The two boyfriends of Lydia Martin

“Stiles saved me” she told her mother.
But it wasn’t the truth, not the entire truth. Parrish helped. A lot.
And that’s how it started.
She simply couldn’t choose one of them, so she decided to have them both. Anyway, after what she had been through in Eichen House, who was gonna stop her?
It was a long, strange conversation. Full of Stiles’s ironic remarks and Jordan’s confused glances. But she got what she wanted.
Beginnings were bizarre but soon they found a steady rhythm. And somehow in spite of all crazy happening in Beacon Hills Lydia was simply happy.

Fairy Tail 2nd Movie!

I guess, that is supposed to inform us about the planned second movie. I hope there will be more information on monday though.

And what’s that? Is that Lucy in Draco’s star dress? In the bottom second from left. That would be pretty awesome! Forget the Princess and the Dragon, they’re now Dragon and Dragon *screams*