Or does Foggy have his number and Matt should just grab him already?

I Have a Very Specific Skill Set (Matt Murdock x reader)

Request: Could you please write a Matt Murdock x reader fic where the reader is working with a crime boss to make ends meet and she ends up fighting Matt, who tries to convince her to leave the criminal life. She’s reluctant because it’s hard to find good work with her skill set. Maybe with some flirtatious tension between the two as they fight? :)

“Fog!  I’m gonna run out for coffee!” Matt called across their small shared law office, hurrying towards the door before his partner could object.  The heat from the city streets was filling the room, and the sound of fans that did nothing more than circulate it were drowning out his voice.  He should have known better than for that to be enough to help, because in an office this size, there was no getting away without hassle if Foggy’s bullshit radar had been triggered.

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Matt is holding himself very still when Foggy steps in close to him, his nose almost brushing Matt’s face.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” Foggy asks.

Returning Lost Notebooks

Anon said:  for the melchritz prompt thing. maybe a wrong number au or accidental meetings

IDK if this counts as “Accidental meeting” But DAMN i luv this AU and for some reason i haven’t seen it done before??????

Words: 1532

No one ever really returned lost notebooks, did they? People always wrote their name and email and address on their notebook, but Moritz had never witnessed or heard of anyone actually lose their notebook and then get an email or text saying: ‘Hey, I found your book. When can you pick it up?’

That was until Moritz found a dark blue leather bound notebook sitting on the edge of a fountain in the park. It was just beginning to drizzle rain when he was shuffling through to meet Ilse at a cafe and catch up over lunch. And that’s when he spotted the notebook on the edge of the stone mountain, spewing water out of a cherub’s mouth.

It was already damp, but the pages weren’t destroyed yet and he felt the need to save it before it became a mess of runny ink and ruined pages. He grabbed it quickly, flipping through the pages to see that there slightly smudged pen-writing on most of the pages. He didn’t want to go through it, so he simply skipped to the front to see the same smudged writing on the inside cover.

‘M. Gabor, 3548 Edington Alley APT 2’

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anonymous asked:

19 + 15 either billy or matt fluff! also congrats on getting more followers! youre a really talented writer and im glad your work is getting more recognition

Here you go love! And thank you so much. You’re a sweetheart ❤ Matt fluff is on its way. Special appearance by Jessica Jones.

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Matt rubbed his chin as he considered his options. He could either choose you, Jessica or Foggy to be on his team.

“Oh drop the act Murdock,” Jessica groaned, then downed the last of her drink, “we all know who you’re going to pick. So just fucking say it already so that we can move on. I’ve got money to make off you assholes.” She scooted her chair back and went to the kitchen to pour another drink.

“Yeah,” Foggy laughed, but it was cut short when you sent him a death glare.

“Choose me,” both you and Foggy said at the same time. Jessica gagged audibly from the kitchen.

“You guys are coming on a little strong tonight, don’t you think?” Matt laughed and shuffled the cards.

“Dude. Bros before-“ Foggy started.

“Go ahead bro,” you fixed another threatening glare at him, “Call me a ho and see what happens.”

“Y/N,” Foggy shook his head in mock disbelief, “How you wound me. I would never. I thought you knew me better than that.” He then turned back to Matt who was doing his best to not laugh. “But seriously dude. Dicks before Chicks.”

Jessica dramatically fell into her seat, having decided to bring out the bottle instead of just another glass. “Are you twats done?” she sighed but smirked.

Matt cleared his throat, “I choose Jessica. While I’m flattered, the two of you should play harder to get.”

Both you and Foggy stared at him with your mouths agape.

“Uh yeah,” Jess scoffed, “Fuck no. Y/N you’re on my team. Tweedle dumb and dumber can team up.”

“So abrasive,” Foggy muttered and scooted further away from her.

Matt was laughing and you couldn’t help, but join in. You grabbed the bottle from Jess and took a swig, “Play harder to get? Oh honey, you’re going to regret those words.”

Matt hummed as dealt out the cards, “I look forward to making it up to you.”

Jessica, again, audibly gagged.

“Dude, I’m the one that bought you the brail cards. Like. I’m obviously choice number one,” Foggy sighed and took the bottle from you, taking a large gulp then wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “I’m starting to wonder why I even hang out with you people.”

“You’re just upset that Karen couldn’t make it,” you patted his hand and took the bottle back.

“Anyone gonna pass me the bottle?” Matt laughed.

“No,” the three of you all said at once.

“Figured as much,” he bent down under the table and brought up his own bottle.

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“It’s not craziness, it’s paranoia”

One night somebody followed you through the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Nightmares haunt you in your sleep. You stopped sleeping and can’t find a way to calm yourself down till you got the idea to call your old friend Foggy Nelson but when you tried to catch him at his new lawyer firm, you meet somebody else who may could help you.

Warning: mentions of ‘strong paranoia’ 
Words: 2,308 
Matt Murdock x Reader 

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