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We had a great turn out last week, pulling together to create a unified voice of Oliver and Felicity love that trended across the United States and Worldwide, plus multiple countries like Canada, Italy, Poland, and many, many more. Let’s do it again this week!

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I have an advent calender. When I opened the 5th door today I realized that there are only 19 days till Christmas. The time is running. I had to think about something:
Every year we get so excited for this advent time and for Christmas. We buy the first Christmas stuff already in October or even August and can’t wait. We’re so excited about the “Christmas-mood” that we almost forget what Christmas is all about.

It’s about Emanuel. The son of God. The God with us.
It’s about the promised messiah.
The Holy lamb that washed away all our sins.
It’s about an unconditional love and a great sacrifice.
It’s about the son of God, born in poverty.
It’s about great joy and hope.
It’s about Jesus Christus, our savoir and redeemer who was born, lived and never sinned, died as an innocent on a roman cross to save you and me from our sin.

God needed to remind me today, that Christmas is so much more than just a nice mood, chocolate and decorations.
Let’s not forget, that God sent his only and begotten son for us.

So a couple years ago my husband was in an academy and he met this girl in his class. I met her on their graduation day and my husband had told me how she used to always ask about me and say how she liked my vibe.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago… they reconnected and she asked him about me - I guess she stumbled across my Instagram and noticed I was a Tarot Reader! She opened up to my husband and told him she’s a closet clairvoyant and has since been advancing her mediumship abilities and she knew there was something special about me.

He gave her my # and we started texting today. She opened up to me about her spiritual journey and I shared with her bits and pieces about mine. We made this instant connection and I love knowing I just made a new friend with similar interests in the Metaphysical and paranormal. :)

Card readings are open today! 1-4 EST

Hey everyone! First snow of the season is happening in Boston. I’ll be stuck in the house working from home so I figured I’d do some readings (1p-4p.) these readings will be FREE👏🏻 I have 4 decks to choose from: AG Müller tarot, Celtic tarot, Archangel oracle, and Voices of Saints oracle. If you have a preference let me know. If not, I’ll draw based on the question. Anon is open just be fair to everyone else and only ask one question. Feel free to reblog.

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NEW VIDEO: “Heaviest Fanmail Package EVER - if you want me to stalk your blog, reblog this post and I might follow you! <3

“A gripping show. It chronicles a sculptural career that is singular for its profusion of color, crafts and materials; its opening up of historical avenues closed by Minimalism; and its faith in both accessibility and advanced art, that other New. And it’s a great way for the Whitney to decamp, tossing the Met the keys, knowing that we won’t soon forget that it still owns the place.” —The New York Times celebrates Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, opening today. 

Photograph by Fred R. Conrad for The New York Times

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