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Oh no… Why? I can’t believe this… Is that… really chains? Am I the only one who noticed that?

OMG! Seriously, did Shiki chain himself to her? I can’t….he’s crazy.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I love your writing SO much -- it's really incredible! I could binge read your posts for hours. If it's possible, can you possibly do either HCs or a scenario ( whatever is most convenient for you at the moment ) of Bakugou with an S/O who gets really bad migraines? Maybe they get one during a fight which hinders their abilities to the point where they end up taking a huge hit and he has to save them? Thanks!

Well, butter me up and call me a bISCUIT! ANON YOU ARE TOO NICE! Knowing that people willingly read the trash I produce makes me very happy! THANKYOUUU

As a pro-hero in training you’d have to be ready to fight and protect no matter the cause. You and Bakugou, along with Eijirou have been called in to handle a villain situation near Kiyashi Ward’s shopping mall.

Usually for you, fighting villains haven’t been a hard task since you simply used your quirk to defeat and capture them. However this time, the villains put up more of a fight, which made you subconsciously over exert the use of your quirk to the point where you felt drained. A side effect of pushing yourself too hard was that you’d attain painful migraines.

Because of this, this drastically hindered you ability to fight to your full extent. It wasn’t long until one of the villains you were fighting took advantage of this and knocked you flat out cold on the ground.

Not too far off from where you were, your boyfriend catches sight of your disappearance, only to see you lying face first on the dirt with a villain standing above you.

Growling, Bakugou fiercely pummels the poor villain that he was dealing with his explosions, immediately making them fall onto the floor. “(Y/N)!” He shouts, running over towards where you were.

“Ah! You must be the boyfriend I’m assuming? Well-”

Firing off another round of vicious explosions in the face of your attacker, Bakugou snarls at the unconscious male. “Shut up!” Now that he was out of his way, Katsuki instantly checks for your pulse. When he finds one, he feels a bit more relieved.

“Oi, Kirishima! Cover for me,” Bakugou yells. He bends down to scoop you up into his strong hold so that he may carry you away from any oncoming threats.

Hearing his name being called, Kirishima glances up from the unconcious villain that he had recently knocked out. “H-Huh? Sure! But where are you guys going? Especially in the middle of a fight!” The redhead asks, with slight confusion laced in his tone.

“(Y/N)’s hurt. Probably overused their quirk again. I’m going to go and find some help,” he answers. Before Bakugou takes his leave, he turns to face his friend one more time. “And don’t fuck up out there!”

Reactivating his hardend state again, Kirishima laughs, “Oh, I won’t!”

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Reasons to watch the English dub:

  • Nathanaël’s voice
  • cat puns
  • Nino unironically used the word “swank” and I don’t even know what that means but it sounds swank so I’m gonna start using it

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could you write #2 with Tom please??

“It’s okay, you don’t have to love me.” 

She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips as she was talking to her best friend about failed attempts at telling your significant other you loved them. She had just recently come to terms she was falling deeply in love with the guy she had been dating for the past four months. Being the good friend that she was, she had offered her assistant which led to the gathering at a local coffee shop in LA.

Wait, so you just blurted it out in the middle of dinner with his family?” Amanda her best friend asked as she nodded her head wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes. 

“The poor boy was so shocked.” She laughed as the two giggled softly before Amanda sighed and played with her hands. Y/N knew this was a big deal for her, it’s been a while since Amanda had felt like this again. 

“Do you think he loves me?” She asked as Y/N smiled softly and nodded her head. 

“Of course he does Mandy, you just have to say it..” She mumbled as her best friend nodded her head not sure if saying those three words out loud right now where the best things to even say. Y/N stood up gathering their trash before looking at her best friend one more time. 

“I mean it couldn’t be worse than saying something like ‘its okay, you don’t have to love me.” 

“I might not love you right now, but maybe if you give me the chance we might just fall in love.” With wide eyes, Y/N turned around to find a handsome boy with sparkling eyes and soft brown hair. He chuckled softly at the girl’s expression before. “Tom, Tom Holland.” 


