shrugged. “Now…” His accent was… Kinda soothing to Jack though. Long, drawn out, dramatic, deep…

“What game scared you the most?” Jack cocked his eyebrow. “Probably PT.”

Wilford nodded, before inclining his head toward the kitchen.

“… What?”

“My meat.”

Jack shut his eyes and exhaled in slight exasperation, before going into the kitchen and searching his fridge. “Bacon?”

“That’s a meat, isn’t it?”

Jack rolled his eyes and nodded, starting to cook. He took 5 pieces and put them onto the pan and cooked them till they were crispy. Jack served Wilford.

“Thank you. Now…” Jack held his hand up.

“Uh…” Wilford looked a little confused.

“Can I ask you something?”

“… I’ve never… I-I guess…”

Jack leaned forward, before shouting, “HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE?!”

Wilford scowled. “I came in. That’s just it.” Jack sighed and rubbed his face.

“Alrigh’. How about next time Ya call first?”

Wilford froze and glanced up into Jack’s eyes, blushing very lightly. “Next time?”

Jack shrugged. “There’s bound to be one. So…” He took a paper from the table and quickly scribbled his number, before handing it to the other.

“… How do you know I’m not a serial killer or something and you’ve just invited me over?”

“Then I guess I’ll die next time. Would ya like some more bacon ta go?”

The odd man gave a shocked nod and Jack quickly rushed into the kitchen.

There was a few moments where Wilford stated perfectly still, before he threaded his fingers through his hair. “… What?!”

i just watched HOME tonight, couldn’t resist anymore.

my brother also saw it too for the first time and he really liked it. he really likes the song “towards the sun” and was pretty flabbergasted that the song was made specifically for the movie.

his favorite part was when Oh was trying to get Tip to leave with him and “towards the sun” is playing in the background. it was so epic and daring, i just love that scene so much because it’s intense yo. he described it as “fire” “perfection” and “uughh so good” somethin like that.. XD

my brother was like: “does he [Oh] die?” “i’m ganna cry if he dies..”
and i think he almost did.. (lol he did that with HTTYD 1 & 2 too.. although he was more fond of watching me cry during HTTYD2..)

my brother has really warmed up to animated movies now as he grows older. he’s starting to get that animation ain’t just for kids, and a lot of work goes into making one. im pretty proud of him. :)


if you don’t have HOME yet, go get it.

right now.



anonymous asked:

how do u find a drawing style? i see all these cute drawings with an eye catching style and i just want somethin cute like that

aah i know that feel, it’s very frustrating…idk though non you just have to kinda experiment and see what you prefer! when i was starting out i’d just spend some time looking at my friends’ art and at all the creations on tumblr and try out different pen strokes, coloring techniques, etc. honestly you can’t even expect to have one distinct style because it always changes and you end up with a billion different styles and it just depends on what you’re drawing!

I think that’s the best thing to do..just look at other people’s art and take little snippets from them to try out! And i don’t mean straight up copying bc that’s a giant red flag but just incorporating some things you see into your own work and seeing what you like really helps! Then just working with what you like and switching it up every now and then to keep it fresh! idk i’m probably not the best person to ask since i JUST got a certain style down but even now it’s still changing.

But whatever you do just have fun with it (and make sure u don’t steal/copy)!! I bet you’ll make some really cute doodles! My initial instinct was to upload shia labeouf lmao but really just get into it and experiment till you like what you make!

life-death-thepursuitofhappiness asked:

Um...hi! Can you do the list thing for ace!Cas? I ask because on your page there's a cartoon of Cas saying, "So ace." Also, I have my own evidence for Cas being ace, but I want to see if I missed any, and what other people have noticed. :)

