Optimus on the mechanical bull
  • Optimus on the mechanical bull
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So in my ficcage, Optimus uses a human sized hologram to ride a mechanical bull like a dork. This is proooooooobably the kind of noise he’d make. Because he’s a DORK when it’s just him and Mikaela.

I wonder how funny AOE would have been if he did that while riding Grimlock.

Stolen from the IGPX blooper reel. :P



So, in Danceverse, I describe Optimus as making a doorstop rattling noise when he recharges. It’s air turbulence in his intake manifolds. Basically, his equivalent to snoring! Well, this is what it sounds like!

Posting a fic on my birthday, huzzah!

TITLE: Tin Man’s Treasure
SUMMARY: One trillion years in the future, an elderly bot’s legacy teaches two alien children a valuable lesson about life.
UNIVERSE: Movieverse (Danceverse)
PAIRING: OptimusxMikaela (mentioned)
GENRE: angst, friendship, hurt/comfort
WARNINGS: This fic is set after Following the Sun with bits of retconning here and there. It features the end of Optimus’ life. He’s an old bot who has lived an extremely long time. Don’t mistake this as me quitting Danceverse, because I’m not. The plot bunny wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it down, and I felt I should share it. I call this the “here’s where they eventually end up” fic because…well you’ll see!
SOUNDTRACK: Why yes, this fic has one!

LOCATED: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10575427/1/Tin-Man-s-Treasure


Lots of music inspired this fic, so I’m treating my playlist for this fic as the story’s soundtrack. It’s under the “read more” cut.

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Oh yes she did...

Mikaela remembered how, last year, she woke to what she believed was an earthquake. She’d headed downstairs to ask Optimus if he felt the tremor. Instead, she discovered he caused it.

Hidden behind the mirrored cabin windows, Mikaela watched Optimus cutting loose with an awesome reproduction of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” dance routine. Since he often synced his playlists with her iPod, she hurriedly popped her earbuds in and watched the dance show with proper music.

This was Optimus when he thought nobody could see him. A part of himself he shared with no one. And man, he pulled off an awesome spin-moonwalk-toe balance combo.

Mikaela never told him she witnessed the whole thing. Not even the tumble he took five minutes later while trying the “Smooth Criminal” anti-gravity lean. Although, admittedly, he did look pretty cool spinning himself into vehicle mode.

From my “New Normal” fic.

Because in my headcanon, Bayverse Optimus does all kinds of dorky stuff when he’s sure nobody can see him…or if it’s just Mikaela around.

I'll Stand by You
  • I'll Stand by You
  • The Pretenders

This is totally Optimus and Mikaela’s song. <3 

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now

Don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
‘cause I’ve seen the dark side too

When the night falls on you
You don’t know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you

So if you’re mad, get mad
Don’t hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now

Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well I’m a lot like you

When you’re standing at the crossroads
And don’t know which path to choose
Let me come along
'cause even if you’re wrong

I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I’ll never desert you
I’ll stand by you

And when…
When the night falls on you, baby
You’re feeling all alone
You won’t be on your own

I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you

I’ll stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I’ll never desert you
I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you



Danceverse OptimusxMikaela vid to a song I’ve loved since I was a teenager. :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a big fan of your Dance to Remember series! I have some questions and I hope they won't be a bother. 1. Why the Optimus/Mikaela pairing? 2. What do the glyphs for their names look like? Do you have art of it? 3. What biologically happened to allow Elita to be conceived? I read Lines; I'm looking for what your imagination did to pull that off because it was awesome. Thanks for your time!

Omg, I’m blushing here. Thanks, Nonny! Hi! Your questions aren’t a bother at all. Here’s my very long answer! :)

For anyone just joining my Danceverse ficcage, here is what we’re talking about.

1) It started when I asked myself the Most Dangerous Question: “What if?”

Honestly, imho, they appeal to each other on the intellectual level. Their relationship isn’t based on appearances. Mikaela is used to guys being interested in her for only her good looks, so having Optimus want to actually have deep conversations with her and show interest in what she thinks and feels is a huge change of pace. Having lived with hardship, she can understand some of where Optimus is coming from on the emotional level. (Her understanding becomes complete in New Normal.)

