Operation Johnlock

You all seem to want the Johnlock kiss to happen in a three garridebs episode.  And yeah, that sounds good to me, too.  But, like.  I want it with the roles shifted.  Like, we’ve seen Sherlock go out of his mind with fear for John before and protect him with everything he has.  I mean, he faked his own death for him, and freaked out when he was stuffed in the bonfire, and killed Magnussen to protect him, and was actually incoherent when Moriarty kidnapped him.  But, we haven’t really seen that same level of protectiveness from John.  I mean, there was the potential when Sherlock was shot, but John was a bit distracted by the Mary situation, too, and totally unsure of what to do.  Sure, he’s pretty damn protective, but like, just imagine.

Sherlock in mortal danger, or wounded or something, and John just flipping shit.  Like, imagine Sherlock getting kidnapped, and when John finds him, he totally shoots the kidnappers, but doesn’t kill them, because that would be too easy.  And then he’s all over Sherlock, running his hands over him, making sure he’s okay, and Sherlock’s just staring at him, gaping at him, because he never truly realized how much John loves him because even after John said he was his best friend, there was still all that doubt there, because how could he love someone like me

And then John’s hands are grasping the sides of his face, almost too hard with worry.  And all Sherlock can do is whisper “John,” his voice all choked up.  Their lips brush together hesitantly, and John pulls back, and everything is written there in his face, how much he loves Sherlock, and how he always has, and how hard it was for him when Sherlock died, and he never really got over it, even now with Sherlock alive right in front of him.  And he knows if Sherlock died again, he wouldn’t make it through this time.

And Sherlock sees all of it, and he says, “John,” again, but this time it’s an apology and then continues, “That day…. I wasn’t going to say ‘Sherlock is a girl’s name.’”

And then they’re kissing, finally, really kissing, and it’s all desperation and fire and passion.

And I just 

Can you imagine.

After Sherlock and Mycroft’s game of Operation in The Empty Hearse, it has been suggested that the BBC should market a special Sherlock edition of the game. So I put my thinking scrubs on and produced my own design for this surgical sensation. Scalpels at the ready, folks, because the game is definitely on…

If I ever had to create a wedding episode, then even I would:

Show the proposal

Show the bride’s reaction to the proposal


 Show the to-be bride practice her wedding waltz


Show how distressed the bride was while preparing her wedding vows

Show the bride get dressed up for the big day


Show the audience how the bride thinks her husband is the perfect man (by maybe making her paste her fiance’s face on idk, The Virtuvian Man, maybe?)


Make the couple sit at the centre of the table

Make the groom share his most physical scene in the show with the bride

Give the bride and groom’s “wedding kiss” more screen time than anything else



Yes, I would take all my inspiration from the cleverest writers, Steve Thompson, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.


Operation: Game Night

“I told you not to get me anything for my birthday, John. Honestly. I’m not a child.”

“You are very much a child and trust me, it’s as much for me as it is for you,” John said as he shoved the hastily wrapped rectangular box into his flatmate’s arms.

Sherlock rolled his eyes and went to the sitting room, flopping down on the sofa with the box in his lap. He looked up at the doctor, his eyes still heavy with sleep but he couldn’t keep from grinning. John was obviously thrilled with his choice of gift; the man was practically buzzing as he stood, waiting impatiently for Sherlock to rip open the paper.

Except he didn’t rip open the paper. Of course he wouldn’t. No – Sherlock Holmes found the seams, lifted the tape and took the paper off all in one piece. With a smirk on his face, he looked up at John again and shook his head.

“Really? A board game, John?” He asked incredulously, though the light in his eyes gave away his own joy.

“Oh don’t act as if you won’t enjoy it. If you’re going to force me to continue playing Cluedo with you all the time, then we need to even the score a little.” He grinned, rocking up on his toes with excitement.

“Fine,” Sherlock said with a fake sigh of resignation, pulling the plastic wrap off of the box.

John set everything up on the coffee table and gave Sherlock a synopsis of the rules. There were ways to make the game more difficult and more competitive, but he decided that they should keep things simple for Sherlock’s first time. He didn’t want to overwhelm the detective or anything.

John sat on the floor across from his flatmate and handed him the tweezers with a grin. “Draw a card,” he said with a grin and leaned forward on his elbows to watch closely.

With another fake sigh, Sherlock picked the card up and proceeded to remove the small plastic apple from the cartoon man’s throat.


