Hooooooshit baby girl takin him to the floor eh? Oh I can get with this. Most definitely yes.

The Proposal

Alfred let out a deep, and heavy sigh as he felt his heart racing. Today was the day. He was finally going to do it. After nearly three years he was going to ask Anya to marry him today. 

He paced back and forth in the kitchen trying to piece together the night, and if he had done everything in advance how he wanted. He took in another breath to calm himself, and his erratic heart. It wasn’t really doubt he had, it was mostly anxiousness. Not that she’d say no, but of the whole thing. He knew she’d say yes, but that still didn’t stop his hands from shaking. 

He let out another deep breath, and smiled lightly. There wasn’t anything to worry about. Everything was going to be perfect today. He had the whole day planned, and there wasn’t anything that was going to stop them. After all, he was going to ask Anya to marry him. It was impossible for the day to go wrong, and if it did, there wasn’t any way his mood would dampen. 

With that in mind, Alfred hollered up the stairs with excitement in his voice, ”You ready to go Anya?! We’re burnin’ daylight here!”