Mikaela is the person Optimus can open up to. With everyone else, there’s that extra inch of distance— that’s the leadership mantle getting in the way. With Mikaela, he can take that mantle off and just be a regular “guy” around her. All those silly, dorky moments he has are the moments where he’s being an average Joe and not the Boss. It HAS been a very long time since he felt safe enough to be ‘himself’ like that.

Optimus doesn’t have to hide his feelings from Mikaela, so he doesn’t. The biggest instance of this is in A Road Paved in Friendship, where he goes on that huge rant. She lets him sound off, so he talks to her instead of bottling it up like he used to. He wants to be told it’ll be okay— and she tells him it’ll be okay. Another case in point: Someone Else’s Pillar. Optimus tries the silent treatment on Mikaela, and she yells at him to talk to her. Again, he rants and after that he breaks down in grief. Mikaela doesn’t try to fix it or stifle it, she lets him feel while being there for him.

They honestly don’t see their physical differences anymore when they look at each other. When they make love, it is with full openness. There’s another thing that makes it so fulfiling for Mikaela— Optimus isn’t with her for peer status (“Hey, I banged the hot chick!”). She knows he loves her for her. Likewise, Optimus knows Mikaela doesn’t keep him on a pedestal— she sees him and loves him.

And finally, to be frankly honest, there was a tiny ounce of pre-destiny in their meeting and falling in love. The sole determining factor was choice. They chose each other.

2) Yup.

(WARNING: HEADCANON) The funny thing about Mikaela’s name is it just happens to be pronounced the same way their word for love is pronounced in Cybertronian.

My Trekker is showing here, but it’s the same principle as the human name Sean(Shawn) being pronounced exactly the same way in the Bajoran language, but it means “swamp”.

I’m also well aware the word optimus in Latin can translate to “best”. Once again it’s a case of the same word in two languages having meaning to their own native speakers. :)

3) We’re going into major headcanon history here, because for the HOW to make sense, I have to share the WHY. I’ve never written this down before and it’s only touched on in my fics, but it’s all “coming from” here. While Elita’s existence was a huge gamble, the forces behind it were set in motion billions of years before it actually took place!

Also, The backstory of how Optimus found out he was a Prime was given in the ROTF comics, but I didn’t know about them at the time I wrote Lines, so there is a divergence for his past. However, Sentinel showing up in DOTM and the events of AOE allowed me to do some backstory retconning without affecting the ‘present day’ parts of the Danceverse storyline.

Please remember, this is pure HEADCANON.

(Snipped behind a “cut” because this is REALLY LONG!)


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More Danceverse ficcage! Short one this time.

TITLE: You Don’t Need Wings
SUMMARY: It’s amazing what a man and a twenty-eight foot tall robot can learn from each other.
PAIRING: OptimusxMikaela - mentioned
GENRE: Friendship
UNIVERSE: Movieverse (Danceverse)
NOTES: This Danceverse interlude is a companion piece for New Normal.



OptimusxMikaela LJ comm 

TF2007fun LJ comm 

Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from "Top Gun")
  • Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from "Top Gun")
  • Berlin
  • Top Gun (Deluxe Edition) [Music from and Inspired By the Motion Picture]

All Optimus wanted to do was test his human-sized bot hologram and help Mikaela feel better after her prom night went bust. Mikaela figured a dance or two with him wouldn’t hurt. Little did they know this moment under the stars would lead into destiny.

And that’s how Danceverse began. <3

Optimus extended his metallic hand, his optics softly glowing in the moonlight, “May I have this dance, Mikaela?”

Mikaela blinked at him.

Wait, how does he…oh, of course–the internet. He probably downloaded dance steps. Please, please, please don’t try and do something complicated like the tango

“Um…” For once she was the nervous one whose mouth ran dry. First, she worried about him stepping on her feet and breaking her toes. Then she worried about someone seeing them. Then she worried she'd enjoy it…

His radio whirred to life and strains of Mikaela’s “guilty pleasure” music rippled into the air. Berlin, Take My Breath Away.