  • cas had a wife in s7 that he didn’t have sex with
  • seeing as he’s been a virgin for millions of years, sex obviously isn’t that important to him and it doesn’t really bother him that he’s never had sex before (until s9)
  • it seems like when he had sex with april he was doing it because he thought it was what he was supposed to do, not because he actually wanted it
  • when he made out with meg, it was more for curiosity than anything else, but also because he liked meg and wanted to get closer to her (but not necessarily in a sexual way)
  • cas was visibly uncomfortable when dean took him to the brothel, and instead of just having sex with chastity he tries to have a conversation with her 
  • ‘’’you’ve got sex appeal’’’ ‘’’thank you. get to the point’’’
  • doesn’t want to have sex with hannah when she appears naked and doesn’t seem to think about it or look at her in a sexual way
  • cas just doesn’t seem interested in having sex- otherwise, he would be doing it (like balthazar or gabriel)
  • cas just seems to have more important things to worry about than sex- his grace, dean, angel problems etc. sex is always the last thing on his mind
  • ‘’but wait!!!!! cas flirted with meg!!!!! and made out with her!!!!’’’ news flash, asexuals can also do this and it doesn’t mean anything (take it from me, an asexual who has made out with probably too many people in my 17 years on earth)
  • there’s also that time when dean offers cas an hour with Meg before he kills her, and cas just looks confused and asks ‘why would I want that?’
  • ‘’’we were assigned to watch the earth. Often, it was boring. The wars were very boring and the sex – you know, the repetition’’’  
  • ‘’’but what about april???’’’ im sorry but rape =/= cas being sexual. cas was homeless, hungry and there was a storm coming, he had to go with april or he could have become sick or gotten too starved or gotten mugged or gotten found by angels or whatever. he knew he had to go with her to keep himself safe. i think the only reason cas had sex with her was because she initiated it and he felt obligated- he would have been kicked out otherwise. if cas had been an angel or not in danger at that point, he wouldn’t have even gone with april
  • lbr, if cas wanted sex he would have done it long before s9, and if he had enjoyed the sex he had in s9 he would have done it again, but he hasn’t 
Things are getting heated in the Big Brother house...
  • Julia:Lime yogurt is foul.
  • Johnny Mac:LIFE IS SO HARD.
  • Julia to camera:Can you guys stop buying lime and buy more like strawberry banana? Thanks.
  • Meg:Yeah, any other flavor. Not lime. Not lemon.
  • Johnny Mac:Not lime? Not lemon?
  • James:Stock in a little raspberry for God's sakes!
  • Meg:Ew, you like the lemon?
  • James:NOOOO
  • Julia:He said raspberry!
  • James:Or strawberry or somethin'.
  • Meg:YEAH
  • Johnny Mac:Not lemon? Really?
  • Julia:EW, you like lemon, Johnny Mac? YOU WOULD.
  • Johnny Mac:*disappointed* yeeah...
  • Meg:EW
  • Julia:You're foul, you're foul.
  • Johnny Mac:Fuck everyone.
  • Julia:You are foul.
  • Johnny Mac:I'm gonna stand by lemon.
  • Meg:Johnny Mac's like *pathetic voice* "Not lemon?"
  • Julia to camera:Do not get lemon for Johnny Mac.
  • John to camera:Get ALL lemon. MWAHAHA
  • Meg:*pathetic voice* "Not lemon?"

if you want to, read about my day today ➢ can find the blogpost here. hope you all had a great day!! give me some ideas for maybe a set you guys would like to see/little bit of somethin somethin. i gotta give the peeps what they want x 

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Fatiminion do you have anymore elementary school stories?

yea I hav like 500 I hate this… but ok
in 1st grade I remember it was September cause my sisters birthday in september and so i remember I was still trying to make friends for the school year cause I always had a lil bit of trouble making friends and I became friends with this lil girl who loved Care Bears and she had a care bears key chain on her backpack and so I would be like O my sister loved care bears I can be friends with her thru that!! and so I became friends with her and everything good and then my sisters birthday happened and I remember it was almost time for dismissal and I was like FUK I FORGOT TO MAKE SOMETHIN FOR ELIZABETH (my sister) and so I rememeber elizabeth loves care bares like I told u and I look at my friend like :) so I go to my friend and I’m like hey :) can I :) have your care bear key chain :) and she like what I remember the panic in her eyes I’m like please I’ll pay u back one day and she like no… and I’m like :) give me the care bear morgan :) and SHE KEPT SAYING NO SO I WAS LIKE MORGAN LISTNE….. IM SORRY AND I GRABBED THE KEY CHAIN AND THE BELL RANG N I WAS LIKE DEUCES MORGAN THANK U AND I RAN OUT OF THERE SO QUIC I GOT IN THE CAR LIKE S Q U A D but then when I got home I realized I stole a care bear key chain from 1 of my few friends…. I gave elizabeth the key chain and she ain’t even care like what a waste of being evil… next morning I saw morgan I was like FUK I remember ducking under the desks to mine and jus not making eye contact with her.. I never spoke to her again.. what was wrong wit me