Opening Ceremony



Athletes marching in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio today will be joined by the first refugee team ever to compete in the Olympics. The 10 athletes on the refugee team will march immediately before participants from Brazil, the 2016 Olympics host country. The refugee athletes will not walk under the flag of their nations or march to the sound of their own national anthems –- instead the Olympic flag will be raised and the Olympic anthem will be played.

ok but the opening ceremony for the olympics blew ! me ! away!

can we talk about the fact that literally ever since it was said that the 2016 summer olympics would be held in rio, everyone has been saying “oh, it’s going to be awful, they don’t have enough money ! the athletes will get sick !” and all that. 

but no- that ceremony was astounding. rio may not have had the financial advantage that the previous hosts for the olympics had, but that was the greatest opening i’ve ever seen. they tackled concepts like, racism, slavery, global warming, hate crime, and war while also demonstrating brazilian culture, music, and art. and they did all in the most spectacularly theatric, creative, and symbolic way possible.

2016 has been rough for everyone, but these are the kind of things that bring us together and lifts everyones spirits. 

for people that are not from brazil wondering who were the artists that sang at the opening cerimony:

Paulinho da Viola - he is a sambist and was the old sport that sang our national anthem

Jorge Ben Jor - MPB singer, he is pretty famous worldwide.

Caetano Veloso - in my opinion, the Tropicalia movement diva. if you want to dive into brazilian music spirit, listen Caetano

Gilberto Gil - what can i say, he and Caetano are idols here.

Zeca Pagodinho - also a sambist, the type of music you hear when you are happy dancing at the end of a new years eve party here. his most famous song’s chorus? “let life take me, im happy and i thank for all god gave me”

Marcelo D2 - brazilian rapper, pretty awesome too

Ludmilla - brazilian pop-funk singer, she is a sensation amongst brazilian youth

Mc Soffia - the FREAKING awesome 12 year old rapper. you love her.

Karol Conka - you also love her. LISTEN TO “TOMBEI”. and tombe.

Daniel Jobim - he is the son of Tom Jobim, all the bossa nova feels.

Elza Soares - someone said she is our Tine Turner. i dont know, but she is amazing. my favorite music of her is Maria da Vila Matilde, an “empowering women” song

Anitta - listen to Bang and Show das Poderosas. and go from there.

these are the ones i remember right now. brazilian music is really rich. anybody who likes what they saw at the opening ceremony can find much more singers and bands from it, like Liniker, Novos Baianos, Marisa Monte, Tribalistas, Ellen Oléria, Gal Costa, Adriana Calcanhoto, Bandalafumenga, Tom Zé, Los Hermanos, Instituto, and many many others.