“I noticed a few songs from the nineteen-eighties on your Ipod.”

That made her chuckle. He caught her, but he’d never make her admit to liking eighties songs in front of anybody else. She breathed a silent thank you because he hadn’t put on something crazy–like tango music. Phew. “Okay, I’ll dive in.”

She took his outstretched hand. It was as solid as the truck behind him and cool to the touch. Not cold, just slightly cooler than her skin. He drew her close, interlocked their fingers and wrapped his free arm around her waist. She placed a hand on his chest plate. Her head fit perfectly under his chin. Surprisingly, his metal body felt warm like a car left all day in the sun.

Optimus swayed her gently to the music. She could hear the hisses and clicks of his joints as he moved more fluidly than a human with bones and ligaments. His rhythm was perfect. She didn’t need to worry about him stepping on her feet.

“Wow,” Mikaela whispered.

He spoke, his low, powerful voice vibrating through his armor and making her cheekbone tingle. “Wow?”

“You’re so warm. I…thought you’d be–ah–cold.”

“I raised my surface temperature to one hundred-point-five degrees Fahrenheit for your comfort.” One of his optics tilted up, mimicking an arched brow. “Am I too hot for you?”

His question was innocent, but she snickered at the unintentional double meaning. “You’re fine–and…you’re pretty good at this. How’d you learn?”

That smile again. “Youtube.”

Notes and chords continued to float in the still night air. Optimus led her in slow, swaying circles.

“This is rather relaxing,” he mused.

“Yeah.” Mikaela let her cheek rest against Optimus’ shoulder. “Here…let me show you how they do it at a prom.” She pulled her hand out of his grasp, wrapped his arm around her waist and cautiously placed her hands on the back of his neck joints. “Now, don’t move your shoulders so much…just your hips and feet.”

Optimus adjusted himself accordingly. His large, metal hands cupped the base of her spine. “Like this?”

“Yeah,” Her heart pounded behind her ribs. Why this reaction? “You’re a natural.”

His chrome body shimmered under the moon.

“I believe, going by the etiquette of your world, my next statement should involve mentioning that you look…” He inclined his head to look her in the eyes, quirking his mouth plates into a small smile, “lovely?”

Blushing, Mikaela tilted her head to the side. She’d been called many things: hot, sexy, gorgeous…but lovely was a new one. At least he acknowledged her appearance–Sam forgot. She didn’t blame Sam, he always got nervous around her. Most guys did.

“Thanks, Optimus. I kinda wish I’d asked you to the prom,” she mused.

“Somehow, I think your peers would have a problem with that. And there is also the issue of finding a tuxedo in my size.” Optimus chuckled and…winked at her. It looked a little dorky, but his gentle laugh made the gesture charming in its innocence.

She barely concealed an unladylike snort. “How about I spray paint you black and white and wrap a tie around your neck?”

“Ratchet would love that.” He laughed again and twirled her. Then he pulled her close and bent forward in a graceful dip. “Is my dancing sufficient?”

“Better than ‘sufficient.’” Mikaela replied. Again, she felt her face growing warm. She leaned on Optimus and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Everybody else I dance with shakes like a leaf.” She averted her eyes for a moment, sighing, “It’s nice to finally have a dance partner that knows what he’s doing.”

–A Dance to Remember

Why I ship like I ship!

I love to ship human(oid)s with sentient nonhuman(oid)s. I finally traced the source for why.

I ship OptimusxMikaela…

…because, as a teenager in the 90’s, I shipped(STILL DO) two similar pairings THAT BECAME CANON.

Goliath and Elisa from Gargoyles…

…and OdoxKira from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Odo is a liquid-based shapeshifter and Kira is Bajoran.)



This scene in my New Normal fic was inspired by videos of soldiers coming home and surprising their families. 

Optimus had been missing for four years. This is the first time Mikaela sees him, and up until an hour before this scene she thought he was dead. I wanted it to feel like those moments in life where words just fail you and every atom of your being wants to climb inside it and stay there. I know I had that ache in my chest when I wrote it. Moments like that are the best.

