The various Optimus Primes I've seen
  • IDW Optimus: somewhat out of touch robot dad, has no idea what's going on and makes poor life choices.
  • G1 Optimus: laid back young robot dad, probably secretly encourages his kids picking fights with Old Man Megatron next door.
  • Beast Wars Optimus: post-college student and his gang stranded on a weird planet with the neighbors from hades. Also sort of raising the group Kid Brother, Cheetor.
  • Transformers Cybertron Optimus: ok I was like 12, all I remember is basically "Oh for the love of Pete, what's Hot Shot gotten himself into now?"
  • TFA Optimus: "Wait what I'm a dad? When did this happen and why am I in charge of all these kids? I'm a kid too?"
  • TFP Optimus: Serious robot dad, has seen a lot of bad stuff and is not going to let any of it happen to you. Always ready with some good fatherly wisdom. Just don't threaten his charges in his presence.
  • RiD 2015 Optimus: older robot dad, kids all grown up and he's trying to let them do their own thing but old habits die hard.
  • Bayverse Optimus: "Hello, yes, I have spontaneously adopted an entire military squadron and a few jittery teenagers. Come near my kids and I'll literally tear your face off."

SOS Dinobots

We stay in the rocky general surroundings as usual because drawing backgrounds in cartoon shows costs money, but we get a random trippy hologram and, of course, another goddamn waterfall based power plant. In this episode, Wheeljack and Ratchet play God (or parents), Starscream is severely unimpressed with everything, Bumblebee doesn’t do what he’s told and we meet new characters who will actually stay around this time! 

Next time, we leave for different locations again, Spike meets a girl, magic is a thing apparently and another landscape is completely ruined. 

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