How to be a white arthoe

What you will need:

- a kånken
- an art-journal
- expensive pens
- a mustard yellow shirt
- a polaroid-camera so you can take pictures of yourself and your kånken in artmuseums
- peaches

If you have done these things, it’s time to choose your super duper unique username!
Choose one of the following:

eggy, peachy, goghy, artsy, small, cute, cacti, leafy

And now combine with one of the upcoming words:

kid, art, coffee, succulent, flower, plum, leaf, basically any type of fruit

Now you can go, take pictures of your art and tiny succulents and your peach and your kånkem

things dwarves from orzammar would find strange or scary about the surface:

  • rain
  • snow
  • most of the weather would be just fucking terrifying
  • the concept of a sunburn. the sun can literally burn and blister your skin. 
  • birds. what are birds. how the fUCK do they stay up there in the sky and then come BACK. how are they not floating away forever.
  • how loud it is at night. so many things would chirp and hoot and just plain scream how do you people sleep at all.
  • the fact that there’s so much space from one human city to another, or that people are so spread out in general
  • the fact that humans and elves won’t quit talking down to them like just because you’re taller does not mean you have to crouch that is so rUDE
  • bees