“Pleasure to meet you darling, so how about a date and we go from there?” 


I wonder if part of the reason why Yuya reacted this way, is because he can hear the voices of the duel monsters. Makes me wonder if they were sad; maybe angry at being called and treated like ‘trash’. And considering we know that they have souls..

Anyways, it’s so cute how Yuya adds Block Spider to his deck.

And well, Block Spider did get its revenge xD


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them arms boiii

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot ever since I posted my Jungwoo one. Whats jungwoo without Lucas am I, right? Joking ugh gross I hate myself. But yeah idk if imma make a series or what. Anyways let’s get on with this mess.

  • Piercings.
  • And I don’t mean basic ear piercings no no no
  • Lip. specifically, snake bites most likely studs cause they’re more “manly”
  • Yeah boy he looks edgy and not pretty because pretty is not his style
  • Okay still a big fucking dork no matter how edgy he tries to look
  • Kids laugh ruins it all
  • Hair is always in a puff? Like up but kinda slicked back??
  • His friends fuck with him and call him jimmy neutron
  • Also looks like the sun because bleach blond hair might be white who knows?
  • It compliments his leather jacket that’s not really leather because leathers expensive man
  • COVERED in spikes and patches
  • He did it himself and is quite proud
  • Is always hanging out at this retro music store that sells mostly records
  • The store owner loves him
  • Tries to pay him and offer him a job because he helps around so much might as well
  • But Lucas just says no way, why would he pay him for being somewhere he loves and around people he has things in common with
  • aweeee
  • So he works there for free basically like refuses to take money from the owner
  • He lowkey thinks it might ruin it and he doesn’t wanna lose that happy place
  • Totally acts super cool when girls walk in
  • It’s actually just one girl but she has a boyfriend :(
  • Also feeds strays that come by the shop because he is soft for all animals
  • Is kinda relieved when others avoid him on public transport because he’s usually tired and maybe naps on his way home
  • But is always a bitch for small children because they’re so pure
  • And also because he is one but that’s beside the point
  • He just loves seeing people happy 
  • but if its a child it’s different?
  • Is giddy because they like his lip piercings
  • Basically, everyone loves him unless he’s tired because he looks like he’s ready to snap
  • As most sleepy babies do

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Hiya! I dunno if you take requests still but if you are, well I've been having a down week, and I'm totally in love with the Trash Child, so could you maybe do an imagine where Junkrat finds their S/O alone and upset/depressed? It's okay if you don't want to, thanks though.

  • Even he can sense the mood
    • Seeing the blank way you stare forward
  • He sit down next to you 
    • Trying to think about what to say
    • A joke comes to mind
    • So he just blurts that out
  • You actually give a reaction
    • Tilting your head slightly
    • which encourages him
  • Telling more and more jokes
    • Getting dumber as they go
    • He won’t stop until you smile
  • After you smile he’ll ask if you wanna talk
    • Let it off your chest

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Do you still do ships?If so, can I have one? I'm petite but stronger than I look. I have long, wavy blonde hair. Though right now it has purple streaks in it. I'm not particularly social. I'm kind of a loner. I've been told multiple times I'm sassy and sarcastic which does sometimes get me in trouble. I don't trust people easily. I like to read and write. I do not express my feelings very well or easily but the people that I am close to know it and I'm very loyal to them.

Okay so while reading to what you are saying I kinda see with Draco?  (maybe its because I’m Draco trash), simply because I feel like you both are very similar, I feel like he would love your sarcastic self and also the fact that you are sassy, I feel like he would just find it very enticing. 

I feel like you would both complement each other, and honestly would form a badass couple.

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-I SWEAR THIS BOOK ALMOST ATE MY FACE- said draco out of breath while trying to restrain the monstruous book.

you laughed while watching the scene from the high pultrone you were seated in

-Aren’t you suppose to be a brilliant wizard? I mean thats at least what you say like everyday

-I am! but I swear this thing is possessed, and i cant get it to open properly without loosing a hand!