Sherlock nearly jumped as the nose lit up red and the awful sound came from the board and then there was some sort of electric shock vibration in the tweezers and the detective was suddenly very sure that this game had to have been some sort of trick that John had rigged just to play a prank on him.

At the same time, John couldn’t help the laughter that erupted and the detective’s face reddened. “It’s harder than it looks, isn’t it?” He asked, taking the next card from the stack and carefully removied the butterfly from the hole cut out of the man’s stomach. “We used to play this all the time in medical school to help train our hands to stay steady. We’d take turns doing it with our dominant hand as well as with the other.”

“Of course you did. Quite the expert you are, I’m sure.”

“You claimed that the victim killed himself in Cluedo.”

“He did.”

“You’re ridiculous.”




“This game is stupid,” Sherlock said as John plucked out the last piece, the detective having not been able to get any of them out without setting off the buzzer.

“So is Cluedo,” John returned with a smile.

“One game of each every Friday night?”

“Best two out of three.”

“Winner buys Thai.”

“You’re on,” John agreed, putting all the plastic pieces back into the cartoon body that acted as the game board and then put everything back in the box.

It only took Sherlock three months before he could finally beat John at Operation.

It took another four before he considered himself better than John and subsequently introduced the game to his brother who never did quite get the hang of it.

I know how you all feel and why

but I’m in no way giving up. Please hear me out.

If something in this show doesn’t make sense we question it. Think about the skull picture. The lost plot lines. John’s fucking letter! Arwel’s elephants. TPLoSH references. The lost footage from setlock. The promises of explaining everything, of making history, of the best writing they have done. These haven’t been met and they will be.

On an emotional level I am gutted, like most of you, but logically?

Think of every tjlce video by rebekah @quietlyprim and the metas from everyone but in particular that first ‘operation johnlock is go’ by nattie @loudest-subtext-in-tv and all that evidence we have burned into our minds and the interviews with the cast and writers. Remember Sherlocked when the music producers said they would keep us specifically in mind for writing the score.

All of those references to clue and to the princess bride.

“I’m not actually gay.”
“Well I am… Look at us both.”

“There’s always two of us.”

“The things you wanted to say but never said.”

“It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

This is not queerbaiting. This is romance AND WE KNOW THIS. We have done all these years.

Yes this is a really terrifying stunt, it’s honestly horrible and I won’t try to justify their actions with how it has affected our community tonight.

I’m begging you all. Please do not forget all that we know. This series and this episode are wrong and ‘off’ for a reason. The writers did NOT suddenly forget their show and how to write. The actors and crew did NOT suddenly forget what good writing is and call this series ‘the best’ against all their tastes of good television. The BBC did NOT commission a series of a show that loses all it’s previous tone and quality for no reason - because TFP was truly terribly written and presented.

But we have been told repeatedly - ESPECIALLY in this series - to not lose hope. We had a character named Faith in and episode where the meaning of a name is absolutely relevant and essential (Eurus, the East Wind). We had nurse Cornish saying that John’s blog has gone down hill a bit - in obvious reference to what the writers KNOW they are making of the show. Sherlock told us people always give up after three, but they really shouldn’t. There are hints at a fourth episode and I really believe we will get this.

It’s scary and horrible and please take time to care for yourself and mourn if you have to, but what we have here is not wrong. We said it’s elaborately planned gay or absolutely defying all laws of reason trash, and it appears we ended up with the second tonight, but it does just as I have said - it defies all reason.

In order to doubt TJLC you have to believe that the writer’s have suddenly forgotten how to write, that the actors suddenly have no taste, that the designers are suddenly so sloppy that they allow for a skull picture to be differently lit multiple times in the same scene (which arwel has explicitly said on twitter that it is completely purposeful). You also have to believe that thousands of people saw something and proved it to be there only to be told it isn’t in a way that not only defied us but defies the show itself and it’s creators.

This isn’t the end.

