This was a fairly inconsequential issue of DETECTIVE COMICS that I bought in the little candy store next door to my barber’s office. It’s another one where I didn’t recall any of the details of the lead story until I cracked it open again today. The Rich Buckler cover is all right, decently dramatic, a step up from the typical Ernie Chua/Chan fare, but still weakly inked by Vince Colletta. It’s also an almost quintessential mystery/question cover: why are there two Batmen? Which one is the real one? And why are they fighting? Unfortunately, the answers aren’t as interesting as the questions in this instance.

The story does have one interesting wrinkle: it opens up with a shadowy figure surprising Batman as he returns to the Wayne penthouse following a successful night’s patrol. Writer Bob Rozakis makes a guessing game out of the identity of Batman’s mystery visitor, but he’s somebody that the Caped Crusader doesn’t mind unmasking in front of, and who comes from out of town. As they wait to eat breakfast, the visitor asks Batman about his night, which segues into a recounting of events, starting with Batman adopting his persona of Matches Malone to tail a pick-up man for a gambling ring.

Batman is surprised when the pick-up man disappears, only to resurface a moment later clad in his own Batman costume. Matches tails the faux-Batman as he makes his way to the conductor car and stops the train, disappearing into the subway. Putting on his own costume, Batman gives chase. The two Batmen play a game of cat-and-muse in the tunnels, eventually ending with the fake stumbling into the electrified third rail and being killed by the current. But when searched, the pick-up man didn’t have the parcel he was delivering, meaning that he’d handed it off to a confederate back on the train. But who?

Making his way back to the halted train, Batman is momentarily imperiled when it starts up again, moving towards him. He lithely avoids being run down and leaps onto the lead subway car, making his way inside where he engages the pick-up man’s accomplice–the motorman of the train. There’s a perfunctory scuffle, but Batman gets his man, and the evening ends. As Alfred approaches with the food, Batman tells his guest that he had better put his headgear back on if he doesn’t want Alfred to know the true identity of…

…Hawkman! He’s come to Gotham City following his own latest adventure, an adventure like the others that had been running throughout the back pages of DETECTIVE COMICS for several issue, in which a different hero would battle the recurring villain The Calculator. The adventure started with Hawkman rendezvousing in midair with a 747 in order to pick up an atomic scientist needed in Midway City to prevent a meltdown at the energy plant. But rather than the doctor, Hawkman wound up getting the Calculator instead.

Te rest of the story is mostly a midair battle between Hawkman and the Calculator, excitingly drawn by newcomers Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin. I’ve been told that there were some up at DC editorial in this period who didn’t think Marshall was ready to be doing comics for DC yet, but this story is so much more engaging and dramatic and interestingly-paced than the lead Batman tale that you almost need to wonder if those editors were blind or merely stuck in their own preconceptions. Yes, the pages are sometimes crowded, and the anatomy can get a bit wonky. But there’s such an energy and a power to Marshall’s work that it makes up for those deficiencies. 

Either way, Hawkman is able to get the upper hand over his foe, but he’s forced to leave the Calculator in the wind in order to get back to the 747 and the doctor in time to prevent that reactor meltdown. And again, the Calculator manages to punch his special key when Hawkman defeats him, immunizing him to any future aggression from the winged wonder. Back in the present, based on nothing more than intuition (and the fact that the writer and editor know what’s coming next issue) Hawkman has winged his way to Gotham to warn Batman that he’s certain that the masked manhunter will be the Calculator’s next target.

Finally, on the Hot Line letters page, “fair play” Bob Rozakis takes a few moments to explain and clarify all of the clues he dropped as to Hawkman’s identity in the opening story. 

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I only opened my tumblr today to tell you it's my 20th birthday haha :3 well that was embarrassing. I love you all scorpios out there.

happy birthday! hope you open it once more to see your bday greeting :p

It’s hunting opener today.

Lots of gunshots heard outside. Doodle is NOT impressed. He’s terrified.

Two days out of the year he can’t handle: this one and Fourth of July.

He’s spent the day cuddled up next to me while I read.

hey whaddup hello im cali from the good old pst. under the cut is sum fun stuff about this goofball phoenix. i’m not gonna be around to opening today (im actually on maui for a vacay lmao but im going home tmo) if u wanna plot hit up the like button & ill slIDE into those dms.

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Today is opening night for Beauty and The Beast at my theater tonight and I’m stage crew. It’s my first production I’ve ever been a part of and I cry throughout the whole show. It means so much to me.

Aww! I hope the opening night went wonderfully, hon!!
Sounds like you’re in your element, that’s for sure.

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Do you know where I could get tickets to jjongs concert?

ticket cancellations (meaning: cancellations from both caught scalpers and those who didn’t put down money after putting a ticket in their cart) will pop up daily at 12am kst until all tickets are accounted for. it’ll be the third day of cancellations tomorrow so the number available will be very limited. (i say this because there were only about 150 cancelled tickets opened up earlier today between both dates and all sold out again in under half an hour.) you can find a link to the ticketing page on here, but both a korean address and korean phone number are required to purchase a ticket on the site, along with a verified account. 

your only other (legal) option in getting a ticket would be to purchase one of the global packages for the concert. there are currently four packages open (though the other sixteen are sold out) but i know that the number of spots available in each is slim so they may sell out soon. the only downside with the global package is that you can’t buy just the ticket, you need to buy the entire thing.

Yesterday my dad told me something that I think maybe more people need to hear.

You’re allowed to just do things for fun.

He told me that in this modern society, especially the United States, we seem to have this attitude that we shouldn’t do something unless we’re aiming to be the best at it. If we can’t sing like Beyonce or Frank Sinatra or something there’s no point to singing. If we can’t make the next big breakthrough there’s no point in looking into mechanics and engineering.