-You have to stroke it dummy

And so he did

-how…howw did you know that?

-I’m an actual great wizard draco..- You said whith a tauting look while playing with your purple streaked hair

he just smirked and said

-funny very funny, with will even be more funny when I get that smile of your face..

And the rest is history.. 

Feel Free To Send In More Ships Guys. 


Don’t worry anon, CC is just as flustered. Thanks for liking my metal baby boy <3 He thinks you’re cool too!

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I'm a bi girl in love with a bi boy and I love him so much??? I actually started questioning whether I was bi too when he came out because I started reflecting on how I feel about girls... I feel like it's odd that THAT was what made me think about it, but that's my story. I've only been with him since discovering I'm bi, so maybe people won't believe my bisexuality, but it's no less real just because i only discovered it since being with him

yeah ppl who think people are fake bis bc they’re in a straight relationship are trash, don’t let them get you down!!

um idk there was like 0 fan art of them and so here i am to ruin everything by e

things I want/wish they would have included

an option where I can hug my companions or somethin’. And their reaction is based on your affinity level. I just wanna hug and kiss them please let me live. idk make it like the sims interaction option 

more dialogue. just..I can never get enough of their comments. 

I wish I could respond more often too like “I love you so much” “that was all I had” let me say something sweet. 

also..let me respond when they are rude..like there’s a serious, ignore, sarcastic/hilarious and annoyed option. “don’t make me carry your worthless crap” “fuck off Mac”

“and I thought you had a head on your shoulders” “eat my fucking ass, danse” “SOLDIER” (I am still so salty) 

okay but why can’t I breed Dogmeat and get puppies. What about future deathclaws? what if I want deathclaw babs? (that inherit traits from their parents and basically are…deathclaw mutts. Just all the variations! have you ever played the creatures game series? Like that) 

let me pet my lovely pointy children and puppies and give them treats (a pokemon like mini thing where you can pet them ahahahaha. okay that is mostly a joke) 

Let Mac bring Duncan to the Commonwealth. I want to interact with the mini Maccready, love him and keep him safe. 


Maxson. I am Maxson trash and I wanna romance him. Please. At least make him an available companion. I wanna wander the wastelands with the biggest asshole in the Commonwealth while he bitches about everything and anything. (and anyone). Bonus Points if he just randomly starts promoting the Brotherhood to people. He’s the anti-preston.  

Also characters who should be romanceable Glory, Fahrenheit, Haylen, Edward Deegan, Holly, X6, Deacon for those who are thirsty for mr. ginger brows. Hm…Sturges maybe? I’d romance Desdemona tbh. I know a lot of people want Drummer boy too. I’d romance Ingram too. I love her. 

Pickman because I am a sick fuck

Companions are my favorite part of the game tbh. Getting to know their backstories, hear their dialogue, and basically get to know them. its so much fun and adds a lot to the game. I definitely wouldn’t be even a little bit as interested in the game as I am now without them. And getting more companions to romance/get to highest affinity would be super fun (and keep your players busy.while you pop out more DLC’s..) 

also more questlines that come with said companions so you’re really keeping us busy heh

what else…

option where I can make all these asshole factions work together and I don’t have to kill any of the factions. it hurts me so much. i want a pacifist run..and then a run where you KILL E V E R Y O N E. Just fucking destroy the Commonwealth.

why are the hair options so limited and why can’t they have wild hair colors and shit (i still want the saints row character creator in fallout..what if I want a fucking alien lookin motherfucker who grabs his junk when pissed)

more creatures. gimme sea creatures, flying things (not just bugs ugh). more variations too. FLYING DEATHCLAWS (basically..dragons *skyrim battle music plays*) 

