Ophelia Sarkissian



When Sharon and Natalia decide to take a break from the stresses of their work, the two head to Austria for a much deserved vacation. All goes according plan until Madame Hydra shows up with a plan all of her own.


fake movie meme: marvel’s black widow

Agent Romanoff’s got red in her ledger, and she wants to wipe it out.

After S.H.I.E.L.D.’s classified files wind up on the internet, Russia has decided that it wants its top assassin back, and they’ll do anything to get her. The Red Room, Russia’s supplier of little girls-turned killers for nearly half a century, sends its two top students from its Black Widow project, Yelena Belova and Monica Chang. Information travels far and wide after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA soon realizes that a variant of a supersoldier serum exists in the genetic makeup of the Black Widows, and sends out a graduate of its own secret training program- Viper. She is unable to locate the Red Room itself, so she goes after the Black Widow trio in an attempt to get her hands on the serum. The trio will have to run for their pre-fabricated lives- or fight for them.

starring: scarlett johansson (natasha romanoff/black widow), léa seydoux (yelena belova/black widow), nan yu (monica chang/black widow), olga kurylenko (ophelia sarkissian/viper)

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inspired by the user sistervsmonster and their post here.


Madame Hydra messing with Steve by bringing up his little deathwish, feelings of failure, and Bucky angst. Then she proceeds to beat the shit out of him.

I don’t know why she’s proclaiming love and admiration for Steve though, when she’s always hated him but I guess she’s fought him so long she probably came to admire his resilience and ended up respecting him as a worthy opponent (she still wants him to suffer and torture him for his “crimes” which is why she’s keeping him alive).

I love Madame Hydra (AKA Viper), she’s one of my favorite Captain America villains who is very underrated. She’s ruthless, cunning, leader of her own terrorist organization, and she does not tolerate failure (every Hydra agent that fails her pays with their life). She’s also one of the few female antagonist who can give the hero a run for his money and doesn’t end up being a romantic interest for them (even if her sexual tension with Steve is off the roof).

But what I like most about her though, is that Madame Hydra is her own boss and she’s no ones lackey. As a matter in fact she obtained her position as Supreme Hydra leader by killing every other Hydra leader at the time. Which is why it kind of bothered me when I saw her as Baron Strucker’s second in command in the Avengers EMH cartoon but now that I think about it it was a Skrull or as one of Red Skull’s underlings in the Captain America: Super Soldier game.

From Avengers #22