We WERE told.


is it just me or did it seem like that whole episode was purely for the fandom. like… it’s as if they read alll the fandom stuff and threw as much of what we wanted into it:

  • for sholly shippers-

  • for jimlock/sheriarty shippers

  • for sherstrade shippers

  • Anderson fangirling over sherlock

  • Sherlock and Mycroft playing operation

  • Mary shipping Johnlock

  • more swearing

  • Sherlock playing a prank on John

  • Sherlock shirtless

why it would be pointless to queerbait tjlc fans:

the idea that sherlock is trying to queerbait fans who believe in tjlc to get higher viewership is honestly ridiculous to me. there aren’t even that many people out there who believe in tjlc??? nattie’s “operation johnlock is go” post only reached 12k notes, and the iconic “softly softly” meta didn’t even reach 4000. there may be a couple thousand lurkers who don’t reblog or don’t have accounts, but not enough to make tjlc fans a significant contingent. 

outside of tumblr, the tjlc explained youtube channel reaches some more people, but is still under 12k subscribers and most videos reach 10,000 to 25,000 views (there are a couple that almost reached 40,000 and one outlier that hit 66,000), and not all of those people are convinced.

these numbers are NOTHING compared to the number of people who watch this show. 7.5 MILLION people watched asip, the very first episode on the day it premiered. season two averaged 8 MILLION viewers. 12.7 MILLION PEOPLE watched teh on bbc1 when it aired. 8.4 MILLION people watched tab on new year’s day, and 11.6 million watched it that same week. none of this includes viewing figures through streaming services like netflix or ratings abroad (millions more people watched the episodes on PBS). tab grossed over £30,000,000 worldwide. 

if you’re feeling very generous and assume there’s about 50,000 people who believe in tjlc, and only count viewership on bbc1 when the episodes first air, we make up between 0.3 and 0.6% of the audience. in reality that percentage is probably much lower. 

all analysis of the show’s content aside, what reason would they have to queerbait us? what value is less than 1% of the audience to them? how could such a relatively small and powerless group “bully” the creators into changing the direction of the show? why would they ever cater to what we want them to do (canon johnlock) unless they have been planning this (canon johnlock) the whole time?

Whatever Remains, However Improbable
finnagain, ivyblossom, loudest-subtext-in-television
Whatever Remains, However Improbable

Podfic of Whatever Remains, However Improbable

Authors: ivyblossom and loudest-subtext-in-television

Reader: finnagain

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Rating: Teen and Up, Audiences

Genre: Fanfiction as Meta, Telling the boys what’s what, Radio play

Additional Tags: POV First Person, POV Second Person, Present Tense, Future Tense, Operation Johnlock, TJLC, 221B Baker Street sounds

Length: 1 hr 28 min 10 sec

Summary from the text: The evidence is all there: we know it’s bound to happen. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are going end up together, aren’t they? Obviously! We can show all the evidence in meta posts on tumblr (and oh we do, we do!), but we could also sit them both down and tell them it’s going to happen. And how it might happen. Doesn’t hurt to nudge them along, does it?

Listen or download the mp3 or m4b on AO3.

Conversion Stories – or: TJLC and the Sherlock Fandom

(Part 6 of my Sherlock Fandom Survey Results. Visit my tag for parts 1-5.) 

TJLC is a complex issue and every TJLCer has their own unique stories as to why they believe in the conspiracy, why they are undecided or why they refrain from taking a stand. It didn’t surprise me, therefore, how many varied responses I received to my question “What made you convert to TJLC?” 

This present post is an attempt to do the complexity of the topic justice, including those fans who may have started as TJLCers, but have since turned their back on it. Seeing as there will be a lot of negativity in that part and many fans don’t want to see that on their dash, those paragraphs will be marked with appropriate warnings.

Here a brief outline – you can find the rest under the cut:

  1. Epically long disclaimer
  2. The “typical” conversion story
  3. Mighty Meta
  4. Other aspects that furthered conversion
  5. Reasonable doubt
  6. Caring is not an advantage – Non-TJLCers
  7. Why I stopped believing – Opponents and former TJLCers
  8. Furthermore

Keep reading

“This trope happens when two characters are just perfect for each other, but neither realizes it (or only one realizes it). However, everyone around them — such as their friends, family, and enemies — can see their obvious feelings for each other. This can also happen when people (outsiders) mistake them for a couple when they’re not together, resulting in a ‘She Is Not My Girlfriend' situation, designed to show the audience (and the characters) just how strong/obvious their feelings for each other are.

One of the popular ways to do this is to bring in the Romantic False Lead for an episode or a few, expressly in order to contrast this short-arc relationship with the long-arc relationship that’s been developing. The Romantic False Lead will be the character to comment on how perfect they are for each other. Will likely require Selective Obliviousness on both parts.

Sometimes one or both of the prospective couple can see it, but nothing ever happens because they 'Cannot Spit It Out' (To the great annoyance of all observers).”

 - Everyone can see it, except them - Commonly used romance trope in television and fiction. [x