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after replaying that vid of youngjae saying "hey guys this is youngjae class.." its like junior anticipates jb to react because junior turns immediately, maybe even before jb laughed aND ITS LIKE HE KNOWS JB HAS A THING AND TEASES JB AND JB KNOWS THAT JUNIOR KNOWS BUT DENIES IT. THEN THERES YOUNGJAE WHOS JUST OBLIVIOUS TO EVErYTHINg GAH IM 2YOUNGJAE TRASH someone help me PLS

I FU KCING LOVE THIS V VID BECAUSE THE ENTIRE TIME JB JUST LIKE- WATCHED YOUNGJAE, OR WAS LIKE HELLA ATTENTIVE TO HIM????? It might just be my 2jae kicking in, but he was always smiling and cheesing whenever Youngjae spoke. If you watch carefully, whenever Youngjae spoke, Jb would look at him while he sorta had a mong face to everyone else. I’M SCR eAMNIG. Also in regards to the english portion, if you watch carefully from the beginning, whenever english was mentioned, jb was already smiling, like- he knew what it was going to lead too??? like- he knew english often equated youngjae, and jinyoung probs knew it too?!?!? i’m d eAD. My favorite moment, even though it wasn’t really captured on camera, was when Jb dissed Bambam for rapping fast and saying, “is this a thai rap?” and youngjae and jb just touched eachother’s hands? fist-bump? high five? just hand touching. bb shook the camera too much lol. bUT- that moment spoke to me. it was such a small gesture, but it further solidified my assertion that jb always looks for reassurance within youngjae if he makes a joke, and just expects or hopes youngjae will react and give him that smile that would ease his anxiety of thinking he wasn’t funny (it’s also probably because he thinks youngjae’s laughter is genuine? not forced? youngjae will only laugh if he finds something truly funny)??!!??? 

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Gimme the goods please!!I need Jamie, Mccree, Hanzo, Lucio and Roadhog to slightly tickle their fem s/o please!! And maybe leads to something more private?? *wink wank* ((btw I love your imagines I'm crying over the content it's the great content))

Oh dear, I’m just happy you enjoy my content!
Please don’t cry though!



Let’s face it, if this trash-child ever knew where your most ticklish spots were, he’d attack them any chance he gets. He likes your laughter almost as much as he loves his bombs and can’t help but smile and giggle with you. You’re just so cute when your all in a blushing and panting mess…oh. It’s, sadly, unlikely anything sexual will start because Junkrat would end up way too flustered with his own thoughts to do anything and you’re still recovering from his sudden tickle-attack.


This Asshole, this ASS always pokes you in your most sensitive areas all the time! Even on the battlefield! His excuse is that he likes it when you squeak in surprise and he really does love your smile. He’s almost as bad as Jamie when it comes to tickle-attacks. He’ll come up from behind you then put his hands on your most ticklish spots and you have no chance of escaping. It always starts with a tickle attack, then neck kisses, to his hands moving away from your ticklish spots to your more sensitive areas.


Okay, let’s admit, it’s super cute when the two of you are just cuddling and enjoying each other’s company when Hanzo would move his hand because he was starting to lose some feeling it in when he would accidentally brush against one of your tickle spots. Your squeak leaves him slightly confused so he’d repeat the action. You squeal his name and tell him not to tickle you. The stoic facade melts and Hanzo has both of his hands on you, only lightly touching your ticklish spots just so you can squeal and he chuckles with each sound. Hanzo will have to admit your little sounds are cutest and most arousing.


It’d be a tickle battle between the two of you because Lucio is very ticklish himself. It’s all in the name of fun, the two of you giggling and laughing when Lucio would accidentally let his hand slip between your legs. There’s a gasp, a moment of silence, Lucio smiles awkwardly, you smile awkwardly. You separate it takes about an hour before you can face each other without being embarrassed. Sadly nothing sexual would happen besides a couple of shy glances.


