Ab workout!

update on newest workout

This is day one of week two, and I already have 8% gain in my bench press, and twenty percent increase in hammer curls. I guess you could say I’m pretty happy.

I’ve also gained weight finally.  I’m now 158 on average rather than 155 on average and can still see my abs.

I’m really digging OptimumNutrition and their hydro products, hydro builder is perfect for post workout, hydro whey for in between meals, and their 100% casein is great for ten minutes before going to bed.

Hopefully I’ll keep this up and maybe switch over to cross-fit after this cycle to increase endurance even more…

Tomorrow is legs and shoulders and non-running abs, I’ll let y'all know how it goes.

Hasta pronto, paz.

Watch on eatliftrun.tumblr.com

This is really cool! Gonna give this a try maybe today.

Nature Made vs. Optimum Nutrition