Thick fog blanketed everything. The sun hadn’t risen yet. Mikaela stuck her phone in her bolero’s left pocket and ventured out into the ghostly insubstantiality. Trees were sentinels guarding the gloom. Her flashlight beam shone against it like white hope. Fortunately, she knew her way around so well she instinctively avoided tree stumps and other toe-traps. She lifted her skirt to climb the steep, grassy hill leading into the clearing.

Soft noise stirred the silence. Mikaela swung her flashlight towards the muffled yet distinct knocking of a diesel engine. Twin light beams illuminated her face and the ever-moving cloudiness around her. She started to smell hot metal. Every pore in her body absorbed the sounds, scents and sights.

Suddenly the fog practically unfurled to reveal the beautiful Western Star truck. Different look, same flaming red and blue paint job. Steam joined the fog as its engine shut off, leaving the shiny chrome hood to thump and crackle while it cooled.

Multicolored beams shot out of the Autobot sigil above the truck’s silver grill. It struck the ground near the bumper and spread outward. A green, three dimensional grid built itself from the ground upwards. Like loading an image with dialup internet, he appeared pixel by pixel until his six foot six inch hologram was complete.

Optimus’ new look resembled the knight in shining armor Mikaela imagined him to be. Silver pieces of armor enclosed either side of his neck like an exotic, ornamental collar. Plating resembling gauntlets covered his forearms. His face plates were distributed differently, too, and a metal strip filled the groove in his diamond-shaped nose. Only his optics, clear, blue and glowing with undying devotion, stayed exactly the same.

Mikaela dropped her flashlight at her feet and clamped both hands over her mouth. Hot pain welled in her tightening throat. Her eyes stung and her chest tied knots around her stomach. She forgot how to breathe. All the blood vessels in her body vibrated with the hope that this wasn’t a dream.

Optimus smiled– that hadn’t changed either– and extended his left hand. Mikaela saw her name still engraved on his ring finger. That meant the engravings within his Spark chamber also remained untouched.

She shakily stretched out her right hand, bridging the distance between them. Their fingertips touched.



Leaning forward, Optimus slid his fingers between hers, interlocking them and bringing their palms flush together. Mikaela let him pull her close. His free arm wrapped around her waist. Her unoccupied hand settled upon his shoulder. The new chest armor let her stand closer to him than before. She could hear the zap-zap of his Spark and realized her pounding heart almost matched its rhythm.

They began swaying. No music other than the raw, upwelling emotion keeping them bound like binary stars. Holding hands wasn’t enough; they embraced, still moving, lost in each others’ gazes. Faint diesel fumes filled the clearing. Her breath whispered with his hydraulics and servomechanisms. His porcelain-like armor warmed her fingertips. She regretted nearly forgetting how he felt. To make up for it, she let her hands wander everywhere, re-learning his body by touch.

Dawn broke, pushing aside the fog and making everything clearer. When Mikaela saw the sun gleam on Optimus’ face, the tears escaped. He blinked and cupped the back of her head. Her knees tried to buckle. Finally, after four years of being strong, she crumbled. His armored arms held her together while sobs heaved her shoulders.

How many times did she hold him as he cried?

“You’re back,” Mikaela choked and praised God for waterproof mascara. “You’re back, you’re back.”

“You are so strong, Mikaela…so strong.” Optimus touched his lip plates to her brow and wiped her tears away with his thumbs. He kept talking, his smoky baritone voice caressing her ears. “It’s all right. I’m here. Let it all go.”

His hands stroked her hair. She cried until her eyes hurt and her voice felt raw.

Just returned from AOE.

I can work with this in Danceverse. It’ll be a little bridge between this movie and the next. Probably a oneshot like Someone Else’s Pillar.

I already have MSworks open.

Btw, I literally started crying in the theater the first time Optimus appears onscreen in the movie. The condition he was in just…omfg there are no words. Poor babu. ALL of his anger in this movie is JUSTIFIED and I don’t blame him for being pissed off.