Behind-the-Scenes of 'The Colbert Report' with the Subway Kittens

Steve Lui care taker of the adorable subway kittens has posted a behind-the-scenes account of their adventure at ‘The Colbert Report’, where playful pair were mobbed by staff members before making their basic cable debut in the ‘Kitten Subway Crisis & NYC Mayoral Race’ segment.

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  • Opus Moreschi (Emmy-winning head writer, The Colbert Report)
  • Featured Comedy Player Conner O'Malley (Late Night with Seth Meyers)
  • Musical Guest Quitzow

This month’s episode will take place at “This Theater & That Gallery” at 154 W. 29th Street.

[Click the video above to see a brand new music video edited by George Lucas. It features the Quitzow song “Magic” and summarizes Return Of The Jedi in 4-and-a-half minutes.]


Meredith Bennett and Opus Moreschi at the ‘Nordic Media Festival’

Earlier this month ‘The Colbert Reports’ co-executive producer Meredith Bennett and head writer Opus Moreschi traveled to Norway to participate in ‘Rapport fra The Colbert Report’, moderated by Anders Giæver at the Nordic Media Festival, where they spoke about “how they create the satire which has become a political power factor in American society, what the DNA of the show is, and why the basic strategy of ‘The Colbert Report’ is always: ‘Make sure the money goes into the funny’”.

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Successful tales of a successful internship: Part Eins

In March of this year, I began an internship at Manhattan’s Center for Communication, an independent, non-profit organization looking to bridge the gap in the field of media (pretty much taken from the website, so don’t judge me). Being my first internship, I was, needless to say, enthralled and ready to run

I was put in  as an events intern, which meant I would show up to seminars at schools across the city, assist with check-in and such, and attend the seminars if I wished. Which I usually did. 

The first event I covered, due to sickness and vacation, was on March 29th and took place at NYIT in Columbus Circle (my favorite place in the city to begin with). Everything went smoothly, and I was lucky to be working with a couple other girls whom I am now friends with. 

In my head, as great as everything was, the next event I attended was probably what sealed the deal for me. A few of us from CenCom were picked to attend a taping of The Colbert Report. Anyone who knows me well knows that Stephen Colbert is an idol of mine, and I watch TCR on a nightly basis. My only worry was the fact that I had already been that month, and the six-month waiting period terrified me at this point (note: a month after this I ended up finding a loophole that allowed my friend and I in again and for us to meet Stephen himself. The six-month rule is no longer a threat to me.) But we got in without difficulties since we were considered VIP.

It was this day that I talked to Mr. Colbert for the first time via Q&A, where I asked him who is favorite character was in his book Wigfield (also penned by Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris). This was wonderful for three reasons:

  1. I got far too excited when he called on me, and we had a little bit of banter. 
  2. He acted out the character because he couldn’t remember the name.
  3. He turned to Paul, who is a writer on the show, and had him try and help him out, causing Mr. Dinello to step out from his hipster cave and actually talk.

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

After the taping, we were brought to the writer’s room (note: Stephen apparently passed the last person on the staircase and had a short conversation with him. Me, being far too enthusiastic about going to the writer’s room, was in the front of the line running up the stairs.) where we had the opportunity to talk to Meredith Bennett, a producer of the show, and Opus Moreschi, one of the writers who I actually adore and whom I had a mini-convo about television. We all left with bags of swag and smiles on our faces.

So that was that. I was in love with my job, and I had a great story about talking to Stephen to tell (note: I had a better one to tell after I met him, but that one doesn’t involve Paul Dinello as much.)

A few other seminars came after this, all of which were rather enjoyable, including a performance by Upright Citizens Brigade improve and a social media panel where I met the U.S. ambassador for Reporters With Borders. Squee. 

On top of that, we hosted a panel with CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien, who I had already met, as shown in my portfolio, and CNN producer for Anderson Cooper 360 David Puente. I had the chance to have a short conversation with Mr. Puente about international reporting. He is an incredibly pleasant human being who I am jealous of for being in Anderson Cooper’s presence on a daily basis. 

This semester, I will continue my internship with CenCom, once again in events and possible office work, and we’ll see what comes of that. I have to say, I’m, once again, maybe a bit too enthusiastic about it.

Shameless plug: Feel free to check out the organization at http://www.cencom.org/