Or whatever draw your own conclusions

anonymous asked:

Outcasts!Bro Strider/AR, how close were you to Sawtooth and Squarewave? Are you looking forward to catching up with them?

AR: I mean, I can count the number of sentient beings I had around to converse with on the two hypothetical hands I didn’t have, so. Draw your own conclusions.

It’s amazing how propiniquity fosters the illusion of emotional bonding.

Not that Sawtooth was ever much conversing or propiniquity. A design feature which apparently crosses multiple universes. I blame Dirk’s extensive and untreated commitment issues, to be frank.

But he was always there, on the network, at least. And Squarewave was–literally locked in a tiny house in the ocean with us forever like some Misery bullshit or whatever. Maybe this is a nice change of pace for him. Go, little dude. Be free.

Here’s a fun metaphysical question for you organics to treat your grey matter to: Did I exist before them or did they exist before me?

…I can’t get used to not having them around.