But, he tells me, it took him a long time to figure out that life doesn’t have to be a race. If you want to take up the piano when you’re a teenager or later you’re not going to master it. You’re not going to be able to play to huge concert halls, but that also shouldn’t stop you. You can study a language out of curiosity and then drop the ball if you want. You can just get okay at something or even be terrible at it. You can drop it for days or years and then pick it up again and it doesn’t have to be a shameful thing.

I’m really glad he told me that because today I opened my sketchpad for the first time in months and just started drawing. And it looks terrible. But I don’t care. I don’t have the talent or patience or spacial awareness to get anywhere near good at drawing, but it’s fun. It helps me focus my mind and nobody has to see it.

And because of what he told me, I’m thinking maybe someday soon I will take up the bass guitar. And I won’t worry about how well I do, or how fast I learn, or that I haven’t played an instrument since sixth grade, or that I don’t have that much time to practice. I’m just gonna enjoy the experience. Maybe I’ll try swing dancing again and take a class because I’m not the best dancer but damn if it isn’t fun.

Yeah, you don’t have to be good at things. It’s not a requirement. Maybe that seems obvious but it had never occurred to me before. You’re allowed to just enjoy what you’re doing. For me, that feels like a life changing revelation. I don’t have to be good at something to like it. I don’t have to put 100% effort into everything I do. It’s kind of amazing.

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MMKAY this may sound weird but I'd //really like to see Shiro pilot Black again because he's a traumatized character, and as a traumatized person, the idea that you can be traumatized and still be a good leader is something really important for me to see. As much as I want to see Shiro have a rest and be happy, I don't agree with when people advocate for pushing him to the side and letting him 'have a break' and get better by staying out of the fights. Piloting is what makes Shiro happy. :/

i wasn’t going to discourse about this, but you’re making a really, really good point. my least favorite thing on this website is the idea that coddling is preferable to healing.

i don’t want to be harsh about it, but i hate this. if you’ve experienced trauma, a lot of the time the way to heal is to work through it and past it. it’s hard. it’s supposed to be hard. that’s what shiro is doing as a pilot. he’s found something to center himself in, something that gives him a sense of self-worth–this is canon.

it’s canon that he questions whether he can be part of voltron given what he’s been through, and it’s canon that a big part of keith’s relationship with him is keith constantly re-centering him and reminding him that he is worthy, and that he’ll always have someone there to fight for him:

like i know i joke about shiro needing a nap (which he does, he deserves that), but more than that he needs to know that he has a purpose. in canon, that’s how he deals with his ptsd. being a pilot isn’t just his coping mechanism–it’s how he’s healing. and despite what a good portion of tumblr likes to think and say, healing will always be preferable to coddling yourself and dwelling on it. i’m sorry, but i really strongly believe this and i absolutely hate that mentality.

and shiro is a great leader. he knows his team’s strengths, he keeps cool under pressure, he’s tireless, he watches out for everyone. he’s doing… //clenches fist. so so good. anyway, this a really valid argument for why he doesn’t just deserve to be the black paladin for his relationship with the black lion (which he does) but he’s really earned his spot as a leader and a part of this team.


So I saw this last night on a whim.
I got out of work in time to make the last showing. I was the only person in the theater. They hadn’t even bothered to clean up from the previous show.
I wasn’t sure what to expect other than something like a triad and vaguely kinky.
I was not expecting to leave the theater abuzz with happiness.
Fucking THANK YOU! This is the closest I have ever felt to being really, positively represented in media.

The main source of drama is the opinion of society on their lifestyle (especially because this was during Prohibition) not because of petty drama amongst the three of them. The characters are quirky and flawed and emotional in ways I have seen, fuck, in ways my Exs and I have been.

My only complaint is the power inequality at the start of their relationship (professor/student) but they put an emphasis on consent with a nice slow build so it’s clear everyone wants this.

I mean they even got the bondage pretty well!

I loved this. I’m just so annoyed that a movie with Wonder Woman as a main element doesn’t have merchandise for me to throw money at!

It opened today (13 OCT 2017) so if you’re able to see it opening weekend please do so!

some keith-centric headcanons 

keith [kicking open a door]: forecast today is cloudy with a chance i’ll kick your ass 

• his hands and feet are perpetually cold. if he’s barefooted he will literally just press his foot against anyone’s arm and smirk when they shudder from the icy, inhumanely cold sensation

• only eats the top part of muffins. doesn’t bother eating the rest

• when he’s running? his hair does the ghibli hair poof. doesn’t matter if there’s wind or not

• when he’s riding his motorcycle, he looks cool and composed on the outside, like a total bad boy, but under his breath he’s muttering ‘vroom vroom, motherfucker’

once he forgot he was wearing really tight jeans so he roundhouse kicked a guy he didnt like and long story short he ripped a hole near his butt.

     • shiro: do you have to eat everything with a fork?

       keith: [violently stabbing at his bowl of cheetos with his fork] yes

• he’s a psycho when it comes to coffee and will order the most strongest, bitter thing he can find.

     • hunk: do you know what’s wrong with us?

       keith: our entire existence?

       hunk: well yeah, but — yeah. 

• everyone thinks his singing will probably sound like a walrus giving birth but in reality he’s got a pretty nice voice

• keith: [deep in thought about what to do with lotor] well, there’s no rest for the wicked and all that. I’ll just have to kill him myself

      • lance: [talking about keith] psh, what, him? he’s just jealous. the only romantic involvement he has is with his knife 

      keith: [jumping out from behind a bush] TAKE THAT BACK