In a similar scenario with Hanzo where the two of you were just cuddling when Roadie would brush his hand against your ticklish spot only it would’ve been completely on purpose because, let’s be honest here, Roadie absolutely loves it when you squeal. It has to be one of his favorite sounds and his hands wouldn’t be able to remain on one part of you for too long so this gentle tickling would end up with Roadie’s hands pushed into your pants.


HAPPY BIRTH-DAE, @poltergeistparade/ @faultlinenuzlocke!!! 

Your nuz bbies are the cutest, most adorable children ever I love them all 

(psst. pls read their nuzlocke)

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heelloooo...I know you really like Ney, what are your opinons on him saying we wont end uo top 4? I know he is prob just trash talking becuase of ucl but still....

is psg currently at the top of the pl???? did psg reach the final last yr????? no??? ok idc what he has to say about liverpool, we play for us not to pls neymar, and if he doesnt kno enough about our football then maybe he should buy sky sports and get some knowledge, js 

[fic] even in the last world i'll find you

timeline: reincarnation AU
summary: there is this guy that’s always coming up in naruto’s mind. if he can only remember his name…

notes: this is for the lovely zinnia totsvka. this is slightly different from what you asked for, nonetheless, i hope you enjoy it!

He is a boy with dead eyes.

And even though his name rests at the tip of Naruto’s tongue, he cannot get it out no matter how much he tries. 

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I find Peter’s absolute hatred of Vegan Fred completely hilarious

He’s just staring at you, and you feel it cold in your ribs, like there are icicles hanging off the bones that protect your melting heart. Raindrops are sliding over his lips and jaw, and you have a moment of ‘wow this is completely cliche’ before your distracted again by the icy drops that are clinging to his eyelashes. But it’s kinda obvious that its raining so yeah, you’d have to be either kissing or fighting, and the former is no way happening with words said sticking out of both your sides like knives and arrows and swords.

So there is no kissing with water on your teeth; there is only screams hugging the rain that pounds the ground and dying embers in his eyes. His fingers have fallen from their stiff curl of a fist and everything about him looks tired and worn, like he’s been carrying all these tears in his muscles and by releasing them he has nothing to coil himself against.

(You are the opposite, tense against the retaliation that is sure to be laying against his tongue. Or maybe you’re waiting for him to crumble to the ground or for his eyes to shutter closed for an instant, heavy against the weight of your scorn, or for him to turn swiftly on his heel and climb in his car and spin out of the muddy driveway)

None of these things happen, which is surprising because you believe that you know him like your favorite song, and instead he tips his head up to the sky, neck bared and pale in the porch light, and you think he’s just going to stand there, jaw slack and eyes open, until you hear a sob tear it’s way from his throat, gracing the night sky with its raspy sound.

(You’re not sure why he’s crying, although it’s a reasonable thing to do given the situation. You’ve both said things that will leave scars and bruises, but this has happened before and you don’t know why this time grief has worked its way to his cheeks)

But then he’s walking towards you in two long strides and his mouth is on yours fast and hard and wet, (and there is love on his tongue and you understand his tears because he had too much devotion to keep under his skin and now it’s pouring into you and you want to cry) and your eyes pop wide, and you stare at his closed lids for three seconds before your fingers are pulling at his short locks and his hands are on your waist and face, cold because of the rain and soft because you know he uses lotion even though he denies it. His lips slide and push and open against yours, and then he’s kissing your neck and jawline, and you can’t help but gasp in heavy-with-rain air because why haven’t you done this before?

And you look up at the sky after he’s done leaving kisses on you collarbones and is cupping your cheeks in his fingertips and you think about stars and wishes on them and fate and maybe rain isn’t such a bad thing.

(You almost want to cringe against the cheesiness of the last twenty minutes, but you’re too cold and warm at the same time to focus on something so mundane as overused literary tropes, and instead you slip your fingers between his and pull him to the house, and he smiles, and your lips are a little swollen and your elbows are buzzing, and you’re sure that your feet aren’t actually on the ground, but it’s okay because walking is overrated anyway)

—  and aren’t we meant to be a love song?